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February 10

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Day 304. Sun, February 28 2010

Hello Ducky

Bomber jacket made from a vintage sari designed by Miriam Strehlau. See more from Miriam at miriam-strehlau.com. Harem pants from Scary, another pair of harlequin madness from Sockdreams and vintage gold pumps donated by Jessica Carroll.

Tomorrow is March 1st : LBD Day!
From the people, by the people, for the people. Tomorrow, it's your turn to deck out your own LBD. Take a picture and be ready, we will have instructions tomorrow on where to post your shots!

Happy Birthday, Seany boy.


grace tagged this Ok

Your Feb 19th outfit is by far the best!

prutha Raithatha tagged this Hot

love the 3rd pic and whole outfit!!!

Gabygirl tagged this Indian Warrior Princess

Oh my, I do hope to be able to send you my LBD photo even if I'm not into Facebook..... My sweet little Indian Warrior Princess!!!!!! Xox

Lilou tagged this My turn to give

Hi Sheena and U.P. people, I've been following you since June and ruthlessly stole loads of ideas from you. so now, my time to do my bit. I'm running my first ever half marathon on 25th April and i've decided to give the money i'd raise to your cause. hopefully my little effort will help to send one more kiddy to school. love today's jacket by the way. =]

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highfive tagged this Gruveebaby

Have only come to appreciate the extent of your talent and creativity and your eye for mixing and matching yesterday as I was digging into a pile of clothes (donated the same day by my wonderful and much shorter flatmate in prep for LBD 1st March) on my bedroom floor in a state of total disarray wondering what would Sheena do with this? What was wonderful is the feeling of freedom...anyhting goes and surender...wearing someone else's choice in clothes and feeling it's not all about me anymore and it's ok.. I am becoming part of the whole.. fusion through fashion..

Britgirl tagged this Cute

Whoa! The little black dress blends in so well with the pants. Oh and I got some harem pants too yesterday, and today was the first day I wore them

ammakke tagged this think pink

I love the "link" between that flashy jacket & those colorful socks..needless to say,the gold pumps are fabulous with the rest of the accessories..BTW, All the Luck in the world for THE GREAT LBD DAY tomorrow!!!

Helena tagged this Awesome

I LOVE love love love that jacket.


@ Lilou let us know if you have a FB page for your marathon fundraising so we can support you and Good Luck with the preparation!!!

holly tagged this Ali Babaesque

I remember those socks from one of your earliest posts. And what a great jacket!

Irene tagged this pretty funky

the third picture sold me.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Fabulous jacket!!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

The pants looks like diapers

moon tagged this Batty


AmyH tagged this Cute

Sporty yet chic, I absolutely adore this one!

Payal tagged this I come from the future...

I'm already in my LBD...LOVE THIS FEELING! It took me so long to get this right - and you almost fooled me into thinking it was so easy! Can't wait to post the photos! Love that jacket! And the burst of colour from the socks is just genius! Love it!

Linda tagged this Comfy

Looks comfy for a Sunday! The slippers look like something a genii would wear!

scary. tagged this pretty in pink.

my kinda style! ;)

Ladro tagged this Surplus to requirements

The black dress looks unnecessary in this get up. Sort of defeats the whole point of the idea of wearing one dress for a year...


p.s happy birthday seáneen!!


Love the Jacket! HATE the pants!!!!

mm tagged this sarcasm

@ladro--yeah, cuz if sheena was wearing the jacket unzipped, for example, as she is in shots 2-4, she definitely wouldn't need the dress because exposed flesh in NY this time of year isn't just alluring, it's also very practical.


MC Hammer called & he's going to steal your outfit when you're not looking....

Noa tagged this Pink & Gold

WOW! I love that jacket! This outfit is something straight off the runway... Bravo!!!!!

Mia tagged this The BOMB!

Another gorgeous jacket from Miriam! Oh how I wish I had one!

abigail tagged this nice

nice......3rd pic's the charm.......

scary. tagged this b-girl.

@wendie, if hammer calls again tell him he can't touch this... that jacket is mine once sheena blinks. LOVE it. ;) p.s sheena, ya hair is beyond fabulous and all over the armani campagin on some hot model in today's style mag with the times. au courant darlin!

christine tagged this shine on, sheena

love how your seed of an idea has bloomed into its own grassroots movement and sown itself around the world. let's all show our own individual beauty tomorrow!

christine tagged this do love the do

forgot to mention the new do: love it! wish i had a botanist/hairdresser in my little town. edward scissorhands always was the coolest in my opinion.

Anonymous tagged this Comfy

Great socks! How do you guys feel about posting a chart that documents the weekly fundraising progress up until now - maybe it will be a wake-up call when we see how the curve has flattened these past 6 weeks?

ines tagged this Hot

wow, this is awesome!

wasabipear tagged this Pretty in Pink

I can only image all that vintage sari has seen, but surely none more razzle dazzle than you my love. Let the LBD Monday commence!

Kimberly tagged this maybes officially

LBD Day?!! Great idea for a gray Monday!!! When are we going to be able to get our own LB uniform? Wanting, waiting...

jobypollard tagged this Cute

I got some harem pants too yesterday, and today was the first day I wore them.. flash drive