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February 10

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Day 309. Fri, March 05 2010

Le bibi Habibi

Handmade bibi donated by Laura of Laura Daly Millinery. Brooch designed from vintage jewelry donated by Tiffany from Old Hollywood. Bolero designed and donated by Raffael Ascione. Jeweled ring donated by Iman. Vintage silver pants donated by Stacey Thornberry of Hip and Vintage. Shoes donated by Ailes. Happy weekends!


Mara tagged this Hot

Fabulous hat!

tlr tagged this Yoo Hoo! Ladies lunching!

I love this one! You look like a eccentric Manhattan socialite!


Tell us -- have you ever woken up in the morning and wished, just for a second, that you could wear something other than the LBD? There must have been moments where you just wanted a change... no? And what will be the first thing you wear after the year of LBD?

moon tagged this Hot

samurai warrior, mulan would love your wardrobe.

annie tagged this perfect

oh wow. this is perfect! @robin, I also have been wondering what sheena will wear on may 1st!!


Explain please.....what is a "bibi"? Thanks!

Tara tagged this Hot

You look so hot today! I love everything!


Love the hat. But it's partly because that shade of green just fills me with joy.

glove girl tagged this Wow!

blimey! you're getting more and more sophisticated! you look beautiful xx

em tagged this Like a colorful puzzle

You look like a cross between a british-tea drinking granny, an indian pottery artist, an algae-covered rock by the sea, and an eel. I think it's very classy.

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gruvee tagged this I love this one

...elegant... ***eccentric*** ~~~enchanting~~~


Haute couture! Love the ring - nice to see you wear big, bold jewelry (I always do)!


Did you get the name of this from Bibi Magazine: http://www.bibimagazine.com/ - "A timely, fashion-savvy online publication for the modern South Asian-American women who celebrates style without borders."?

Prutha Raithatha tagged this Hot

love the bibi

abigail tagged this wowwwwwwwww!!!!!!!

your donations here are awesome.....and so r u......wowwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!

Irene tagged this Hot

I love the hat and the brooch!

christine tagged this match made in heaven

love how all of the donated items from so many generous sources seem to be made for each other. they're all as individually cool as they are put together.

Tina tagged this um

I think in some cases now, you're trying too hard...

holly tagged this excellent

This is great!

Beth tagged this Birdlike

Yes, simply birdlike. The moss-green crest. The little wingy sleeves. Being shaped rather shorter and portlier than you, I mostly admire the sleek lines that you create, but occasionally, like today, I think--This is an outfit I could wear (happily).

heynosila tagged this Hot

i LOVE this!

Teenstyle tagged this Love (L)

Oh Yeaaah.OMG I love all the style to you made!!!!!!In march,waah,it's my style month favourite...Hum;Ok,sorry,I don't speak english very well,i'm french,but,in resume,I love you!!!

Jen tagged this Hot

This is amazing!

rosalafae tagged this Hot

Just gorgeous. Lovelovelove.

Domino tagged this lovelovelove

i need more brooches in my life.

Steph tagged this Hot

OMG I absolute love (there's no other word) the bottoms-socks-shoes thing going on. It is hawt hawt hawt!!

mm tagged this modern love

IMAN!!!!!! Now that's cool. Bowie gets points too, by association.

Laura Daly tagged this My littile bibi

Thanks again for giving my hats a turn around the block.You put everything together so well! You are my favorite muse.I LOVE that brooch!

Stacey tagged this Hot

Wow I love this outfit. those pants look great

Adelynou tagged this Cute

Wonderful !


Oh yeah - edgy classy multi-cultural.

Jessica tagged this Sergeant @ Grand Ball

My March favorite so far...

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this Phenominal

Very creative and really cute. I love it.

paulin tagged this Cute

i saw you in glamour you are amazing can you go in my blog :http://polinsblog.blogspot.com thinkyou so mutch love you're dress!

Delphine tagged this Brave

A bit Indian, a bit sexy, with humour and originality - I love it!

The Margatron

OhMyDays I love that hat :)

Ford tagged this Try Harder

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