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September 09

This day belongs to Dee_michael.
"I'm totally gonna steal this look as soon as my U.P L.B.D arrives! thanks Sheena. I've enjoyed following your looks for the past year, I think it's such a brilliant idea and i can't wait to see what you do next. love love x"
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Day 149. Sat, September 26 2009

How Forth and Clyde and Union met

In the vicinities of the world's only rotating boat lift, the Falkirk Wheel. Knitted neckwear donated by Sarah Fujimoto from artisticentourage.etsy.com and vintage brooch donated by Scully. Thrifted tube skirt, vintage belt donated by Eliza, ankle socks from Sockdreams and shoes from mom.

The BBC interview podcast with Eliza and I, now posted on the blog. Have a listen here >


scary. tagged this aye.

you've captured the 'i'm in scotland look' perfectly..

iLsEoRt tagged this Elegantly halloweenesque

Love the neckwarmer on top of black!

Sophie B

Love th unbroken, black, tiered silhouette with twisted orange on the ends like a piece of Halloween candy.

Betty Anne tagged this Cute

Super cute! I would love to wear one of these outfits! <3

ammakke tagged this trendy

Just beyond words to comment on this classy & stylish outfit . .smashing! I love that belt..Enjoying Scotland?

Sue tagged this elegant

I've been wanting to see cool weather adaptations. Love the orange neckwarmer! A great look.

Mariah tagged this Well-Educated Style

Adore this overall vintage look and balance (shape and colors). Cute! ALSO > > > just did the math and you're almost at a milestone: $14,400 = educational support for 40 kiddos!

Deb tagged this stunning

The knitted neckwear with brooch is so fantastic. It's what I love best about your outfits - how all the collars and neckwear items you wear always seem to transform the uniform into something new. Keep going with the neckwear. It rocks!

Britwatch tagged this A Falkwork Orange

Black becomes Scotland. Not windy then, eh.

jenithea tagged this Cute

I LOVE this one!!!! All the outfits are great but this one is extra-cute.

Mara tagged this Cute

Love the orange! The socks are adorable, as always.

Laura tagged this very smart

Where can I buy one?

Anonymous tagged this Cute

love this! the skirt is great and i love the clean black lines with pops of orange

Cerasela tagged this Try Harder

no taste

hhh tagged this Brave

yes. yes yes yes! the skirt adds so much to the dress.

Kelli tagged this Classic chic!

well i'll be damned! the collar is another genious move...what would put this outfit into the stratosphere would be a pair of blue gladiator heels...hmm...does anyone have a pair they could give? I would only I don't have any pairs...fabulous though! just marvelous


Wonderfully pulled together.

Darlene tagged this Hot

I love it!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Great outfit and photo! Hooray for knitwear!


Love the autumn feel.


Super! No comments...

Chloe Keedy tagged this Spiffy[:

This is really amazing! The chain belt really completes it for me :]


So great. And your "do" is looking fabu these days.

poojee tagged this gorgeous!

the orange-coloured socks and neckwear really spiced up the whole look. the layer effect from the skirt is superb. love love it!

poojee tagged this gorgeous!

the orange-coloured socks and neckwear really spiced up the whole look. the layer effect from the skirt is superb. love love it!

Sarah tagged this Darling

This is incredibly cute, though I would go with different socks,that go better stylewise with the lovely knit neckwarmer.

Nora tagged this Classy

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I'm a huge fan of layering black, lovely! Sometimes your outfits are a little too creative for me, but this I love!

pie tagged this fishing pole

I LIKE THIS OUTFIT MORE THAN I LIKE CHEESE! always remember: weebles wooble but they don't fall down

Lorelei tagged this Cute

The layering in this outfit is adorable! One of my favourites. :)

m tagged this <3 <3 <3 and then some

i love it. period.

gruvee tagged this Cute

I agree w/ Sophie B's comment :)

Kealani tagged this Spunky

I've been wearing one of the same identical black dresses for the last three winters. This Labor Day began year four. From May day to Labor Day I do splurge with any one of four colors of the same style blouse mixmatched with two colors of tights. I think next winter I want a different dress.

Kelly tagged this Cute

I like the double layer of the skirt and the skinny belt.

Irene tagged this Smart and cute

it looks warm and stylish at the same time. The socks looks so halloweeny.

Isha tagged this Hot

Yeah this oufit really has come together. Very nice.

abigail tagged this fabulous

you look smashing......ready for a chic halloween.....brilliant!!

Scully tagged this Hot

I Love this. The orange is perfect, and you are perfect in it!


Really cute!

on.n.off tagged this A Dark Delight

I think it's wonderful. :)

Matt tagged this Cute

I applaud your attempt to bring to light possible sustainability in fashion, however, you should really call this the 7 dresses and 1 year project. I dare you to do a real 1 dress for a year project. It is pretty simple to do with 7. Also - how are you washing this dress? Is it all by hand or is someone else doing it for you? Would love to know that. I think getting the whole experience explained a little more would be nice. Not many people in this world have the luxury of 7 dresses, regardless if they are duplicates.

jc tagged this Brave

i love this idea. Doing something interesting and fun to raise money for charity

Le Journal de Chrys

BRAVO ! ! ! Cet ensemble est PARFAIT!

holly tagged this great!

Hot Damn! This is fabulous!!!

nemo tagged this Cute

definetly one of my favourites so far, especially the knitwear. very flattering.

katie.s tagged this cool

thought yesterday's outfit could not be topped you proved me wrong. (never thought I would see you in falkirk...)

elisabeth tagged this Hot

lovin' this heaps!

Darby tagged this Wonderful!

This is awesome! Skirt over the dress is working this time. :)

deedle tagged this Great

wow, great one of the best


good idea for winter easy to knit. thanks

catLoversInc tagged this Hot

one word: awesome!!

Nikki tagged this Cuddly Cute

One of my faves! Going to try this for sure! :)



rose tagged this Cute

it should say "The BBC interview podcast with Eliza and ME" (not I). you wouldn't say "the interview with I" would you?

yobe tagged this sophisticated

very chi-chi!

Erika tagged this Hot

Great co-ordination! Perfect!


This is the most elegant option yet! Brava!

Beth tagged this Cute


Cynthia tagged this Sophisticated Lady

cool neckwear and pin.

Zach tagged this I DIE!

Love the orange!

Nicole tagged this Cute

This is one of my favorite ones so far!

Sister Grimm tagged this Hot

Looks awesome. 'Nuff said. [:


i love your belt and neck piece. and thanks to your website, i found out about etsy.com. i <3 etsy!!!

Peachie tagged this Hot

amazing! LOOOOVE it!

rosie tagged this one of the best so far!

i love this one! especially the skirt and neckwear!

Justi tagged this Cute

it's beautiful


The cutest. period.

Justi tagged this Cute

I have already give an opinion but I must say it again: it's wonderful. It's so proffesional!!!!!!!

MEIREELE tagged this Brave

AMOOO Ainda bem que você é BEM magrinha tb né?


Such A freaking cool outfit!

Tumor tagged this social norm defying!

Adore this one as well, wondorous attention to detail

erin tagged this Brave

that is a very cute skirt

yvonne tagged this Brave

youre so cute!!!