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August 09

This day belongs to EzRana.
"Elegant, simple... NICE! :-)"
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Day 118. Wed, August 26 2009

Jane leaves the jungle

Quilted leopard print belt worn as necktie and vintage suede and leather pumps from eBay, hand-painted resin brooch donated by Dell. See more of her work at dellalogue.blogspot.com

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Anna Jane tagged this classy

I love it! so simple but so elegant. Very classy. - http://pixelatedblonde.com -

Z tagged this Cute

Aww! Jane leaves the jungle and goes corporate but stays true to her wild spirit.

Beth tagged this Cute


KT tagged this Classy!

Very classy!

KT tagged this A Question

I forgot to ask............how are your dresses holding up with the continuous wash and wear? Do they have to be ironed? Just curious about mundane things like that. LOL!


@KT - Yes, they're holding up really well so far, Eliza did a fabulous job on the sewing. I hand wash them to preserve the fabric as well as possible, and yes, I iron them.

Britwatch tagged this Urbane

She's lying, KT! They have a manservant!! His name is Jeeves.

Kim tagged this Clever

I'm going to steal this idea for sure!

tom tagged this Cute

have you seen the knock off that is copying you http://www.societystylist.com/index.php?cat=20&paged=2

@marycray tagged this Hot


Anushka tagged this classy

Outfit is very elegant. Question: I'm having trouble using my AmEx to make a donation. IT won't accept it. Does anyone else have this issue?

Tati tagged this Brave

This one I liked very much! And again... I loveeeeeed your shoes!


I just checked out that link, and it is scary to say the least. Sheena blends style, cause, and spirit beautifully. Love the way she coordinates colors and textures. She is incomparable!


never mind my previous comment- I tried from another computer-the donation went through! :D

Scully tagged this Reappropriating Chic!

Love The Tie/ Belt!

sara tagged this Brave

so creative! i want to steal your idea!

Deb tagged this Cute

Continue to love the way you re-purpose items in different ways. Checked out that other website (Tom mentioned) and it's nowhere as creative or interesting as the Uniform Project.

ammakke tagged this elegant

Just love it , You look stunning!Leopard print belt is amazing as a necktie..I admire your creativity...

Lisa tagged this Cute

The amount of coverage the other site has gotten is huge. I feel like you might want to try to grab some of it for yourself, then the donations would probably go up rather rapidly.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Yeah, this is how I like to see you. Lovely, and the matching colours in your shoes & scarf are nice!

Wendy tagged this Cute

Without the shoes, I wouldn't like the leopard print against black, but the shoes tie it all together.

BellaG. tagged this pretty!

Aaah, you're quite pretty with this tie!


Love it - very chic

beth kattleman tagged this Cute

I checked that link - it's godawful. Everything about your site (including the wonderful cause) is perfect to a tee, er...dress :)


So creative! I love it all but especially the brooch.

Isabela Abreu tagged this Cute

Simple and a bit retro, lovely :3

Anonymous tagged this Cute


melia tagged this Cute

nice, simple and elegant - but not too austere.

Mariah tagged this Cute

Fun to see last week's belt turned into a necktie -- and great shoes!

Mrs. O tagged this UNIQUE

Surely there are people who are attempting to do the same thing. But this project is in a league of its own. It is the epitome of simplicity and perfection. The way the website is designed, the dress, the accessories, the way of communicating via simple, clear photos and brief descriptions -- all make this project unique, no nonsense, and truly about sustainable fashion and philanthropy. You deserve more press, TV time, and web space...how can we make that happen?

Lindsay tagged this Divine

Cheap, knockoff, no-good, idea-stealing people! Of course no one can touch Sheena! Sheena's the one who deserves more TV time and press no doubt about it. Keep it up!

Payal tagged this Inspiring

Hey Sheena, as I was dressing up this morning, I looked at my clothes in a whole new light - just wore something very daring! Thanks for the inspiration! (oddly...it's wearing a cloth belt as a thin scarf!)



Gretchen tagged this Choice concept.

How can I donate kiwi $$?


ha ha ha, just looked at the society stylist page mentioned by Tom. BOOOORING! No competition there! Vapid, empty blog.

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Lovely and subtle!

k.holly tagged this Cute

Totally fabulous! I love your project! :)


Is the blog coming soon?!?! We have been waiting!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

love it! keep it up

annie tagged this beautifully basic

my favorite outfit of the week...the others were colorful and lovely, but this is back to just the dress and some simple accessories...bravo!

Lily WT tagged this Cute

This is too cute. I really like it! That dress is so versatile. I love it more every day. I am looking forward to you putting it on the market.


Very cute and classic! =) Here's a great site on how to tie scarves if you want to try something new ^-^: http://www.texeresilk.com/cms-scarf_tying_guide.html

Early morning tagged this i like new hairstyle

23 best photos 24th best style 25 best earrings-triangles :))(really)26th best of Mafia

Ali tagged this Cute

simple and fun! I like it

efolisa tagged this Cute

can we purchase the "uniform"? is it for sale? http://twitter.com/lizaharold

Katherine tagged this Hot

Very French :-)

yobe tagged this Sylish

Yes, yes YES! Less is always more. You could add ear rings and a bangle if you were feeling that way inclined, but its just fine without.

Maya Matthew tagged this Hot

I saw a leopard in the jungles of K.Gudi last Saturday. First one spotted in the wild.

Naijo Paulose tagged this Cute

You are looking so cute


I just checked out that other person - awful! No style at all despite the name, and just out to make a quick $ for her business

Barbie tagged this Brave

I am very surprised! I simply do not have words! This girl should be brought in the book of records!

Kate tagged this Cute

I like it!

Mariel tagged this Fabulous

This is darling. I love all of your vintage shoes! Do you have a specific dealer on eBay that you buy from?!? ps. voting for Nau... now!

laly george tagged this Cute

so cute and wonderfull

Ali tagged this Cute

You've probably been asked this a thousand times already but will we be able to buy the dress anywhere? I love it!


belt as a necktie, I love it! Shoes are cute also.

Tom tagged this Hot

Well done

Tom tagged this Cute

Well done

tom tagged this Hot

well done


Simply perfect!

Justi tagged this nice

I like it.

Anonymous tagged this smart

looks like a cute business outfit! love the tie


Love the simplicity of it!