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June 09

This day belongs to Tracyb.
"For all the kids on our 25th wedding aniversary! "
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Day 41. Wed, June 10 2009

Just a little green…

Strapped mini dress from Red Toe Nails, old platforms from Dalaga.


Dustin tagged this hostess cupcake

This reminds me of one of those hostess cupcakes, but missing the white frosting... and with green stockings :)

Edward Morgan tagged this Cute

Just saw your project come up on twitter, I really admire it. You have big balls defo! Goood Luck with love from the UK!

Anon tagged this Cute

Solid colors. Cute!

Laura tagged this Brave

You can pull this off. Even the green socks work. Bravo

Syd tagged this Cute

Love the colors and the shape.

Sarah tagged this Hot

After discussing your blog and this uniform dress at length with liked minded well dressed women.. we're all wondering.. is your designer friend going to be selling this dress anywhere? We are all curious!

E.J.Starbuck tagged this Cute

Can you wear 2 dresses backwards in one day? Sheena can!


Sarah– Eliza and I are discussing the possibilities. Stay tuned! :)


just like the fashionable greenie herself!awesome

dom tagged this Elegantissime

Love the green of course, you look like a little lilipad ;-) D-3, getting excited and can't wait to see you!


Good to know! :)

Anonymous tagged this Brave

the green socks is actually working.


thanks Dom! Wait till you see what I am wearing to your wedding this weekend :)

stu tagged this Cute

Fantastic idea - found you via kottke. Good luck


you're my hero. what a great idea.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Muy bien!

Sianna tagged this Very inventive

Very inventive idea!!! Love all of the outfits to date:)

Amma I tagged this Cute

She's working it

Joevakro tagged this Tasty

Lime Truffle.

charla tagged this Batty

This is kinda whacked, but I love it--girl, i hope you are strutting on 7th Avenue everyday! Runway magic!

Katharine tagged this Delicious!

I want those stockings!

boy tagged this Cute


Elena tagged this Hot

That's a real hit. Love it.

cruz tagged this Cute

love the straps, balloon, and leggy look

PeaceBang tagged this Cute

I don't love the shoes but everything else, totally wonderful. What a fantastic project!!

Sacha tagged this Brave

Looks a little Carrie-in-SATC wackadoo but not totally batty.

Allie tagged this Cute

I LOVE THIS! it is so super cute. I love everything about it! Amazing shoes and socks!!

jen tagged this Batty

i kinda like the idea, but doesn't wearing one dress over the every-day dress kinda defeat the purpose?

Jenny tagged this Cute

Very cute. I like the green socks.

eldub tagged this Hot

nice colors

Em tagged this Cute

Onigosh omigosh I love this one!!! The brown dress is adorable!!!

RogueTess tagged this Brave

Socks and shoes work better for me than the dress.

Abby P. tagged this Lovely

Love this outfit, and your project is so inspiring! Having gone through the archives I have to say that while I adore your color sense, sometimes the shoe choice doesn't quite jell with the rest of the look. Not here though- this is perfection.

Kati tagged this Batty

But in a good way.

the knotty hooker tagged this Cute

unbelievably cute!!! (in the sexiest way possible)

Lynn tagged this Cute

Really, really like this one. The muted colors are great too.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

love the layered leggings. adorable look.

superstarra tagged this Cute

Totally cute.

Beth tagged this Cute


Anonymous tagged this perfect

i love the green accents!!

Catherine tagged this Hot

One of my favorites so far... your socks/tights collection is consistently blowing my mind.

Amy Reed tagged this Hot

This is my absolute fave ensemble. I just found this site and am in awe of your creativity. Man I WANT THOSE SHOES!

Lisa Webb tagged this Brave

have you ever said, i have nothing to wear?! i am guessing NO! Not sure why but i kinda love this Alot Alot!


o so so nice my fashionista!! only catching up wt u now

Casey tagged this Cute

you look like a little flower!

Rosie tagged this Hot

I love this one!

Mel B. tagged this Hot

love the earthy elegance here.

Sara tagged this Cute

Ooh, what a unique idea!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

somehow it's really sexy.

Meena Mathew

Cooool... :)

Mrs. Maker tagged this Hot

This is lovely! It isn't that outstanding, but the outfit looks totally hot on you!

Addie tagged this Brave

I never would have thought up a combo like this. the sock is too much but everything else is fine.



Demi L. tagged this stylish

beautiful! i love how you put things together!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Very earthy, is New York hot in the summer? I'd be dying in these ensembles!

Katie tagged this Cute

I love the way you layer things. Gorgeous.

A tagged this Little Forest Fairy

so adorable!


Tres chic! :)


without socks please, without socks...it would be stylish and modern! soks are rather childish..but I love you though!:)