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January 10

This day belongs to noa.
"Wow! What an amazing year it's been! This project is so inspiring and I am so proud of everything you've done!"
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Day 365. Fri, April 30 2010

Hello, Goodbye

When you’re at a loss for words it's best to defer to the masters. So I’ll pinch from John & Paul, letting you know that when You say Goodbye, I say Hello >

Because to say farewell would not be fair and definitely not make us feel very well. So while the 365 days have run its course, we’ll be back, after a short break, with something new up our sleeves.

I’d like to add that for all you may feel the U.P has given you this year I can honestly say I’ve received so much more in return. For this I can’t thank you enough.

Finally, please join me in thanking Akanksha for the real heavy lifting – work done relentlessly, day by day, giving children an incredible education & a real future. With barely contained choked up sentiment, we thank you for giving this project its raison d'être.

Until we meet again, keep us in your hearts & minds. You will certainly be in ours.

Sheena & the U.P crew


to sonicsIsa tagged this Batty

ciao bella


What a beautiful way to end this amazing year...just the dress itself. Thank you for the joy, inspiration and art you've given all of us. Enjoy the break and I will be anticipating your return with something fresh! (I hope you received the gift I sent...it instantly made me think of you when I saw it.)

Jamie Lim tagged this Brave

Sheena & the U.P. crew - you guys are amazing. We are so happy to have been a part of such an inspiring project and look forward to what comes next. Big love to the kids and Akanksha! xoxo, Jamie (Kayu).


...is bawling.

TitoJong/prahjeks.com tagged this BRAVO

The images got me a little teary eyed. All the things you all have accomplished. BRAVO!

Davy tagged this Hot

You are an amazing person.

wasabipear tagged this Loss for words

Love. Respect.

Farmer Beth tagged this Do Fare Well!

I look forward to your next amazing thing. This year has been a marvelous gift, both as an inspiration for sustainable living and for living your artistic vision. You are a beautiful person with an artistic spirit and a compassionate soul. Blessed be!

Laura tagged this Inspiring

Lovely and simple for the last day. I almost teared up reading this, you have been such an inspiration to me and everyone else who has been following this, both fashion-wise and because of your determination to help those kids. Well done, you're amazing! :)

Pippa tagged this Cute

I have adored having this to wake up to each day. An utterly inspiring project. Ya did good!

grandma tagged this Wonderful

I've loved every moment of this. You have inspired me to spend less and make fun outfits with what I have. Good luck to you and the kids.

Betty Anne tagged this Love

<3 Hugs and thanks for a beautiful, fun, incredible year. So much great work has been done to put children into school and so many eyes have been opened to new possibilities - making a difference in a child's life, rethinking our wardrobe without adding to it, repurposed and recycled clothes and accessories rather than buying new...just so many things that I could go on about. Thank you for everything you've done over this last year - I can't wait to see what's coming next. <3

noa & jesse tagged this *a fond farewell*

thank you so much for inspiring us! you have made a huge difference in the lives of 218 children, not to mention the countless supporters of your project. we will really miss checking the dailies when we get home from school(and there will no longer be an excuse not to do our homework). thank you so much! p.s. we had a prediction you would wear the dress plain... but our real question is: what will you wear tomorrow???

Stephanie tagged this Hot

I never thought I would get so attached to a blog-fundraiser! Cheers little lady and to all of the crew as well.

prutha tagged this hats off!!

sooo prooud of u!!! well done!! congrats!! and brovo!!

Christy tagged this Accomplished!

Bravo! So impressed, inspired, and challenged over the last year. May this site and its followers continue to shake and move fashion to greater sustainability and creativity!

che tagged this Cute

Thank you for all your creativity. Its been a fantastic 365 days. Cant wait to see what is next. Please show us what you wear tomorrow otherwise the withdrawal might be too much for us.

maaike vd Ster


scary. tagged this *pop.

drink loveen?


Congratulations! It's been an awesome year! Thank you so much for your creativity and inspiration. Best of luck to you and to the kids of Akanksha!

pradha tagged this perfect

Perfect finale pictures for this project. Congratulations and Good Luck Sheena, UP Crew and Akanksha...See you soon.

Jasmine M. tagged this I salute you!

Amazing respect for all that you've accomplished! You've chnaged the lives of those kids and you will be forever blessed!

Josie tagged this Perfect

Perfect! Just exactly the way I thought you would do - just you, your beautiful smile and the dress. Well done Shena, take a break and take care.


Sheeny.. Your bful energy and endless creativity is inspiring.. That's all I got :)


Congratulations!!! I'm definitely gonna miss this site. Looking forward to your next thing! Again, congratulations and very well done :)

coco tagged this meaningful

Thank you for inspiring so many people while educating all of us about how we can change the lives of children. I will miss my daily dose of the U.P. - best of luck.

Katie tagged this Brave

Been following the project regularly since the early days, you've given me so much inspiration that I had to say thanks! Look forward to the next adventure...

Chris K tagged this Stellar

Bravo Sheena, bravo.

Syd tagged this Brave

What a great project! Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us.

Schmon tagged this Brave

You put 218 kids in school. That's pretty darn impressive. Have fun wearing whatever you feel like tomorrow :)

Kathryn tagged this Cute

I miss you already. What a tremendous year! And as always, you look darling. You should be very proud!

purplecupcakes<3 tagged this No Words Can Describe

A round of applause is in order for a simply stunning girl. Outstanding.


I've had a great time, been inspired, made a connection (@payal!) and hope I helped in my own small way. onwards and upwards x x x

Sai tagged this *Love*

:-) Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!!!

riley tagged this Well done.

Congratulations Sheena & team, and well done. 218 kids - very nice work. I've really enjoyed watching the project since I discovered it, it will be odd not to check it out every day. I'm sure I'll keep poking around the site, though! Enjoy your camera freedom tomorrow.

anntte tagged this the best

what fun. my daughter has been visiting india for the past year so I've had an extra connection to your project through her. Can't wait to show her. Love Love

noa & jesse tagged this p.s. please post!

p.s. pleeeaaaaase post a picture of your outfit tomorrow! otherwise we'll die of curiosity


Finally, my birthday 'uniform day' - I do love simplicity! I've followed since the beginning and enjoyed every day. Congrats on a year in an amazing dress that you managed to transform daily!

Judith tagged this Brave and Beautiful

Congratulations. Can't wait to see what's next

Janice tagged this Brave

I was hoping you'd be back in the dress alone for the last day! Congratulations on a job well done!

BethBG tagged this heartfelt

What a fitting way to end the project, in the way it began. But what a big big circle in between! Lots of love to Sheena and everyone at U.P. -- thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your amazing journey with us. I can't wait to see what you do next. Thank you Akanksha for giving kids hope for tomorrow! Let's keep the donations rolling everyone!

Payal tagged this Sniff...

Beautiful. Akanksha, Sheena, Eliza, Jessica, Tara, scary., Britwatch, Holly, Ammake, pimientaconceras,...big love. Thank you. See you on the flip side!

Ashe tagged this Cute

Thanks for a whole year of inspiration and charme. I'll miss my everyday look on this site. Can't wait to hear about the new idea! Bye!

Sarah-Kate* tagged this PERFECT*

Peace. oxoxo


Sheena, You look all set to do an Irish Jig! Go party! Congrats on such a wonderful achievement. Love and Blessings

Sharon tagged this Simple

Now what will I use to fill my daily quota of fashion??

Domino tagged this lovelovelove

Thank you for your amazing project, generous spirit, and inspirational look at sustainable fashion. It has been a pleasure watching for the past year :) Good luck with whatever you do next!

olivia tagged this Cute

Many congratulations and thanks for sharing your creativity and insight! Looking forward to what's coming up!

canadiangirl tagged this bittersweet

Just, plain (but not plain at all!), thank you. I've followed you every day for a year, and my respect for your ideals and creativity has grown each day. The world needs more people like you, Sheena, and the whole UP team - people who aren't afraid to take action to create change! I have to say, though, that I'll miss the peanut gallery (of which I'm proud to call myself a member, even if I didn't write very often) just as much. Take care, everyone! I hope that our commenting community can reconnect in some meaningful way. sniff...

amelia ishikawa

After a year I choose to comment now, on the last day...I couldn't let this leg of the journey end without saying thank you. I've loved every day.

jolly M tagged this Bold & Beautiful

A big big big thank you to Sheena,Eliza,Jessica and the rest of the U.P team for the amazing and inspirational year we had....& the very best wishes to Akanksha children & staff.I would like to say thank you to all the commementators who kept everybody entertained....Lets hope that Sheena &team will come back with something equally or more exciting...sky has no limits...

carleyblue tagged this Perfection

Thank you, thank you thank you. A thousand times thank you. I find the project and the world wide community of followers and people who leave comments and donate money inspiring. UP is evidence all is not lost, that we care and that while we can sometimes get wrapped up in our bubbles of lives we can connect and good things can follow. Congrats, it's been amazing.

Eli Bailey tagged this Beautiful!

This has been an amazing and inspiring project; I've loved following it and will miss it so much! But I have the necklace you wore on January 28th to remind me (I love it!). Congratulations on your great success! Can't wait to see what's next!

jolly M tagged this Bold & Beautiful

sorry for the spelling error.It was to be "commentators" !!

Bryn tagged this Inspirational!

Both Sheena and the U.P crew have been an inspiration!! Great job. It's amazing what persistence and a little bit of flair can do :)

jeanine tagged this Perfection

Loved it all...due to health issues the light at the end of my tunnel was temporarily dimmed. Your site provided a little flicker of bright light each and every day of my recovery. Thank U

dayglozoo tagged this I am in tears

We have never met, but after following you every day for a year, it's sad to think of losing you. You have been an inspiration. Follow your dreams. You are a sweet soul. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. And thank you for making a difference.

babz tagged this Perfect Ending

Classic ending to a classic year. Never missed a day. Trying not to cry, and believe me I am not a big crier. Big happenings in your future for sure. XO

Mystikjosie tagged this Just perfect!

What a great journey you accomplished!! Thanks for sharing it with us and hope to hear from your new project soon enough. In the meantime, rest while we deserve to dress your idea!! Can't wait to get my LBD from The U.P...

christine tagged this xoxoxoxoxo

congratulations on a beyond amazing achievement! you have inspired, surprised, educated, informed, entertained, turned fashion on its head, raised awareness and money, opened people's eyes...i could go on and on. you have touched lives around the globe. thank you sheena for it all. big love to you and the UP team!

janiey tagged this Brave

so proud of what this project has evolved into. i've been watching from [almost] the very start, and it's been a pleasure. congrats!

Farmer Beth tagged this P.S. (with Noa and Jesse)

Yes! It would be so fun to see a pic of you tomorrow in whatever--wouldn't have to take up a LOT of time and effort, would it?

jeninifer tagged this perfect

amazing, inspirational project. thank you so much. xx

kay tagged this amazing!!!

this is so inspiring i only wish i could do something like this. I'm going to miss your creativeness during the week. Thank you so much! one more time!haha

Lucile tagged this Simple and perfect

Just got back from a little night out here in the uk. And after a few glasses of wine, I must admit I shed a little tear saying goodbye to the U.P. It's been amazing, an inspiration to make the world a friendlier place for the planet and FOR THE KIDS.x

md tagged this Amen, sister!

You have been a tremendous inspiration to me, and clearly to many others. Thank you for a wonderful year - I too will miss the daily dose...

girliegirl tagged this perfect

you are beautiful in heart, soul and dress!

Brian Wonderland tagged this Yo Bess!!!!!

Congratulations Sheena....Take a BOW in deed. Much Praises to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

caoli tagged this Brave

Congratulations and Thank you! This is the essence of fashion!!

bb tagged this YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

I think everyone is at a loss of words, too. I know I am. Thanks for the good times and thanks for having a big heart, UP crew. I look forward to seeing to what you'll unveil next. HUGS & LOTS OF LOVE.


Truly awesome.You should be so proud of what you accomplished. I am proud of you and all that you represented with this project.

blackisback tagged this ORIGINAL!

You have done such a good job! I cant wait to see what you come up with next. I loved following this:) cant wait to get my very own U.P dress. you rock Sheena:) xox now you can actually take this dress off, what will you wear tomorrow? ahah

Peg tagged this Brava!

What a pleasure and inspiration this project has been! I look forward to your future project, whatever it is. Thanks for helping to make the world a better place, with your work on behalf of Akanksha, and for giving us all a lot of fun along the way. Lots of love to you, Sheena, and the U.P. crew.

Tori tagged this Thank you

Thank you for such an amazing project. I have looked forward everyday to seeing your new look. This was such a great idea! Also, I agree that you should post what you wear tomorrow- I simply must know!

Susan tagged this Brave

Loved the whole parade of ingenuity, Thanks so much. I see the dress is sold out. Any chance a pattern may be sold?

Maryjohn tagged this Superb and perfect

I'm going to miss my daily visit to see what outstanding creation you have come up with. I do hope the dress will have another production run as I couldn't afford it this time around. Bless you both and may all your endeavors be as successful, exciting, and educational as this one was.

ashton tagged this Hot

I am going to miss you!

scarlett tagged this congratulations!

you guys just rock. thank you for planning to come back soon!

Katherine tagged this The grand finale

Congratulations Sheena & UP Crew. You did it! You inspired us all to consider sustainable fashion and our place in the world.


While getting ready for the DC Avon Walk for Breast Cancer this morning, I was pondering what you'd do on this final day, and I thought, "I'll bet she'll let the LBD speak for itself...." And you didn't disappoint! What better way to show off the dress that did it all, started it all, worn by the woman who did it all, started it all (with Eliza, of course), by letting it speak for itself?! ALL THE BEST TO ALL OF YOU! I'll keep my eyes on this site for what comes next.... Happy Weekend - will you tell us what you decide to wear tomorrow?!


Thank you for the last year. It has been inspirational, for so many different reasons, and a whole lot of fun to watch!

Regina tagged this Awe-inspiring

What are you going to wear tomorrow, lovely?


Thank you for the year of fashion ideas and pure entertainment. I'll miss your style.

birdsofafeather tagged this genius

BRAVO!! See you on the flip side fearless leader!!xoxo

MT tagged this Classic

Fitting. I hope you know you have changed so many lives, I thought about this project when writing my college essays. It made me think how one person with one object can change things tremendously. Good Job.

Kelsey tagged this Amazing

Thank you for this wonderful year!

Benjamin George Friedman

Mazel Tov! Well done-- I will miss our daily rendezvous...

Irene tagged this Beautiful

The last day. I can't believe it's really here. It was an amazing year and it is incredible how well you did. I'm really going to miss this. You made a huge difference for at least 218 kids.

Anne tagged this Amazing.

I've learned a lot from you guys!

Gudrun tagged this Brave

Yet it's batty, and it's brave and hot, and cute and i am so in awe, what you have done is amazing, just amazing and i so respect you for it! Great work! congratulations!

Carole tagged this classic awesomeness

I all teary. I miss you already!! Amazing project, fantastic cause. Can't wait to see what you get up to next.

kanaphotography.com tagged this awesome!!

We'll miss you A LOT! Come back soon! please. thank you so much for your great works throughout the year

Dididoumdida tagged this Batty

Bye Sheena! I'll miss you!!!!

beinzstalk (NZ) tagged this Miss you already

A year is a long time. I feel I kind of know you now and will miss your crazy, quirky, creative flair. What will kick start my day now? Please come back soon. You have become the UNIFORM PROJECT.

Discount Codes tagged this Cute

What a cool idea to save money. 365 days have run by wear 1 dress is amazing matter.you are a genius.

Promotional Codes tagged this Cute

Nice.. Not a bad idea to wear a signal dress in 1 year.you are aster. http://www.popvoucher.co.uk/

joy tagged this wonderful

WELL DONE! x x x x

gruvee tagged this :( farewell

farewell farewell dear Sheena. sending you love and gratitude. miss you already. you've done a great job!

Ladro tagged this Perfect

What a great way to make a difference to so many! Who would have guessed that your recycling message would go all around the world and that so many children will benefit from a chance to have an education. Bravo! I will miss your daily bit of inspiration.

ruby tagged this Hot

thank you everyone :) it's been an epic journey - and so worthwhile. can't wait to see what's next!

Astrid tagged this unique

I hope you keep making pictures of your outfit, aspecialy tommorow; day 366. I loved following you! Beybey

georgina tagged this beatiful



Thanks you for this project!

Joy tagged this Applause

Thanks for all inspiration! With warm Greetings from Switzerland.

Anonymous tagged this Beautiful in evey way

What an amazing creative genius you are and how privileged I feel to have met you - I pray that you go from strength to strength - I want to see on TV - I would like to be able to turn my TV on and see you parading some genius outfit and explaining with that sexy voice of yours the magic behind the choices - you are a credit to your parents, to your friends, to your community to this world - I hope the great success that is coming your way doesn't change this bright spark of a human being that you are Sheena - I love you!

Sancha Livia tagged this Brave

Thanks! I loved these 365 days. Congratulations! Good luck for kids!

KatieQ tagged this Hot

Congratulations!! What an amazing and inspiring project! I want to thank you for the endless hours of anticipation and joy. Hope this isn't the end =) Love Katie

Alexis tagged this A Perfect Ending.

Thank you Sheena for everything you've done!

Sara tagged this Brave

I was hoping you'd be back in the dress alone for the last day! Congratulations on a job well done! wedding websites


This was an awesome ride, indeed. A movie where everybody survives. You who have rocked so hard, we salute you. Also, I hope starting today you'll be putting dailies up just a teeny bit earlier in the day. No? Oh, come on, you know you want to! ;-) And i'll bet you won't have any idea what to wear tomorrow and will just slip into the LBD, anyway, so... ;-D

Sweet Machine tagged this Brave

Thank you for a wonderful project.


Thank you so much for a fabulous year of fun and inspiration! A great project for a fantastic cause. It was the first blog I checked every morning and I'll truly miss it. Looking forward to whatever you have in store next ...

JLev tagged this An Incredible Year

Wow. A year over already. And you've done a terrific job, giving us something new and fabulous everyday from 1 piece, all for the sake of charity. Keep on being amazing, Sheena -- I can't wait to see what's next. :)

barbara tagged this perfection in simplicity

A brilliant project. The UP has been a part of my daily routine for a year and I will surely miss you. Thank you so very much. all the best to you all


What an incredible journey this has been. Your outfits have been truly inspiring, and the children in India are very lucky to have someone like you who cares so much. Many thanks for all your efforts, and I can't wait to see what you and the rest of the U.P. crew come back with next! Until then, I wish you the best in everything you do, and one more time, thank you.

lily tagged this inspirational

well done. from start to finish this has been a great project. inspirational indeed.




Congratulations on everything! :)

Bronwyn tagged this Sadly Adorable

It's sad to see you go but, look at all the money you raised! Those 218 kids will be very happy to go to school. I hope to see you somewhere else on the internet, doing another fund raiser! See ya later!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)