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January 10

This day belongs to tracyb.
"I was not a fan of hot pink until I saw this picture. This outfit stands out in a good way. "
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Day 274. Fri, January 29 2010

La Vie en Rose Chaud

Vintage wool beret and pumps from eBay, sweater donated by Cat and vintage leather gloves donated by Candace Yu. And for those wondering about those tights, I've had them for years and can't remember where I got them. Sorry darlings.

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Jezz tagged this Cute

j't aime sheena! love the tights :)

moon tagged this Hot

loooooooooooooove the patterns and pop of color!!! something i can see popular in paris in 2020! <3 lol

che tagged this Cute

thanks Sheena. you are ace! that has made my day. I haven't had a star since primary school. Loving the pink and purple. Those tights make your legs look very long.

bb tagged this Cute

Those tights. Those pumps. I love it!

Sarah O tagged this Cute

You're right, the tights are envy-inducing! They really make the ensemble, especially with the gloves. Not sure about those pumps with the outfit though - the top half is wintry and doesn't work with the shoes.

wasabipear tagged this Poetry Slam

Chic meets the beatniks. A modern Audrey Hepburn ala Funny Face with a touch of Schiaparelli's shocking pink flair.

Brtgirl tagged this Frenchy

You look like a french girl! Love the beret, and dress looks more like a coat than before.


@Che – glad to make your day. As the winner of yesterday's COTD, don't forget to email us at COTD@theuniformproject.com for your present!

TREgirls tagged this positively pomegranate

we have been following you for quite some time but have never posted a comment! CRAZY, we know! We can't wait to buy at the auction! Love the beret and the gloves and the cause... we love everything!

Sarah O

The more I look at this the more I think it would be the perfect skating outfit - wouldn't it just look super hot with a pair of white skates?

Lizzie Roberts-Garth tagged this Brave AND Hot!

love love love love love love!

Nikaara tagged this Hot

Sheena, you're so inspiring! Now that I *finally* have a job, I can contribute to the project in a more meaningful way (besides just telling everyone I know about the UP). You've also motivated me to finally start dressing in a bolder way...the way I always wanted to but never thought I could pull off!

Rebecca Journey-Smith tagged this Hot

You look adorable! One of the ladies on my art group mentioned your project and posted on our site - altered art techniques!

kate tagged this Hot

Trop classe, trop cool, trop belle! J'adoooore.

kate tagged this Regardez-moi

Also: reminds me of Carla Bruni's "Le plus beau du quartier." I'd like to think that was the song going through your mind after you picked this daily.


Very cool outfit ... colour is gorgeous and I love the tights!

seb tagged this Ravishing in Rose

Wow, I love that shade of pink with the black of the dress, and another great beret. Definitely a hint of Audrey Hepburn in 'Funny Face.' I agree about the tights too: they make the look :)


Warm welcoming colors..Where had you been hiding those gorgeous tights all these months, Sheena??BTW "the comment of the day"idea is very welcoming & inspiring as well..When can we expect "the latest addition"'s (to the U. P.family)outfits??

Diana tagged this Jolt

I am trying to not want so much in my life. But this dress, I want! You are such an inspiration. Less is more. And, the pants on the nineteenth? another must have...

Mara tagged this Hot

The pop of pink is great! Love the tights.

rosalafae tagged this Chaud!

Those gloves are insanely awesome - and I'm not usually a fan of pink.

Fiona Rowan tagged this Brave

awesme and posted by an awesome savvy fashionista

scary et colm. tagged this jolie en rose.

chérie, nous sommes actuellement coincés entre une bouteille de buckfast et une rave. en regardant cet ensemble il est bien évident que vous êtes censée être ici au lieu de là.

holly tagged this 10 out of 10

Smokin' hot! The gloves make a great reappearance. So love the tights.

kels tagged this pink-tastic

i have to say i love the tights! side note: you've also inspired me. i thought i had nothing to wear and then i found out about the project... in short, i now look at my closet in a new light!

adelheid tagged this Not so very French

Ok, so I hate to break it to you, but just because you are wearing a beret, you still look like Sheena-the-globetrotting-New-Yorker-from-India to me. A very cute one in killer tights, might I add, but Sheena nonetheless. And that is probably what I like best about you and all your outfits.

Chloe tagged this Hot

I've just been newly introduced to this project, and I've finished looking through all 274 days of amazing outfits. What you're doing is so inspiring. You've given me so many ideas for rehashing all my old outfits. I wish summer would end in Australia though so I can experiment with layering properly. Do you plan these outfits days in advance, though, or on the day? I'd find it hard to do this for a week, so the fact you've done it for 274 days is really amazing. Today's outfit is one of my favourites. Is there somewhere I can get the pattern for the uniform dress? I'd love to make myself one. You've started a cult!

Sharon tagged this Cute

Pink and black- wow! What a combo. The tights tie it all together. Cute! Cute! Cute!

MJC tagged this All that jazz

The jaunty tilt of the hat, the gloves, the saucy smirk...you look like you're going to break into a Fosse routine.

Em tagged this Chic

Is it just me, or are all the comments seem to be thoughtful since you introduced the comment of the day!? Lovely outfit by the way.

christine tagged this zigazig-ahhhhh!

loving today's dapper look! i wish we were sisters so i could raid your closet :)

Nadege tagged this jazzy

awesome legwear.

Irene tagged this Magenta statement.

Gorgeous tights. Too bad you had them for so long you don't remember where you got them. I'm sure many of us will be rushing to get them... even if they have to take a plane. the shoes look nice with the tights, but doesn't work that well with everything else.

Tina tagged this hot hot heat

Your fabulousness knows no bounds!

Payal tagged this Pink hot!

And that's how you carry of pink and purple without looking like Dora the explorer! Hmmm maybe a sexy Dora! I'm lovin it!

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JessicaR tagged this Think Pink

French New Wave meets Eighties New Wave, wonderful! A shot of color against black always works, and the tights add height.

Linda from SA tagged this Hot

Cherry pink has just risen up to be fashion's most upbeat hue! I wonder why!


just love it! hope you're doing well, hi from snowy Switzerland

:] tagged this Brave

i love how every outfit is colour-coordinated! this is great, although i'm not so sure about the gloves...in the photo they look a bit rubber-glove-esque!

GANESH(AKANKSHA-LTL) tagged this Hot


colm. tagged this taste.

it's called taste because it's better.

Amélia Lôbo BR tagged this Cute

Love the hat and the gloves... You look really cute!

ivygail tagged this SWEET!



Is there a ladder in the left leg of your tights? Not so chic then.

Sai tagged this Pretty in Pink

I love this outfit! Pink and Black are totally my favorite combination and you've done a great job here! Plus, I love the look on your face! You're like, "SNAP I ROCK!"

Sarah tagged this Cute

ok, I ADORE this outfit!! It is really funky and rad and girly and artsy. Love it :)

beinzstalk (NZ) tagged this Zig Zag Zing

Adore the tights. Add a real zing. Perfectly set off by the gloves and beret.


I love how, with less than 100 days left, you're still trying to find creative ways to engage us, new & old followers alike! Love the COTD feature - I'm sure people are banging down the "door" to be creative now! :-)

Eithne tagged this Hot

It was high time for some hot pink! And love those armwarmers again! :-)

Tia tagged this Cute

"This is a really volcanic ensemble you're wearing, it's really marvelous!"- Pretty in Pink

Noémi tagged this Coloré Classe

J'aime énormément, wow :) I love the socks and the gloves <3

Magda tagged this Cute

I love your tights!!!

Meg tagged this Cute

Why don't you ever smile with your teeth showing?

Bronwyn tagged this Hot

Hey Sheena! Love this outfit! Great colour combos!!!!

monica tagged this classy

i really like your tights and shoes!

Austen tagged this Tres chic!!


sarah in SF tagged this Hot

this is love

TheJoyofFashion tagged this Cute

I love this!! the tights are adorable! I also looove love the hat! Great job!

hannah tagged this Hot

this one's absolutely fabulous!

Mandy tagged this Hot

Ooh la la! Love! Love! Love!

Scy tagged this Hot

You look awesome _every day_! I'm totally jealous! :)