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December 09

This day belongs to Betsey M..
"Great schoolgirl look. The splash of color makes the dress pop."
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Day 243. Tue, December 29 2009


Scout hat donated by Sosuke, knee highs and tights from Sockdreams, vintage laredo boots from eBay and handmade rabbit tie donated by the lovely ladies at Hartefactos. See more whimsical creations from Hartefactos >

3 Days to the New Year.
Three days left to take advantage of eBay's offer to double your donation amount. Have you donated yet?


ammakke tagged this Ideal

what an elegant transformation!!love the whole outfit..The 2nd picture is the best for me..All the Best for the couple of days left in Dec.

myriam tagged this nice & girlish

this combination is very stylish and it looks warm too!

annie tagged this favorite

This is my favorite outfit from this week (so far)....the tie and hat are fab!!

scary. tagged this neat as.

verrrry nice.. sophisticated school girl chic. @ammakke, belated response and lá 'le stiofán! those green fields are glistening white these days, you'll have to come back and visit them soon..

La première étoile tagged this The Lovely Sheena

Nos voeux les plus sincères Que ces quelques mots Vous apportent le bonheur Que l'année entière Vous soit douce et légère...

Mara tagged this Cute

Cute tie!

muma tagged this Cute

best outfit ever!! this newbie design rocks! the whole combination and that little rabbit is pretty cool!! so childish and wildish! love it

Dee tagged this AWESOME

I'm loving it!!!!! Very quaint...very Bemelman's Madeline!

abigail tagged this charming

schoolgirl chic......elegant, subtle, colors....3rd photo says it all....beautiful.....

cheese! tagged this Cute

why do you never smile showing your teeth? you are so pretty and a smile would make you even prettier!

emma tagged this Cute

I am in love with your shoes this week! (Well, always... but especially this week)! Great job in 2009, Sheena! Can't wait for '10

holly tagged this whimsical

This is a great, wearable look, without skimping on whimsy. I've just sent another donation. Note to all those who visit this site but haven't donated anything, now's the time. It doesn't need to be a huge amount but let's try to get to the $50K before eBay's offer expires!

Jezz tagged this Cute

rabbit?? wooooow i luv it <3

ammakke tagged this stylish scholar

@Scary ..We too are tired of seeing the " thick white carpets" all over the grounds here.Hope'n pray that by 2010 they soon regain their original form.BTW thanks a million for ur invitation & I am looking forward to visit those green fields again (sorry , I've forgotten whatever lil gaelic I had.).A Blessed New yr.to U & yours!!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

It looks like a schoolgirl's outfit, but much more comfy and cool. Love the knee highs and boots :)

Anonymous tagged this Cute

That is totally the best tie in the world. You always look fabulous, and today is no exception!

hartefactos tagged this :0) !

Thank's again!

moon tagged this Cute

i would def wear this as a schoolgirl! classy and keeps you warm!

Bronwyn tagged this Not Cutting It!!!!

Hey Sheena! This outfit is interesting! I like the tights, knee high socks and the blouse underneath the dress. The bunny rabbit tie is just plain weird and does not go with your outfit at all. The boots are fine but I don`t like them with this outfit. The hat is very ugly, no offense. Sorry Sheena, just not one of my favourites at all. Why are these outfits so weird and ugly lately except for a few of them :( Come on !

Bronwyn tagged this Post Comment

Sorry Sheena!! Didn`t notice the side view of the hat! I actuallyu really like it!!!

PRUTHA tagged this Hot


Nadege tagged this Cute

tres cute!

kay tagged this Cute

hey i like the tie thingy! you rock the school-girl look by the way!

cindi rose from Tally's Place tagged this "Hare" -riffic

Absolutely adorable. Perfect match with the boots and tie. You are just too cute for words!

wasabipear tagged this Hartefactos

Me mueve el tapon!

Katie Casey tagged this Cute

Very nice!

Beth tagged this Elwood P. Dowdish

OMG! You've got a pooka around your neck! This is too fabulous for words.

Linda from SA tagged this Ougat

Te ougat vir woorde! (That is Afrikaans, my mother tongue, for 'too cute for words'/'smarty pants'!)Fashion should not always be safe and be played by the rules; I love the fun element in today's oufit. Your colour scheme is also just perfect.

Gardener tagged this We See the Rabbit

But we can all see this Harvey! Channelling Jimmy Stewart, what fun.

Irene tagged this Adorable

So adorable! A school girl with an adorable twist in your rabbit tie.


Adorable! I love the collar and effect of the tie.


really love the schoolgirl outfit, great. Regards encuestas pagadas

Shauna tagged this Cute

Love it! very well put together! I would totally wear something like this!!!

Jessica tagged this Warm and Funky

Beautiful and amazing! Your fundraiser is a wonderful and very creative idea as well as being concious of all the waste in the world. Where can I get that versatile dress? Your outfits are so adorable and I wish I had them all myself. :]

rachelrubyheart tagged this Cute

Love this, but couldn't wear the tie myself. I am so coveting those boots!

Ann Marie tagged this POUKA!!!

POUKA!!!! You are brilliant and clever Sheena and Eliza! I was looking for the rabbit!

Zara tagged this I LIKE!

Boots are gorge and the tie is so uniquely amazing u should maybe try layering with some of Hartefactos other animaltastic neck ties!

sms tagged this perfectly pieced together

i love it all.

Khalia tagged this Cute

Great use of the shirt and the dress!

erin tagged this gorgeous!

i love this one. it's [see tag above]

luomo tagged this Hot

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