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January 10

This day belongs to soobooguesswho.
"Oh to be so simply suave. An inspiration to us all - today, tomorrow and to infinity beyond!"
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Day 265. Wed, January 20 2010


Back in NY and missing India. Vintage hat, silk blouse and suede boots from eBay and tights from Jumelle. Writeup and pictures from last week's Bungalow8 Sari Soiree is now up. Read here >

P.S Stay with us as the countdown to the last 100 days of U.P begins.


ammakke tagged this "Grahathurathvam"

You look fresher than I expected..."Home sick"?? We'll celebrate at home when this awesome project is over, Ok?.Suede Boots work so well with the gorgeous blouse...Take it easy, sheena.

Josie tagged this Cute

Love the blouse and those pants/leggings? very nice. Great color coordination with the boots. Like the whole look -a lot!

moon tagged this Cute

aww you still look so good for being jetlagged! bring back the colors...it will help the jetlag!

Carmen tagged this Hot

This simple look is actually my favorite so far!

Mara tagged this Comfy

Cute! I like the simplicity and neutrality of the ensemble.

Payal tagged this Awww

We're back to the white screen. Hope you've taken a day off to get over it all! You look great, back in your winter clothes!

scary. tagged this desynchronosis.

NYC jetlag - bring. it. on!

Sass tagged this pixie

Loving the boots, cute outfit for everyday wear. Only 100 more outfits to go!

Eithne tagged this Very good

Love the sleeves and the collar on that blouse. And your boots are amazing once again. P.s. speaking of - any chance for a reprise of that stunning blue pair?

Jess tagged this Medieval Magic!

i love this outfit! I like the medieval Look to it. Fantastic! 100 days to go.

Bronwyn tagged this Hot

So cute! Love the tights and shoes the best!

holly tagged this back to it...

No wonder you're missing India! At least you're on the home stretch now. What an adventure!!!

christine tagged this serious fashion envy

love everything about today's look! (p.s.: you don't look jet lagged at all)!

Irene tagged this comfy classy

omg, cute tights! I love them. But I miss the bright colours from your India outfits. :/

kataay tagged this <3

wonderful! love the blouse :)

Oré tagged this Hot

Great outfit!

elie tagged this Try Harder

your first picture looked like a little jewish boy. i like the blouse though.


Very cozy look. I like the leggings with the suede slouchy boots!

Linda from SA

A bit of n anti-climax after all the colourful items we've seen in India, I think. (A tough act to follow, I'm sure!) Also, maybe, a bit too similar to the outfit of December 27th. The colour combinations do work well though.

che tagged this sober

wish i could pulled it together this well when i am jetlagged with a suitcase of laundry!

wasabipear tagged this Chillin in New York

I hope you mean last 100 days of the beginning of the U.P ,) Feels good to have more Sheena in the hood.

Isabelle QUEHE tagged this Cute

i'm the founder of Ethical Fashion SHow® Paris, will be nice to imagine something with you and for your project... thinking about that and write you later (http://www.ethicalfashionshow.com

vintage girl

blouse & boots are beautiful together! Elegant color combination.

claire tagged this hhmmm yes/no?

Hmmm very Robin Hood I'm afraid. Not not against it but I'm not sure either.