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March 10

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Day 310. Sat, March 06 2010

Holy batwings!

Weekend bat mission in a vintage blouse from eBay and hand painted silk necklace donated by Loli Gil Bea from her store at gilbea.etsy.com Bamboo tights from Sockdreams and pumps from eBay.



?? ^^

olga tagged this Hot

i love this one! the blouse is just genius - would love to be able to wear something like that, but my swimmer body is not made for these things :( anyways, you've been really inspiring, the project made me re-discover my closet and reevaluate the role of accessories! have been wearing my lgd (mine is grey)for a while, this is so much fun!

JessicaR tagged this Why So Fabulous?

Becasue it's the fashion project we deserve, and the one we need to donate too. So we'll follow it, and spread the word, and she can take it. Because she's not a fashionista. She's a creator, a communicator, a thoughtful curator. A dark sprite.

abigail tagged this Brave

gorgeous fresh new silhouette.....like an avant garde wonderwoman.....futuristic......the subtle sparkles and understated color on necklace and grey for leggings & booties finish this look off perfectly.....i love this!!!

Sophie tagged this Hot

hey, just heard about this project. You are doing a great creative thing. You have such a fantastic style. Points for mission, sustainable and creative style.

Heidi tagged this Black Magic

Looks like this is a wicked weekend of partying for you - looking all dark and twisty and fabulous. Rent's "Out Tonight" would is the song that springs to mind here...

carolyn Elliott tagged this Hot

Fabulous. Why doesn't someone get Oprah Winfrey on this story?

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moon tagged this ra ra ooh lala

would love to party out in this outfit to "bad romance" on the town tonight!!! gorgeous


This just goes to show how much modern fashion references the past. Who would pick that top as not being something straight off the catwalk?

ammakke tagged this Elegantly classy

Grey is one of my favourite colors& the grey, black combo. is really elegant..

em tagged this Svelte

I love the structure of the top, which is set off by the sequins. Also, those tights look cozy. The softness of the tights, the look on your face, and the shape that the boots give your legs make you look like a very satisfied grey cat.

Laura tagged this AMAZING

Absolutely loving this little number! Sequins are always a winner. http://aforteforfashion.blogspot.com

Steph tagged this Cute

This piece is quite sweet, a great autumn/winter outfit.

Payal tagged this Hot

Super wicked awesome HWWAATT! Def in my top 20(couldn't contain it in 10!)That unbelievably sexy top just makes the outfit pop. And those pumps...oh my...

christine tagged this Batty

tamest bottom half we've seen in a while but it juxtaposes the sequined top perfectly.

moniherz tagged this fantastic

This may be one of your best. The blouse is outrageous.Love the combo and what you are trying to accomplish.

Irene tagged this Hot

ooooo. This is so bold though I don't think I could pull it off, but you sure can! love love love the necklace. And the outrageously awesome blouse.

Daisy tagged this Hot

Very cool, very 80's rock.

Teenstyle tagged this AWESOME!!!


Naomi tagged this Hot

i LOVE it :-)

howdy tagged this AMAZING

this looks amazing! so fashionable, cute and sexayyy

katta tagged this Cute

cool like all the other days...

growch tagged this Cute

Bat Power/The Greatest.

Ner tagged this Batty Babe

one "batty," yet fabulous, outfit!

Rita tagged this Cute

so cute))

Tito Jong/Prahjeks.com tagged this je'diy!!!

so perfect.

R tagged this Hot

i absolutely love everything about it!



lulu tagged this Brave

cracks me up


although not everyone will "get" this outfit, what i admire about you is how you play with fashion. i feel so boring after seeing your imaginative combinations. High school diploma | GED | Homeschooling

jones tagged this zlotowitzsilzer

Found a secret portal out of a 15th century Venetian flea market into the big city. Gorgeous wooden beads make their own beat down the paved street. online equivalency test | Accredited High School