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July 09

This day belongs to Maia.
"Loving this look! And on my b-day too!"
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Day 70. Thu, July 09 2009

Just another day

Vintage corrugated belt and black pumps from eBay. Gold tights and striped socks from Sockman.


Mosely tagged this Try Harder

too plain on top, and too mismatched on bottom. Below Par

barbara tagged this Cute

Very nice look on top with the necklace and belt. Not so sure about the socks on this one though.

hhh tagged this Try Harder

top nice, bottom not so much - the pairing of metallic and neon green = not so good.

Kathlene tagged this Simple +socks

I really like the simplicity of your outfit on top today. Not sure about the striped socks though, but I'm just not that into wearing socks in general so maybe its just me.

Frances tagged this Brave

The socks are out of nowhere. They don't match at all, but they're very cute. I like the rest of the look though.

Edith tagged this Cute

This one is really pretty. I like the past few days.

Carmen tagged this Try Harder

nope... not this one. but I like the belt.

awer tagged this nice

strange.. but nice

Molly tagged this Try Harder

Bottom's not so good.. ehk. I do give you props for being so zany and a "gauche" with this. You've got guts.


Interesting! Seems very Japanese to me. . .

Anonymous tagged this Cute

i like the dress with the belt and leggings, but the socks don't really go with the rest of the outfit.

Addie tagged this Try Harder

The only good thing about this outfit is the belt. Nothing is congruent to the next.

Nikki tagged this Batty

oh no, lose those socks! :/

Jaclyn tagged this Cute

I love the socks!!!!!!!!!

sam shaw UK

Your talent for accesorising will become the stuff of legend, each outfit is a mini classic.

Etta tagged this Cute

luuuv the belt and shoes, I think this is very cute