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February 10

This day belongs to margyartgrrl.
"Art connects people in unexpected places and these shared experiences lead to new friends and understanding each other in new ways. Thanks to UP for showing and sharing the art of dress(ing)."
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Day 279. Wed, February 03 2010

Last of the Mohair-cans

Mohair sweater donated by Cat. Floral tie packaging from Hartefactos repurposed as a collar cuff, held together with a vintage brooch. Striped leggings from Sockdreams worn over ankle stripe tights also donated by Cat and platforms donated by Tara St. James.

Remember when big brother Sean ran the NY marathon for the U.P? This post is long overdue, but here's the story of Sean's fascinating run in his own words.
Sean's Marathon Story >


Pear Picker tagged this FLORALY! woot.

Your sweater look rediculously coZy. Did you know that Native American reserves are not subject to all US taxation. For example sales tax is not charges in most reserves, This results in things such as gas (sometimes 50 cents a gallon cheaper) and cigerettes become so muc less expensive that you can now buy them from Native American reseves online to save some dough. Its true, man.

Pear Picker tagged this CORRECTION

the cigerettes you can buy online...not the gas.

tlr tagged this mohair - more hair!

I LOVE this! the turquoise is exquisite and I love the triple layering at the arm. I am jealous of how large your sock wardrobe alone is!

Tia tagged this Grandma'd be Proud

Jealous of your sweater! And I covet your tights/leggings/sock collection. You could auction the leg wear off next and I'd be all over that like stripes on stripes.

Payal tagged this Refreshing!

The colour, length and everything about the sweater is just so refreshing! The white shoes and awesome tights absolutely rock the look!

Tally's Place tagged this Breathtaking

Love these colors! They remind me of a cool spring brook running through a newly awakened forest.

Marian tagged this look at that face...

you are just a doorbell.

scary. tagged this another winning title.

de monte this one's for you: 'You stay alive, no matter what occurs! I will find you. No matter how long it takes, no matter how far. I will find you...' ;)

holly tagged this very punny

Argh! you have been burning the candle at both ends to come up with some of your recent titles. Nice to see a few old favourites, as well as the cute jumper; what a great match to the florals in the collar.


Oooh! Cute! I love that sweater on you. I'm allergic to mohair, but you are looking excellent in it. I especially love the shoes with this.

scarlett tagged this stripey!

This is the ultimate good girl outfit. I think you're wearing literal goody two-shoes!!! It's cute beyond all belief! Thanks for answering my question by the way, because I've been a fan for such a long time. It's cool that you're going to auction for Akanksha, and I look forward to seeing the results. Oh, and if maybe you wake up and hate that sweater for some reason, I'd willingly take it off your hands ;).

Daisy tagged this Cute

I like it... I don't know why... but it's oddly cute!

christine tagged this Cute

not everyone can pull off horizontal stripes. but you pile them on and look amazing!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

I adore that yummy sweater! Well done!

amelie tagged this Hot

GREAT outfit - luv the color and stripes - you look smashing!


Oh my, one of my favorites in recent weeks. Is it me, or are we fading into a little gray dress? Maybe the gray legging stripes just dampen the black a bit. Anyways, fading's just another form of versatility if it ever comes to that, right? I'm all for scruffy chic.

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Linda from SA

The sweater is to die for! And the tie with the brooch matches it beauifully, and what a creative thought that is! But no to the shoes wih this...sorry!

Linda from SA

The sweater is to die for! And the tie with the brooch matches it beauifully, and what a creative thought that is! But no to the shoes wih this...sorry!

Payal tagged this Question!

Hey Sheena, we've been following you for almost a year now - and we've never celebrated your birthday! (Unless I've missed the post, in which case I always knew...just testing ya! ) So...when is it? :)

Irene tagged this comfy cozy

absolutely love the brooch.

ammakke tagged this brave

Wow! smashing sweater,Sheena & you look great.Your big brother's brave story on his N.Y.marathon is so inspiring ..Proud brother's proud sister..Welldone !!!

Tracy tagged this Try Harder

I like your idea very much.Also, I hope you can heip these children in the Internet.?????????????????????????????????????????????????

Tracy ZMY tagged this Try Harder

I'm a Chinese girl.Please bear with our hopes go on the brave.I am behind you.


http://www.google.com [url=http://www.google.com] http://www.google.com [/url]

ammakke tagged this Cozy

@payal, sorry dear, U missed her Bithday...never mind...I can't tell u without her permission, can I??

elisabeth tagged this Love-er-ly

love the sea greens of the woolly T and the stripes like ripples on the shallow shore...

Linda tagged this Cute

Love these colors, Sheena! They are very calming on a winter's day, and as usual, you make it all work!

Big Fan tagged this Cute

I love this combo. It makes me warm and fuzzy. I just want to get a mug of hot chocolate and a good book and hid from the cold here in Canada.

wasabipear tagged this U.P-Cyclista

Genius! Using the gorgeous packaging ala hartefactos as a collar. Perfectly compliments the palette of Cat's sweater. Lovin the stripe-on-stripe as well, you mish-mashed in the best way today. o:)

hartefactos tagged this :0)

again and again :0) !

miniscooper tagged this Knitty pretty mixed tape

KAPOW! You are a DJ mix and a half with the floral, stripes and solids. Brava!

Eithne tagged this Baloons

Day 279. Little black dress, just follow the baloons :-) Seriously, I don't think there was one outfit that I thought bad - some are better, some are good enough, some are stunning, a couple totally blew me away - but all are *good*, regardless to whether someone likes them or would or wouldn't wear them. But every once in a while, after a string of browns and mustards and red-and-blue combos, the LBD gets treated to the colours it's screaming to be paired with. And always just when I think the dress has grown tired of being worn. If that's not orange baloons then i don't know what is. :-) p.s. It's very admirable that your brother took the time to run the marathon.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

awww!! the whole outfit is so comfortable looking, but at the same time so fashionable!

moon tagged this Cute

awww!! the whole outfit is so comfortable looking, but at the same time so fashionable!

Mara tagged this half'n'half.

Those tights and shoes are so cute. Not sure about the top and bottom halves going together- they're cute separately, but... to me, they don't match.

Sarah O tagged this Pretty Preppy

What a great pulled-together look - the collar cuff adds just the right touch, esp. with the brooch. The shoes are awesome!

Bronwyn tagged this Cute

Hey Sheena! Love the sweater! Great colours!!!!!!!!!!!

Carissa tagged this Cute


Payal tagged this @ammakke

Thanks! Well, as long as I'm not forgetting a UP-daily celebration!


love all the stripes. Those shoes are still one of my favorite pair that you've shared!

Gita Habiba tagged this Cute

HI! would like to donate any items, but I can not send you e-mail at accessories@theuniformeproject.com ... please tell me how I can send you what I have in e-mail gilprojetos@hotmail.com! thanks!

aubree tagged this Cute

Beautiful look. I'm in love with the shoes!