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August 09

This day belongs to grrrlstylenow.
"I love this almost as much as I love summer! This shows the versatility of the dress and how seemlessly it can converge with whatever season it is. Love the play suit too!"
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Day 94. Sun, August 02 2009

Haven from rain

Weekend upstate, part deux. Summer dress from the Dumbo flea market, old pair of snakeskin sandals (source forgotten) and ancestral necklace of the Woodwards.


Natacha C. tagged this So Adorable!

I love the sandals!

Cyn tagged this So girly and cute !

Love this alot, keep up the good work !

shuchi tagged this Cute

The sandals!!!

PL tagged this Hot

Those sandals are amazing! I've been looking for the perfect white summer dress (as well, of course, as the perfect uniform dress). This outfit is gorgeous, but the shoes make it.

Shrewti tagged this Cute

This look is totally adorable on you! And killer shoes!

Alice tagged this Divine

Love, love, love this one! Every piece is perfect, shoes, dress, necklace.

Mariah tagged this Perfect

Terrific ensemble -- colors, the lines, with the star element being those shoes! One of my fav pairs of shoes so far.


stunning...one of my favorites!

lau-ra tagged this Cute

this outfit is so cute i love it

ammakke tagged this simple & smart

looks nice on u, keep up the good work ..


Beautiful necklace!


Just fabulous!

Jolly M

V.Pretty.... in "Black & White"

mim tagged this Cute

I like the look with the top button buttoned.

Camilla tagged this Cute

Tres chic! Love the eyelet hem on the dress, and the sandals are adorable. Very classy.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

so cute! love it! also love your getting out of your normal photo backround.

Jean tagged this Hot

Your outfits just keep getting better! LOVE this one!

pippapine tagged this TOO cute!

love it! the sandals are too cute! gosh I wish it were summer in wellington.

RogueTess tagged this Hot

Want! Srsly!



Alex tagged this Cheat-y

It is a bit cheat-y to use dress as a coat over a dress as you can just take your "coat" off- HOWEVER brilliant so far and mostly great, stylish execution

Alexa tagged this Sweet

Two lovely days in a row! Wonderfully simple.

Scully tagged this Modern Country Perfect!

Beautiful! Love the shoes and necklace. Glad that you are able to take a little bit of time in the country!

Beth tagged this Cute

I like the summer dress and shoes.

Eleanor tagged this Hot

LOVE the black over white eyelet!! And, I am coveting those snakeskin shoes.

Janine N

This looks lovely!

@marycray tagged this Sweet delight!

Tres charmant.

Katherine S. tagged this Cute

Great Sandals!

Yuriko tagged this Cute

??? ??????????

Kelsey tagged this Hot

Please post more close-ups of shoes!!!! I love (almost) all of your outfits, but more I always find myself wishing I could see your shoes more clearly!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

love it!

Sophia tagged this Cute

Great idea, this project. Are you going to start selling the dress? I think you'll raise some real money for the Project that way. I would mention the Project on the first page of your blog, you only see it after you click on "What's this all about". Good luck!

priya tagged this Cute

beautiful !

Diana tagged this Amazing

One of my favorite!! So simple and so magnificent.

gallerista tagged this stylish

my sister told me about your site yesterday and today The Guardian, UK daily paper, has an article about you and the outfits.

Aidil tagged this Lovely

You inspire me! I also love those sandals, and the look is sweet!!

lelsley kucharczyk tagged this Hot

nice style ...I can see myself strolling in Paris in this one...love it....keep it up....

Caitriona tagged this Hot

Great coverage on G2 - good job! Today is v cute!!

Keira tagged this Cute

I like this one a lot.

Jan tagged this Cute

I love your devotion and passion to this project. I will follow to see your ingenuity at work. I love the eyelet dress and great shoes.

Mary Ruback tagged this Cute

So cute! I love it! From a brazilian new friend.

Jannie tagged this Pretty

Perfect in every way!

Michelle tagged this Cute

this idea is wonderful, i´m so happy for the see it!!!! congratulations!!!!

Adam tagged this Cute

A great experiment - keep it up!

Lou Sagar tagged this Cute

I love your effort. Can we talk about how to promote the Uniform Project on Etsy where I am a senior advisor to the Company?

Jennifer Rose tagged this Hot

The shoes make it. I don't remember ever seeing you in a pair of open-toed shoes, which makes me happy - I'm sure you have cute toes, but close-toed sandals deserve a day in the sun.

Zara K tagged this Chic!

Found out about your project via the Guardian online! it is a fantastic project which i'm sure your raise plenty for and i was happy to donate. I love the igneous simplicity of the idea! I did a write up on my blog urging others to also support the cause. http://the-style-hideaway.blogspot.com/ I was shocked to read that you already had over 30,000 hits on this site in the first month- I Hope everyone who visits donates, even if it is just a little!


@Lou Sagar – Certainly, lets talk! You can see that we love Etsy. Please email me to the contact email in the About section.

lindsay tagged this Summer Loving!

I absolutely adore this. So summery and fresh!


You know what would be very VERY interesting? To have a place in this site to view ALL the pieces (alone, not on a model) that have been used. I've noticed that you have repeated some accesories and it could be very cool to see which ones.

Cecilia Almeida

Muito legal a combinação!

QB tagged this Hot

Love it

Em tagged this Cute

Love this one!!


love it, classic is always nice. good work. keep on surching.

Silvia tagged this Brave

you're a genius! :)

m.sue tagged this Cute

dig! the shoes are gorgeous. dress is adorable. necklace is sweet.



bree tagged this adorable

you are too cute http://theartcupboard.blogspot.com/

Rosie tagged this darling

this is one of my favorites...!

Lucy Woodward tagged this Nostalgic

I LOVE this outfit. That necklace is uber familiar...

Kate tagged this Cute

Love that little white dress!!!! The combo with the black dress is cute and classy.

Justin S. tagged this Elegantly Balanced

Very nice ensemble, i really like the perforations in the white dress, they increase the contrasts between the black dress, the white dress and in your beautiful skin tone. I also like the necklace, very interesting piece, it looks as though on one side it is meant to be a dove and on the other it is some sort of moon-inspired face.

Amy tagged this Cute

very cute! love the shoes and necklace! i just think sumtin is missing though....

Justi tagged this Cute

nice shoes

valentiina tagged this Hot

Luv this!

Darci Catherine tagged this Inspiring!

You have saved me so much money in the past few weeks. Instead of shopping at the mall to fill my nothing to wear void, I've contorted my existing wardrobe into about 2 dozen new outfits. And I refuse to shop again until I either use or get rid of everything in my closet. You SHOULD try to get on Conan! Not because of the Peter Pan Man similarities when you wore the green tights and the fantastic hat, but because it would bring so much attention to your cause.

Natasha KKL.XX tagged this Cute

wow, major coolness alert!


This is my favorite so far, including days 95-102! So classy!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

too baggy, you seem lost in it

Sarahh tagged this Cute - ish

I Liek The Simpleness And Cute Combination Black And White But The Gold Necklace Clashes A Bit

Luciana Falcão tagged this Cute

The sandals are adorable!


Okay officially in my top list!

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Cute

A tie with August 29 for my monthly favorite.