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September 09

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Day 168. Thu, October 15 2009

Hello, Google.

The lovely folk at Google have invited us over to their NY office this evening to introduce U.P to the google family. We're beyond flattered.

Vintage wool cap and suede pumps from eBay. Necklace made from reclaimed materials by Helena Fredriksson at hfredriksson.com. Ruffled tank top from Element Eden >

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chris k tagged this stellar

stellar as always young lady. google eh? not bad!

Louise tagged this another UP original....

I love it. The soft textures and the muted colours. Very sweet and laidback at the same time. You make it look so easy, I applaud you.

Beth tagged this Cute

Love the hat and shoes!

Janice tagged this Cute

Like the ruffle! I'll admit at first I was very thrown by the zipper in the front. Aha, now I see. Have fun with Google folk!

Sarah J tagged this 20s style

love the purple

fleur tagged this fadelisk

you probably think you've got it going on bossa nova, and you'd be right.

Sam tagged this Nice

Totally agree with Louise

Deb tagged this Hot

One of my personal favorites. It transforms the uniform in a subtle way, and it's incredibly sexy! Love the necklace, too.

prutha tagged this Hot

congrats on google thing! love the outfit

Mariah tagged this Fall Chic

Amazing outfit! Love the colors and textures, esp. w/hat&pumps lighter contrast. Also like the pop of blue in the necklace (tho' DO wish it was about 1 inch shorter . . . does it adjust?)

ammakke tagged this Cute

Wow! Congratulations on the google invitation!! all the best to U ..another simple but cute outfit

céleste tagged this Hot

one of the best !! everything's perfect ! and congrats for Google !! :)

annie tagged this Cute

Cool ruffle! Sheena, it's been awesome to see your numbers spike in the last week...SO EXCITING! Any news how things are developing to offer the dress for retail? If you've already answered this recently in previous comments, sorry!

saram tagged this lovely!

you look wonderful!!

Doris tagged this Cute

Loving the purple. I just wanted to tell you how much i've enjoyed your project. you've inspired me in so many ways. I love the idea of reusing and not wasting things. I've just made a donation. I feel it's the least I can do for all the fun I've had seeing how creative you can be every day.

Mi tagged this lovely

so cute.

che tagged this Cute

loving the purple too! it looks like a different dress - congrats! I woud prefer it without the blue necklace though.

olivia tagged this Hot

beautiful! how much was google's donation?

holly tagged this vampish!

Oh this is gorgeous! You are having such a great year; what on earth will you be doing May 1, 2010?

Anneka tagged this LOVE LOVE LOVE

Thi is my all time favourite

Darby tagged this Not your best

Your last few outfits have had so much pizazz! This looks so plain in comparison. :/

Jolly M tagged this Cute

hi sheena, Congratulatins...... what a fantastic good news-"google news" keep going & grab some snooze in between all these!! welldone. your outfit is simple yet cute.

Pen tagged this love it

The purple is delicious

seb tagged this Purple Perfection

I beyond love that hat and the look. Congrats on the Google intro; you are officially on the map :) The project continues to be inspirational in so many ways.

Suzanne tagged this Cute

Just stumbled across this story, inspired by Sheena: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1220464/Could-wear-dress-month-One-woman-did-changed-way-thinks-clothes-forever.html


NOt so sure about the neckace, but the rest of the outfit is AMAZING!

marshewyche tagged this Batty

purple rain baby. purple rain baby

Chloe tagged this Cute

I love this outfit. You're doing an amazing job.

pixelated tagged this cute

i actually lust over this outfit. haha

Payal tagged this Winner!

The beige cap and shoes kick the hot purple out of this world! Spectacular!

Kiwiken tagged this a little plain...

... though absolutely wearable. I kinda like the ruffle. The necklace could indeed have been a little shorter for the dress.

abigail tagged this beautiful

love this very natural, cool look ~ necklace is interesting ~ deep violet & grey accents are rich ~~~


Very proud of you!

kiki tagged this Hot

this outfit is adorable. and adored. I'm insanely jealous how you always look so put together!

kiki tagged this Hot

this outfit is adorable. and adored. I'm insanely jealous how you always look so put together!

nat tagged this Hot

that is awesome! I can't believe its the same black dress!!

shuchi tagged this Hot

good luck!!!

Payal tagged this Oh my Google!

I forgot to congratulate you about the Google win! I bet it's because UP was the top search. Do let us know what's happening with Google, and if we can help in any way. Cheers!

Irene tagged this Hot

yay for google! Cute hat and top! I like how the necklace adds colour.

Kelli tagged this Hot

Okay, this is THE best ensemble yet my dear!!! Rock out this yo!

Tanya dubey tagged this Cute

pretty. And noble. You Deserve A PRIZE!! :)

DomDom tagged this En nilling

I'm so proud of you Sheena, you just don't stop amazing me every day, go girl, I know it's tough and yet you make it look so easy :-)

flashbulb100w tagged this Cute

Nice color combination.

spardha tagged this Hot

hey sheena... i love the necklace... it gives such a great accent to ur outfit today! I have a small request... i'd love love love to see the uniform with an Indian Sari for tomorrow's Diwali celebration.. i'd be really glad if you consider this challenge!! Happy Diwali!

yobe tagged this sleek

Very stylish and demure. Not a fan of the shoes but I can see why you've done it and it does balance the beret v well.

elisabeth tagged this Hot

simply stunning!


Love the outfit! Head to toe perfect!!

bathabile tagged this Hot

i like, i like

vintage girl

beautiful! color looks pretty on you. congratulations on google...

Kim tagged this Cute

Wildly innovative ... just like Google!

F tagged this Hot

Love purple and shoes!!! :O


love the outfit, and especially the tights:) everything matches so well!

Ruth tagged this Cute

Love this.

Petra tagged this Cute

Cute hat!!!

Mara tagged this Hot

The purple is awesome! Great combination with the blue necklace and the simplicity of the dress.

Andrea tagged this Cute

Very cute; I almost thought you cheated with a new uniform piece (it looked like velvet in this shot, and the collar looked like a part of it)! I am so impressed and inspired by your boundless creativity. Looking forward to your new ideas each day!

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Cute

October favorite. Oh the simplicity!