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January 10

This day belongs to cburk.
"The start of a new year -- and the start of a new style for me! THANK YOU, Sheena!"
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Day 246. Fri, January 01 2010

Hello Teensies

Reigning in the twenty teens in a handmade bubble necklace donated by Jasmeet Kahlon from truelysublime.blogspot.com, vintage blouse from the LES, and hand-dyed gradient tights donated by Tara St.James of Study NY. See more of Tara's tights at dailyjumpsuit.etsy.com


Mia tagged this Cute

Love the tights! Great start to the year!!

Betty Anne tagged this Cute

That's so cute! I love the blouse under the dress combo. <3

che tagged this fade out

your legs look like they are dissolving. Loving the simple chic look.

Sarah tagged this Cute

ditto on the tights!

ammakke tagged this Appi happy

Wow!!wonderful start to 2010!!!U look absolutely cute,esp. in the second picture..Keep up the good work in the New year.Assure U all our support.."May Heavens rejoice & the earth be Glad"!

beck tagged this smooth and delicious

gorgeous!! happy new year and congratulations on this project doing so well! you are such an inspiration!!

Scully tagged this Hot

really like the bubble necklace! tights too! xo, Scully

Plainjane tagged this 2009 disappears feet up

Those TIGHTS ARE AMAZING!!!! Wow, Tara St. James is rocking the drip dye technique in the most surprising of ways. Total genius, and I love them with the simple black silhouette of todays get up.

abigail tagged this pure class

pure class, beautiful reign-in of twenty teens ~ bubble necklace is interesting/fabulous, as is jasmeet's blog ~ love this black/grey palate (maybe 'cause it's my own), and today's simple, stunning look ~ gradient tights are lovely as well ~~~

JessicaR tagged this Hot

Adore the tights. And this blog. Some of the layered winter looks rememind me of the costumes from the eighties tv series, Beauty and the Beast. I loved that series, I wanted to live in it.

mnladay tagged this Hot

sheena you are a doll

holly tagged this this one's a winner

Cool, stylish, elegant, beautiful.

ettagirl tagged this hepburnesque

oh so audrey! a modern take on the clean simple style of a fashion icon

Irene tagged this Cute

I love the tights! Pretty and simple makes this look elegant.

Nadege tagged this breakfast at tiffianys

miss sophistication, indeed.

Myra Winter

Happy New Year! Sober but yet very stylisch. Hopefuly you will stay so creative and inspire lots of people all over the world.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

love the necklace! happy new year!

Brigid tagged this Sophisticated chic

Happy New Year, Sheena! You are a daily inspiration, a creative genius Thanks for sharing your creativity and social conscience with the world

Dee tagged this AWESOME

This is gorgeous! I didn't even initially realize the shading on the tights-just thought it was a shadow. But this is a very nice creative touch.

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Simple and elegant

Again, I love it when the dress itself is a star.

Britgirl tagged this Happy New Year!!

I was expecting soming festive, but that was for last night! Great year

ellie tagged this Cute

pure minimalism... in a good way, but the shoes just aren't doing it for me. LOVE everything else though!

Tito Jong tagged this UGH for how adorable!

so cute. and those gradient tights are too cool!

cindi rose from Tally's Place tagged this Teen-tastic

The teens never looked so good.

kataay tagged this lovely

the tights and shoes are magnificent :) happy new year!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

love the tights! coupled with the hairstyle, shoes and necklace...i'm really digging this gamine look :)

Teresa tagged this Cute

I love these fabulous tights! and I love the whole outfit.Its really classical!

sarah tagged this Cute

love the tights!

jolly M tagged this Cute

love the handmaid bubble necklace & the hand-dyed gradient tights...had a look at Jasmeet's blog showing more of her designed items -very pretty-and also fabulous photographs !Tara St.James' site has lots of fabulous stuff as always.Your outfit today is so simple but very cute

wasabipear tagged this Tres Chic

Gradient tights are a perfect choice for the first day of the rest of your life. Hope New Years was a stunner love!


The tights look a little funny but, everything else is extremely adorable........ I am loving this new year!!

Gurjit Randhawa tagged this exquisite

This is awesome. Especially the neck wear. I wonder how this was made! BUBBLES!!! Very nice work.

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Great dress and blouse combo! Have a wonderful New Year!

carissa tagged this FRESH

simple and chic i love it. Do you have another in a size 2? LOL

Mara tagged this Adorable

You look so pretty here. Headbands suit you really well.

gruvee tagged this okee

I just like the bubble necklace and vintage blouse.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Loving the shoes and the sleeves.

BonnieD tagged this Hot

Those gradient tights rock!


reeaaalllyyy cool

Natalie tagged this Perfectly constructed.

Ghostly in the very best way. You look like you're appearing and vanishing at the same time, all thanks to those tights. The tights against the simplicity of the dress and the necklace is perfect.

Pavena tagged this Batty

i love this dress!!!

Elizabeth tagged this adorable

I love the shape; it's adorable!

jsaenaen tagged this tight

the scarf is excellent

Katie tagged this Cute

so cutee. the stockings are aweesommee