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January 10

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"Thank you for the daily creativity, commitment, inspiration and love--all from one simple, yet wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing it with the world. And thank you for allowing me to be one small part of it!"
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Day 284. Mon, February 08 2010

Here leezard leezard

Another wacky tie from our favorite ladies at Hartefactos. Sweater and mohair scarf donated by Cat and a handmade cuff from our youngest supporter, 13 year old designer Noa Ryan.

Sorry again for the awfully late post, work's been a killer lately :-(


Scheherazade tagged this Brave

I see you recycled the lizard. I actually prefer this reincarnation.

holly tagged this Go Noa!

Here in Sydney, Australia, I am usually at my desk at work before your post hits my screen. I always wonder if our outfits will ever have matching elements; so far, no cross-over! Can't ever second guess the team.

Sharon tagged this Purported Preppy

Well put together look! Love the boots with it.

Payal tagged this SO hot!

One of my top faves in a while! It's just so hot! The fit of the sweater, the color of the scarf, the white -tee peeking out and that very funky tie - they work like magic! love it, love it, love it! Please don't apologise for being late...that's not why you're doing this! But I sympathise with you...work has been killer. :\

riley tagged this tierrific (d'oh!)

Awww, you just reminded me of the old plastic fish tie I used to wear about ten years ago ... although yours is slightly more classy than my old fishie! The lizard is so cute, I want to tickle him.

Anneka tagged this winner

I have been trying to convince my mum for years that having scuffed shoes is actually cool, and does not look tacky - I am going to use this photo as proof and win the battle once and for all :)

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better lighting in your pics today.

Jessica tagged this Hot

Salamander Chic!

moon tagged this Brave

the crocodile hunter would be proud!!!

new yorker. tagged this holla!

are you wearing your arm warmers on your legs? i love this outfit, those boots are seriously a thing of beauty. - as for work, pull a sickie tomorrow! ;)

Payal tagged this Super Noa!

P.S.: Great job Noa...that's a gorgeous cuff! UP-ites, yhe numbers really seem to be crawling. C'mon people! 81 days to go!

Amélia Lôbo BR tagged this Hot

love it, you look so chik!


What is the cuff made of? Love the lizard, especially his eyes/ears(?) - so unique & love the way the greys come together.

Pear Picker tagged this neato

Gentlemen Prefer Plaid (lizards that is).


Here in DC, we haven't had work in AGES b/c of the snowpocolypse we're having! 10-20" more forecast for tomorrow, so don't worry about late postings - we don't have anything to wake up for, except more shoveling!!! :-)

Goldie Shoes tagged this You got da Spiff

Spotted/striped reptiles reptiles just dont cut it any more, dude. You got to go madras.

Irene tagged this leaping lizards.

nice and refreshing to see some lighter colours! and that lovely lizard steals the show.

Viv tagged this Reptilian!!!


sara tagged this cute chihuahua


Nina from NL tagged this Hot

LOOOOVVVVE the lizard! I'm happy to see it again! :-)

Noa tagged this Cute

Thanks for wearing my bracelet

ammakke tagged this "funky"

please don't be sorry for the late dailies, we understand the stress of "Two full time jobs"..But I get goosepimples seeing you holding that crazy 'lizard ', although the color combo. is great.

Beau Ryan tagged this Cute

Very nice. I'm slightly bias to the bracelet.

Lilly tagged this AMAYZIIIIIIING

Way to go, Noa. You are such a do-er. WOW. I wish I was like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dabuka tagged this Hot

Awesome! You manage to tastefully combine things I wouldn't have thought of combining. I especially like the last photo - you sort of look like a rock star with this tousled hair and a wonderfully weird lizard tie :)

Rae tagged this Hot

I love this so much! i'm looking to wear it to school tomorrow!

christine tagged this lounge lizard

absolutely LOVE that you are supporting the younger generation's handmade wearable art! her jewelry is proof that great talent emerges at all ages.

Eithne tagged this Warm

I could sleep in that scarf...

hartefactos tagged this (L) :0)

(L) !!!

ammakke tagged this yes

Compliments to Noa's lovely bracelet..Nice to see the youngsters inspired by the U.P

guillermo tagged this inviernosito

genial! congrats


I think folks in DC like Wendie should stop complaining so much about the snow. Do you know what many people around the world wake up to? Hunger, disease, abuse, war, to name a few. Just a few inches of snow gets these pretentious people in DC shut down literally the entire city. Losers.

EMILY tagged this AMAZING

Good job Noa !!!!!! That cuff is really cute. You did a really good job on it. It is AMAZING. WOW

lulu tagged this Hot

WOW! That is soooo cool.

Noa tagged this THANKS!!!


de la scare. tagged this @pineapple

epic point on snow! try shutting down a country over a f%*kin inch of it. welcome to ireland. seriously the whole country. 'a state of emergency' declared. -more like state of the nation. give me strength. i'm like why don't ya try a 7.0 earthquake followed by 30 or so aftershocks for a week or so. gobshites. you'd want the patience of a saint in this place. ffs.- now in fairness to wendie i think she was celebrating the snow rather than complaining about it..

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this Brave

I like scarf it has a scrappy whovian feel

gruvee tagged this Cute


Anonymous tagged this AMAZING

omg its so cute!