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January 10

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Day 249. Mon, January 04 2010


Vintage wool hat from eBay, thrifted capris, pants converted to scarf and Sam Edelman shoes from Alter.


L tagged this Hot

Pure awesomeness!

abigail tagged this super

super look today ~ vintage hat is great!!! love this sharp color palate ~ blue black white ~ love how those awesome pants i remember well were converted to an equally awesome scarf ~~~

jolly M tagged this Amazing

you have done an unbelievable conversion of the military pants you wore on december 7th ( am I right?).Sheena,your imagination &creativity seems to have no boundaries, dear. Well done...Unfortunately I am a bit too old to try the same !!

Amélia Lôbo BR tagged this Cute

Love the scarf and the hat, they make this look... :D

wasabipear tagged this Buggin out

I love it when you wear your pants on your top! Get on down with your own badness love.

bb tagged this Cute

basically cute <3 great color scheme, too.

ammakke tagged this Cute

Hello Ladybug, I envy those military pants for getting promoted as a scarf & only u could take such a daring step!!& they excel their new role!!Welldone, Sheena..


ps. i want your shoes so bad.

plainjane tagged this Outrageous

Only you would would be so bold as to wear pants as a scarf. Hows that for re-purposing?!?

PersonfromYourPlanet tagged this Cute

absolutely love the scarf, but tha hat notso much. though i ust admit, the whole ensemble looks lovely together

CARISSA tagged this Try Harder



I really hope the military pants havent been damaged in the making of the scarf! Such a great idea though and looks great

Leslie tagged this Cute

nice cleo!

Payal tagged this Hot

My favourite hat is back! Lovin it! How, how, how, HOW Sheena did you wrap that pant around??! Howwww? Why isn't it bulking up? You couldn't have cut it up! Please tell us how you pulled that off! It's brilliant!

prutha tagged this Cute


holly tagged this spots'n'stripes

my daily dose of UP, never fails to please!


@payal, @mia – fret not, I didn't cut'm up. I wouldn't do that to such a nice pair! They're just twisted and wrapped around my neck really :-)

Irene tagged this Hot

I love how you turned the pants into a scarf. The hat and the scarf totally makes this outfit.


LOVE the pants scarf thing! I never would have thought of that!

elisabeth tagged this cool bananas

nothing fruity about it - i just like it - maybe a bit bananas in pyjamas due to stripy pants scarf. but cool all the way. coo-el!

Nina from NL tagged this great work!!!

Love it! Especially the scarf and socks!

Dee tagged this alright...I guess

this isn't THAT bad...

katie.s tagged this Cute

this is really sweet - nicest in ages! (personly I would go for more solid shoes - but you never do *sigh*)

Linda from SA

Reminds me of a 1920's gholf outfit! Lucky for you that is my favourite decade.

Chanique tagged this Cute

Do you own a teal hat (today's and May 3rd) and a more blue one (November 18th) one as well? It really livens up your outfit.


@Chanique, its the same hat. I shoot with the natural light from my windows, so the colors shift a bit depending on the lighting.

loop tagged this utilitarian

I like the pants as scarf. Very clever.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

Not to stylish. Needs work.

moon tagged this Hot

ny chic!

Susan V

Love this outfit... eye catching but not too much going on at once.

dellieann tagged this Hot

love love love your style and how you combine to get the ultimate uber cool outfits!!!

Felula Felangi tagged this Brave

the hat is weird but otherwise pretty cool!!!