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December 09

This day belongs to Kayo.
"This project is amazing!"
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Day 224. Thu, December 10 2009

Holiday gifting options from us to you.

We bring you U.P Holiday eCards, with original drawings from the Akanksha kids. You can now make a gift donation in someone's name -or- make a wish for a donation in your name. And for every gift donation made, eBay will match it dollar for dollar.
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Vintage boots from eBay and multicolor Nekkin Brace made from salvaged sweatshirts and denim designed by RuffeoHeartsLilSnotty. Their pieces are also available at Treehouse, Brooklyn >



Love the burst of colors!!

Mara tagged this Snazzy

This is absolutely adorable. The neck brace (hehe) is so colorfully creative, and the simplicity of the rest of the outfit with the red boots just make it perfect.

moon tagged this Batty

reminds me of a modern day Elizabethan jester hehe cute.

ammakke tagged this Hot

smart looking& the colorful Nekkin Brace matches well with the hot Vintage boots.. U.P.holiday e-cards9with Akansha kids' drawings are awesome & inspiring..Well done!Wake up, everyone, one third of December is over..hurry with your donations!!

wasabipear tagged this No Mo Dino Sweaters!

eCards are freaking adorable and brilliant. Those Akanksha kids are so talented! Makes me want to bust out my 64 Pack-o-Crayolas. o:)

Mariah tagged this Just perfect . . .

Love the intense colors!

holly tagged this puss in boots

Sweet collar, hot boots. I always love the arm warmers.

Dee tagged this alright...I guess

I like the color pop. But I couldn't imagine that you would wear that neck thing out in public. And I KNOW it's far too cold in NY to have your arms bare.

Natalie tagged this Hot

Hi Jessica and Sheena, I've tried to reply to your email but it keeps bouncing back for some reason. Can you please email me again at noliveri@nine.com.au and possibly give me another address - it has failed several times. I'd love to organise this interview. Thanks so much, Natalie


@Dee, I do happen to own a warm and cosy winter coat that I put on when I go outside. ;-)

Dee tagged this Cute

ah ha...a warm winter coat! Then this is perfection!

Irene tagged this Hot

Love the colours, and the armwarmers like always. :) I would have no idea what to do with the neck brace with anything else though. :/

Anonymous tagged this Cute

you look lovely and elvish!

Linda from SA tagged this Hot

Excellent combination!

Calochortus tagged this Cute

I like the splashes of color!

Claudia tagged this Awesome!

One of the coolest outfits! I love bold collars so this is absolutely fabulous (en I adore colored shoes) :p I wasn't sure about all the outfits in the last few weeks but this one rocks!

Bianca tagged this Cute

very nice.

megintosh Italy

Looooove the boots!! Hate the collar!

Bumpin tagged this brilliant

Awesome! I really like the way the colour of the shoes are matching with the colour of the neck brace. Sorry for mistakes, I'm German =)

alfonsina tagged this amazing

love it love t

katie.s tagged this copy cat!

totally love this look but you are copying me today! I am wearing a red tunic dress black tights, grey pixie boots, and armwarmers... alas no harlequin neck brace for me! :-)

scary. tagged this classss.


Sai tagged this Pablo's Lover

I love the boots and the neck cover! Reminds me of Pacaso for some reason!

Manu tagged this Crazy and Cool

hey I'm from germany and I really love your blog. And the outfits are very cool too. Respect :)

Manu tagged this Crazy and Cool

hey I'm from germany and I really love your blog. And the outfits are very cool too. Respect :)

mm tagged this yes


Laura Daly tagged this Sheena in Technicolor

What a joyous,happy look!

ammakke tagged this YES!

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! 40!!!!!



Teagen tagged this Hot

Sheena, I love this outfit so much! It makes me want to rip it off the computer. Sorry for replying so late. I'm behind my schedule.


Maybe I love this round the neck even more than the waist!

monica tagged this Hot