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December 09

This day belongs to Erin Madeleine.
"this is brilliant, the dress is adorable and so are you. so excited to rock the LBD and support the cause."
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Day 232. Fri, December 18 2009

Holy Holidays Batman, check out Batgirl!

Batwing hoody donated by Alanna Hibbard from her store at poutfits.etsy.com. Silk blouse donated by Helena, leg warmers donated by Lisa Halverson from her store, frillbylisa.etsy.com. Vintage suede pumps from eBay.

This Monday Dec 21st, we will be hosting Etsy Labs Craft Night from their Dumbo location. You can tune via Virtual Labs, see details here. Also, thank you Etsy for the lovely story on us on your blog. Read the Etsy interview with the U.P on The Storque >



Or Elvira (need some cleavage for that!)


3rd shot changes the entire outfit! Can see how classy the bottom half is! Is it me or is the dress shrinking? (maybe Sheena is growing....)


I love the project!

Judith tagged this Hot

It's 'batty' too! Small world. My son played at the 3rd Ward Craft fair -- he's with Raya Brass Band http://tinyurl.com/ybkafts


@Wendie; Who knows if she's growing? I just hope her hair grows so I can cut it! Cute leggings, girlie!

Cindi from www.tallysplace.blogspot.com tagged this Batty

Today Batty is a good thing! You look lovely and the halo of your hair in pic one reminded for a minute of St. Lucia day. May your holiday season continue to be merry and bright.

ammakke tagged this "Batty" Batgirl

Wow!!Transition unimaginable!The third picture is so sweet..Love those leg warmers the best. Felt so proud of U reading that long Etsy Interview..Well done U.P ladies!!

dumbass tagged this Batty

methinks we ran out of inspiration? love you always xx

holly tagged this Batty

this would have to be one of the strangest ensembles you have worn

abigail tagged this fun

enjoyed etsy interview....etsy labs craft nite super....batgirl makes me smile....

Dee tagged this Try Harder

Sorry, but I have to give it two thumbs down.


crazy for the suede pumps. giving your cause a shout-out at http://littlepurplegoodyhood. blogspot.com

pixelated tagged this hmmmmm

this is a bit too batty for me. but I love your bravery for being able to wear it! x

STAIN tagged this Cool

I hope all your dreams come true;)

Linda from SA

Uhmmmm...no! The hoody is OK, but I'm afraid the rest does not flll me with songs of praise! Sorry!

vintiquela tagged this Brave

not my favorite, but creative... I showed your video to 3 people today! love it! http://twitter.com/VintiqueLA

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

not a favorite. at all.

j tagged this shoes

cute shoes! the leg warmers are awesome.

Irene tagged this hmm...

not a favourite, but it's interesting.

alanna tagged this awesome

well, i love it! ;)


Kind of like the batwings, but less crazy about the eclectic color mix today. Keep creating!

natalie tagged this Driptastic

Okay, that hoodie is some kind of awesome.


so cute and chic! love the hoodie!

PLURall tagged this Batty

Batty in the best sense of the word. I love my rust colored poutfits hoodie too!

Domino tagged this lovelovelove

love the hoodie! you look like Dorrie the witch :)

Elizabeth tagged this Brave

Not sure about the hoody, but I like the legwarmers