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December 09

This day belongs to Isabelle B..
"Chic et de bon goût!"
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Day 235. Mon, December 21 2009

Hello Etsy.

Ruffle skirt found at a London church sale worn here as a cloak. Handmade rope necklace donated by Bridget Harvey. See more of Bridget's work at her Etsy store, bhmakes.etsy.com Platforms donated by Tara St.James.

Join us @ Etsy Virtual Labs tonight:
Tonight we will be hosting the Etsy Labs craft night with Megan Nicolay of Generation T. Stop by if you are in the area or tune in online to the virtual labs at 5pm EST for a live Q&A session with us. See details here >


yobe tagged this Christmas Crackers

Very festive. If you get chilly with all that snow, you could always wear it as a skirt. But I'd skip the chains, free as a bird like

Plainjane tagged this Dressed as a Xmas Tree

Adorable! We gotta get you some lights and more baubles for your tree ; ) Merry Christmas!

wasabipear tagged this The Grand Scheme

Scissors-check, Fishing Wire-check, Bazooka Bubble Gum-check, Old Pair of Sox-check. READY for CRAFT-ATTACK-5000.

natalie tagged this OH CHRISTMAS TREE

Now all you need is some presents (more cash, *hint hint*) underneath. LOVE IT.

scary. tagged this christmas craicer.

dja think ya could come over to the house and stand in the corner where the christmas tree used to..? see mother's gone and taken save the world to another level -love ya ma! :)- and has refused to get a tree this year.. ftlog. we'll throw a star on your head and feed ya baileys, the tree only got water so you'd be doin well like..! make it nice around the tree, c'mon make it even, make it niccccccce c'mon .. .. ahh righhh loook at the treeeeeee... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTs5eKZ0i1E ;)

j tagged this Batty

nice skirt, but i'm not really feeling it as a cloak. cool necklace, however.

Mara tagged this Cute

Adorable. Only you have the style to pull off wearing a skirt as a cloak.

riley tagged this fantabulous!

That's gorgeous! I've been known to wear ponchos as skirts, but hadn't really thought of the other way around. Genius, and that's a damn fine skirt to use! You look amazing.

Dee tagged this Cute

Me likey, again! Although, the chains are a little bit of 'ghost of Christmas past'-but a friendly one.

moon tagged this Cute

without the necklace...what an eccentric outfit!!! love it.

holly tagged this hello fluffy

dig that ruffle skirty cloak, very festive. Another eccentric ensemble.

Olive tagged this Hot

beautiful! :D I love seeing your outfit every day.

abigail tagged this great

fab.......love cloak/skirt.....very cool necklace!!!

Marina tagged this 'It's electric!'

lurve the shoes


How fun to see you live & ask Q's on Etsy Virtual Lab!! Thank you for doing that. Fun Xmas tree-looking poncho!

Lulu tagged this Batty

Not sure I'd wear it in public but it's creative for the cause!

mm tagged this on the money

can i hear 50? can we get 50?? if you blink fast enough your top looks like it says, in script writing, "take advantage of the eBay double the funds deal". (or perhaps it's the eggnog)

Payal tagged this Cute

Love the way you've used that crazy skirt! Awesome! Maybe a simpler necklace? Or this necklace with a simpler outfit? What a happy way to usher in the last working week!

Heather tagged this Gag me with a spoon

I think I just puked a little bit.

bb tagged this CuteCuteCute

Gah, I love those pumps. But I feel you should've worn something more understated to go with that awesome skirt. The necklace seems out of place as well. That skirt deserves all the attention!


Also, howcome you never wear rings? A cocktail ring would have looked nice with this.

Irene tagged this Electric lights

I love the ruffle skirt.

pixelated tagged this odd

not sure about this one! but still love the project


Love it!!!!! The outfit and the shoes are soooooo cute!!!!!!!!

Gabriella tagged this Brave

Sheena, to me, you kind of look like a baby toy, no offense. The colours work really well together though.

vintage girl tagged this Batty

necklace & skirt is too much for one outfit!


so cute!

Linda tagged this Cute

Love the skirt/cloak ~ very festive! Don't love the big chain necklace. Maybe better as a belt?

Chloe tagged this Nothing.

I'm sorry, I just find it terribly hard to believe that you don't even agknowledge the tragic death of young star Brittany Murphy, whereas you completely postpone the entire project with the death of some guiarist.

Check YoSelf tagged this B4U Wreck YoSelf

@Chloe – Firstly, please check your facts before posting your opinion on the internet Jerry Fuchs was a drummer, not a guitarist. Secondly, from what I have read, he was part of their community and someone who supported their cause. The sensitivity and respect with which Sheena and the U.P team handled this tragedy was touching and admirable. And with all due respect, what does Brittany Murphy's death have to do with the U.P?

new yorker.

@CheckYoSelf, you could not have worded that better. @Chloe, seriously? Inform yourself before making ridiculous statements. What sort of bubble of stupidness do you live in? honestly. Brittany Murphy was a legend, God rest her, she'd probably be mortified with the ignorance of one of her fans. State. Of. It.

myra winter

GORGEOUS! I love it, so sparkling.

roe tagged this Batty

Oooh, sorry Sheena, not this one. This outfit looks like a bad Christmas decoration. Your shoes are cute though.

Maedbh tagged this Brave

@Chloe . Completely agree with CheckYoSelf and NewYorker . Maybe try thinking a little bit about what your saying. Brittany Murphy was an amazing actress - I'll grant you that, but, like CheckYoSelf said, she had absolutely nothing to do with the uniform project. Sensitivity can go a long way. Sheena, you are incredible. I don't know why so many people are dissing this outfit, I personally love it :) Keep it up!

scary. tagged this fact.

@Maedbh Go raibh míle maith agat a stóreen agus Nollaig Shona Duit!

gruvee tagged this neh

not keen on this one

Maedbh tagged this yayahh :D

@scary. Tá go h-iomlán failte romhat !! Beannachatí ó gCill Dara! Tá súil agam go bhfuil tú ag bain an taitneamh as do laethanta saoire nollag :) Le gach dea ghuí i gcóir na Nollag agus na hAth bhliana ! :D

ammakke tagged this Cute

The transformation of the ruffle skirt into the gorgeous cloak is awesome!!Looks nice.

adrie tagged this Hot

absolutely love the necklace, i actually really want it 0_0

blackisback tagged this Hot

Love this! Skirt worn as cloak =genius!