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November 09

Day 193. Mon, November 09 2009

In remembrance.

RIP Jerry Fuchs.

From the people who knew him best:
Tribute from Jerry's friend >
Post from Jerry's band Maserati >
Post from Juan Maclean >
Post from Holy Ghost! >
Video of Jerry on drums >


che tagged this sombre

RIP Jerry Fuchs

Mariah tagged this . . .

RIP, musician and friend of U.P. Peaceful thoughts to everyone affected.

Maryjohn tagged this Brave

You are good to step back from fashion to mourn a friend.

Mara tagged this Caring

My thoughts are with his family and friends.


One man's death diminishes us all. I hope you all find the strength to be true to the spirit of your project.

Erika tagged this Caring



i read the tributes & posts & NY Times article....my heart goes out to all who loved jerry....rest in peace jerry.

Sue Yurick tagged this sad

Tragic.....so sorry.


This is very appropriate, and hopefully it will force us all to step back and evaluate. My thoughts are with you and all of Jerry's friends and family. RIP


Each time we lose a friend or relative, we see the value of life a bit more clearly. It is then that we wish we could do something more with our lives...make a difference. And UP team - you ARE making that difference. There's nothing like the pain of losing a loved one. Hope you find comfort and strength in what you are doing. Hugs.


My condolences go out to you, and the rest of Jerry's family and friends. Rest in peace, Jerry.

Bogart Paz

My deepest condolences.

Cecilia Almeida

Minhas condolências e um abraço.

ammakke tagged this sad & unfortunate

All day I had been visiting the sites & it was painful to see such a talented person like Jerry's life was destined to a tragic end & I try to console myself & the U.P.with the naked truth "Whom the Gods love die young"...May You rest in Peace, Jerry! nothing could play a part in erasing the pain the loved ones feel in their hearts now.....


My condolences. May Jerry rest peacefully in a better world.

gruvee tagged this respectful

Thank you for this post and agree w/ Maryjohn. This is just so tragic. Sending him blessings.

jolly M

Thank you Sheena for posting the video link & tributes to Jerry Fuchs R.I.P.Once again my condolences to his beloved Mum & Dad,Adam and his twin sister as well as his elder sister.Prayers from all over the world surely would toucch everybody's sorrowful hearts.... The answer that sprung in my mind to the question of " why such a talented guy - and so young ?" was this-Jerry probably has given the best to this world and God wanted him in a much better place for His Heavenly musical band...His ways are difficult to comprehend for us humans... lots of love to all the U.P team from us - the U.Pfamily -keep strong through this difficult time.

m tagged this beautifully done

somber and perfect for the occaision


Sheena & the UP Team: I am so sorry to learn of this terrible tragedy at your fundraiser. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to come to terms with it. But time will heal...keep the faith.

kala tagged this Brave

RIP Jerry. Such a tragedy. Love to all in this hard time.

Amélia tagged this Friendship

That's so sad... Good thoughts to all of you, family and friends.

JC tagged this appropriate

RIP Jerry! So sorry Sheena :(


such a tragic loss. big hugs from melbourne. x

kiera tagged this appropriate


megintosh Italy

A big warm hug to you

Sarah tagged this appropriate for the day

So sorry to hear what happened.


i am so terribly sorry to hear this news, my condolence to everyone effected my his passing.


I am very sorry.

Josh tagged this Fitting

I was so sad to hear about this tragedy. My heart goes out to all who have been touched by it. Please stay strong and brave and keep working to make the world better, just as Jerry made the world better with his art and generosity.


A profound example of the duality of life. I am so sorry for your loss but hope all of you at the UP will pull together and continue the work for which Jerry's name will forever be attached . My hands are among those holding you up!

A and L tagged this Brave

So, sorry Sheena. We just donated in honor of your friend.


Thoughts are with his family and friends.

Irene tagged this :(

... (moment of silence)

Plain Jayne tagged this Sophisticated

Wow Sheena! This really is kind of dull but, it's nice for a change.

elle tagged this Cute

Omg, you look like Amelie

gogo tagged this disgusting girl

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jobypollard tagged this Hot

I hope you all find the strength to be true to the spirit of your project.

April tagged this Cute

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Ortan tagged this Brave

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