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September 09

This day belongs to c..
"Effortlessly chic - the quintessential UP look. Very excited to try and cop your casual yet classy style with my own version of the dress!"
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Day 126. Thu, September 03 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

Plaid sweater donated by Cat, vintage suede boots, hatbox and harlequin pants from eBay and my well traveled leather bag bought in Mumbai in 1998.

Uniform Project goes on the road this month. Stay tuned for blog posts from across the pond.


yobe tagged this ok

You must have got up early today! Love the tights and the boots, sweater not so much, but overall I think it works. Look forward to seeing you in London

Chaya tagged this Hot

Love this look

elizabeth tagged this comfy

you look comfy - good travelling kit. The boots and leggings are excellent and the sweater while clunky goes with the look. nice! safe travels.

AmyH tagged this Bravo!

Best one in two weeks! Great ensemble, very well thought out.

ainuruth tagged this superlative!

simply great

Kristy tagged this Hot

Love this one...especially the boots. :)

Nina tagged this Hot

This is sooooo cooool!!

Maya Matthew tagged this Hot

Is that a Hidesign leather bag?

Elizabeth Jones

Cant wait to see you! Working on accomodation....Eliz

Mariah tagged this Hot

One of my favorite outfits yet. Love the sweater, pants, and boots combo, re colors and textures. Safe travels!


Who'd have through the stockings and the sweater would work together? FAB!!

ammakke tagged this smashing

Wow!!great altogether!!Can't wait to see u ,Sheena .Bonvoyage! Enjoy your trip & good Luck on your mission!! BTW, a friend of mine was very impreesed after visiting your site & sent me a cheque for 50 sterling pounds, to be handed over to you!!

Kate tagged this Cute

nice bags!

nini tagged this gorgeous!

what an absolutely wonderful look! you'd get stopped by the sartorialist in this :)

Lauren tagged this Great

Love it!

dona tagged this fun

love the creative mix of sweater & leggings!


love the jacket, wow.Can't wait for more fall outfit.

Kate B tagged this Fantastic-o

You look soooo fabulous!

gruvee tagged this Hot

I love this look! Yet again inspirational. You rock it!

Renata Jacobs tagged this Funky

Love it...especially the funky nylons.

C. tagged this Brave



very stylish travelling outfit welcome to the UK

RogueTess tagged this Hot

Amazing! I love all your accessories and I want those boots.

annie tagged this Cute

Have so much fun!!

Mrs. O tagged this Hot

I absolutely adore the colors and the look of the bottom half of the outfit. The first pic is fabulous!

prutha tagged this Hot

now that is sooo me!!...i love it...i am not even kidding when i say i actually have something like every piece ur wearing in my closet right now and wear it like this too!! love it...xoxo

m tagged this ok

i like all the cases and bags

Rajya tagged this Jetsetter

Fabulously chic!

britt tagged this Wicked

Love it, everything is pretty subtle but it's awesome! Have fun on your travels!

KT tagged this CLASSY!

What a classy look! If I saw you in an airport, I'd wonder, "Who IS that person?.......I'd assume you were someone famous - a model, an actress, a designer, a singer, etc.

Elena tagged this FAB-U-LOUS!

U R A Star! Have a wonderful trip---I can't wait to see the postings from a far! xo

Fouch tagged this Smashing

This is way too cute. Very fall.

Jean tagged this Amazing

AAAHHH! I LOVE IT! You're KILLING me - I can't LOVE every single outfit!!! You're sooo good at this Sheena, a natural for this project.

Irene tagged this Hot

Wow, I LOVE this outfit! It looks so good. It makes me wish I could pull off something like that. But since I started visiting your site I've been inspired to re-work my outfits instead of buying new ones. :)

Nina from Slovakia tagged this Hot

I love this outfit :)It is cool!


I loved!! Specially your boots! Wonderfull!

leselbe tagged this cool


Mary Ruback from Brazil

Come to Brazil to visit us!

melia tagged this Hot

Wow! Smoking! You go girl!!!

Kay tagged this Bombin'

You really are too cool for school.

Carole tagged this Brave

Love everything about this one. It's brilliant! Bon voyage!

Cassie tagged this Hot

Something about the leather bag and the hatbox paired with the oversized headphones combined with the color of your boots gives your outfit a slight steampunk vibe, which I'm really digging.

shane tagged this Cute

this one is very pretty

vinamarata tagged this classayyy!

i just looove this look..its sooo chic! where in Mumbai did you buy the leather bag..its soo awesome!

Beth tagged this Hot

Love the tights, the hat box, the bag . . . the whole thing!

Tara tagged this Hot

That's ALL you're bringing?! Wow! I love the look...

Isabela tagged this Brave

Booooooots ~?

Lawrence tagged this Euro

Love this for fall.

Blair C. tagged this Hot

Would totally wear this!

Anne tagged this Hot

I absolutely love this one. Travel in style !

Lindsay tagged this Stunning!

Ahhhh! I'm in LOVE with this outfit! So european and trendy! Hope to see more jet-setting styles like this in the future.

lillian tagged this fierce.

best look yet!!

Tanya tagged this Awesome combo

Inspirational - love it!

Tree tagged this Hot

Now this one I LOVE! These tights are so much cooler than the flowered ones a day or so ago. I give this one a 10!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

i really like this. Those tights are awesome, and I love the hat box!! Amber ambersmouthwash.blogspot.com


I wished I looked this good on a plane. So jealous!


loooooooooooooooooooooove that hatbox!

E.J.Starbuck tagged this Fabulous!

Oh girl, so chic for travel. If only everyone at the airport would show a little more home pride and retire those sweatpants when presenting themselves to someone elses town.

Payal tagged this super-wicked-awesome!

That's just un-freakin-believable! You look like a rock star! From the other posts it looks like you're going to UK...have a rocking time!

Katie tagged this Fantastic

Wish I looked this pulled together when I travel!

Flora tagged this Classy ou très chic!

Hi! I'm a fan from Québec in Canada and I LOOOOOVE your work! Bonjour! Je suis une fan du Québec, au Canada et J'ADOOOORE ce que tu fait!

Fourth Daughter

You look like such a celeb! Love the jacket!

holly tagged this divine!

I LOVE this look; superb!!! Dare I say, best in some time. Congratulations, have fun on your road trip.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

don't like the glasses but the rest is pretty cute

Kiwigirl tagged this Very Traveller, darling

Love it - well done. Just wish you were wearing your larger framed sunnies so you would ook more like a movie star!

Stephie tagged this Chic

I freaking love this outfit

Katherine tagged this Fabb

I love this! the tights and the jacket go so well together!! and the bag, I LOOOVEE IT!

ettagirl tagged this absolutely fabulous!

you did say you were off to london, didn't you ~_^

nosila hey tagged this VERY HOT!

i love it! =]

Cecília tagged this Brave


Paulina tagged this leather leather leather

I looooooove the bag!!

Stephanie tagged this comfortable

Have a fun trip! Love the boots.

AJ tagged this Chic!

I love this outfit ( :

Frazer tagged this elegant

Hey, its my first day of seeing your project. I'm amazed at how you can swing from elegant to cute to fun... Your project is awesome. Frazer - United Visions

Tina tagged this Super Cool!


Luana Magalhães/ Brazil tagged this gorgeous!

I love it!

Jessica tagged this Hot

That'll be suitable because it's practically autumn here in London!


Love the sweater!!

Camilla tagged this Classy

You will turn heads at the airport - you look like a celebrity! LOVE the boots and tights combo.

the knotty hooker tagged this FAB u LOUS


KC tagged this sooo jetset!

love it

Marisa tagged this Gorgeous

This is my favorite!

Cynthia tagged this on the go

wow. WOW. it's all working. each piece speaks to the whole. the boots rock! covet the bag!

beth tagged this Cute

cute! love the boot! (and the bag for that matter)

Mara tagged this Adorable

I love the tights with the boots!

Sunniva tagged this Hot


Me tagged this Hot

I love the deep, slightly faded blues and purples here, plus the tans and beiges. One of your best thus far.

Anonymous tagged this Brave

very, very interesting

sweetie pie tagged this Hot

very cool! love the boots!

krystyna tagged this Hot

Very chic! I particularly love the tights and boots. Well done!

Vicky tagged this Hot

My fave so far!

Ashlyn tagged this Cute

Love the jacket! Such a chic travel outfit. BTW, you should sell the UP dress after your project is done. I bet it would generate a ton of $$ for the charity. I know I would buy one!


Good luck in London! Love this travel outfit - looks so comfy!

Dora tagged this Fantastic

Amazing! You look chic but relaxed and natural! So good!

Anonymous tagged this Couture

Wow! This is my favorite one yet! So classy! So chic!

Freddy tagged this Travel buff

Hello, I just read about your blog in the Oct. 09 issue of Body + Soul. Could I do it? At first I said, Of course not! But realizing that a friend designed the black dress you don daily, I realize that I'd try if I too could craft the ideal black dress. This is my first peek to your blog and I'm hooked! By the by, this outfit rocks!

from China tagged this Batty

You are so great~ I love this show~


this outfit makes me want to travel and see more of the world

sherry tagged this Brave

celeb look :)

sarah tagged this AWESOME!

LOVE IT! super cute, fashionable, and amazing!!

ines tagged this stylish

great combination of colours and accessories!

martine tagged this Hot

I want one of those dresses too!

Fabiola "Fab" tagged this Hot

Love the whole outfit!

isabelle tagged this fab hollywood

fabulous outfit! love the boots and purs!

Anonymous tagged this just amazing

hey. i am just in love with that outfit. i love the bag. many good wishes... isa

Anonymous tagged this Hot

So Vogue Its Ridiculous! Love Love Love iT!

Jenny :) tagged this I want it!

I think your inspirational. Keep up the amazing work :)

sss tagged this Hot


Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love the glasses. beautiful antivirus rapidshare

Coco tagged this Cute

Love it! Nice boots, great bag, adorable leggins.

Ann Marie tagged this Hat's Off

GREAT. You hold a hat box with the short handle so your hat does not fall out. But you knew that, right?