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June 09

This day belongs to Rochelle.
"Congrats UP from NZ"
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Day 34. Wed, June 03 2009

Harlequin Romance

Yellow Harlequin socks from Sockdreams paired with my new staple Sam Edelman shoes from Alter. Vintage belt and Bakelite ring from Etsy.


fleur tagged this superhero


shuchi tagged this Hot

try tying your hair into two hair buns?


what a worthy and fun project! I support you wholeheartedly and have emailed a ton of friends. Namaste!... Nick's mom.


Shuchi, one of these days I will. :)


Thanks Cathy! And thanks so much for donating to the cause.


the socks are cool - and the shoes from day one

Joevakro tagged this Try Harder

Belts underwhelming.

ellie tagged this Brave

this may or not be true for some people but the shoes do indeed make an outfit!! i LOVE them...

PeaceBang tagged this Try Harder

The socks hurt my eyes. They draw too much focus away from your beautiful face. I'm also not a fan of the gap in the sock-between-leg and-legging look. What a fun and great project!


You have the most amazing socks and leggings in all of your outfits.

Jenny tagged this Try Harder

Not a fan of the old man golfing socks but I like the belt.

Em tagged this Hot

I want your socksss!!!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Very cute! Leggings and socks work well.

hhh tagged this Cute

cute! minus the yellow socks

Kalyn tagged this Cute

Love the belt!

Beth tagged this Brave

I don't like the socks, but they go with the belt well.

Faira tagged this Cute

love the belt!

Caterina tagged this sassy

You like you played pranks on everyone all day

maggie thunder tagged this Hot

the socks are amazing LOL really makes a statement : )

Anon tagged this Boring!

Soooo boring...

Sara tagged this Hot

Those socks are my favorite! This outfit is amazing.

sophie (age 5) tagged this Cute

I like your dress.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

something I don't like about this, just not sure what.

Addie tagged this Hot

Love the belt

Anonymous tagged this ugly



:) lose the socks maybe, otherwise its quite cute.

Peter tagged this Cute

Looks good, a bit retro mm i say cute.Como ganar dinero en internet