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June 09

This day belongs to Josie.
"Simple and sweet, wear it anywhere. Love love love the socks - diamonds are a girl's best friend."
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Day 63. Thu, July 02 2009

Harlequin Romance Part Deux

Blue vintage belt and pumps from Etsy, harlequin socks from Sockdreams.


Kathy tagged this Cute

Not sure I like the sock/shoe combo, but I like the color!

Kirstie tagged this Cute

Love this!

Didi tagged this Cute

I think I like the socks

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Love the socks. Adorable.

Juneau tagged this Cute

Simple and chic. Great socks/shoes!

lily tagged this almost there

i like the use of colour but it'd be good to see something more dramatic

Allie tagged this Cute

I love your socks!!

elisa tagged this good try

it used to be so much more exciting...maybe it's the rain ?

Rachel tagged this Sweet

A little more demure than some of your past ensembles, but I still like it!

Fabiana BF tagged this Cute

Simples e lindo!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder


Laura Daly tagged this Cute

Love it! Especially the socks...


If you are going to wear the same dress for a year, some days are going to be over the top, and some are going to be simple. Love the simplicity, yet clear statement of "Harlequin ROmance, Part Deux.


Thank you, Anonymous :)

Sil Falqueto tagged this Cute

You are so talented! Love your looks.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love love love all the knee highs!

scarleTT tagged this Cute

I love the shoe & knee highs compliment each other with out being too machy... together they almost look like fitted rainboots :)

Alana tagged this Cute

I love the socks + shoes combo. The two different shades of blue is what really makes it work.

Michelle tagged this fun

I'm adding "fun" because I like the whimsy of the socks but not sure I would call it "cute" either. But I like!

RogueTess tagged this Hot

Simple and gorgeous!

Sammy tagged this Cute

very simple and understated

Lahawk tagged this Cute

Love the socks, shoes combo!

miina tagged this Cute

I don't really like those socks but outfit is still very cute!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Love love love the socks!!!

mizmargauxxx tagged this Hot

adore those socks!!!

Edith tagged this Try Harder

Nice! Are you scared that your going to run out of ideas? ~Edith

Beatrice tagged this Cute

I adore the coordinating belt and shoes, and the socks are just fantastic! I'd love to see some over-the-knee socks as well since those can be really cool with some boots- maybe when the colder weather comes back.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

love the socks!

Inspired by The Project tagged this How sweet it is!

You look like a small bouquet of posies today--light and lovely.

Britwatch tagged this TheItalianJobWorthy

Those socks are knockout ... not a bit warm for the weather tho?

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

No hat? or hair accent piece to tie it together. Shoes and belt, ok they match. But, not that shade of blue (in the socks).

lina tagged this Hot

i love the balance of simplicity and pizazz

Carmen tagged this Cute

Je l'aime! (; I really love this one.


it's really cute; simple yet chic. I think if every day was so dramatic, that would also get dull. After all, you do have wear this all day! Loving my daily dose of the project!

lisa tagged this Hot

Love the simplicity.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

I love the shoes and belt!

Kristy tagged this Cute

Love the socks

jbandmeAnd tagged this Cute

Amazing creativity, amazing heart. Thanks for putting the effort into a great cause.

Chloe tagged this Hot

very creative. i love it

hhh tagged this Try Harder

eh... boring.

moxie tagged this Cute


Lauren tagged this SUPER DUPER

I LOVE THIS!! The socks are killer, and the belt ties it all together nicely. It's nice and simple, but not under done. Bravo. This is one of my faves.

R tagged this Cute

Bit plain but still cute :)

Sara tagged this Rad!

I love this! It actually kind of looks like something out of my own wardrobe haha. Great project, great idea. :)

Katharine tagged this Adorable!

I truly truly love the hosiery you have at your disposal.

Nao tagged this Cute

how about white shoes? but i like the style


Have sent you an email re a media opportunity. If you could take a look and let me know if you are interested that would be great! Thanks, Melissa

alex tagged this Cute

cute but i would like to see a few more acessories. a few bangles or a necklace perhaps?

maj tagged this Cute

i fancy the shiny shoes and the matching socks and belt.

Anonymous tagged this funky cool

i love the socks

Fafi tagged this chic

simple and chic and bright - nice!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

the socks make it!

Rebecca tagged this Cute

not sure about the neckline, but cute... would have gone with a wider belt.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Very nice & classy


First of all, great project. A great way to raise consciousness. Second, genious pick of dress. And great taste. Go on!

Marianne tagged this Cute

Oh, this is a great outfit!

yamini tagged this Cute

diggin the monochrome top with colored bottom

Carla tagged this Cute

very cute

CJ tagged this Cute

Awesome idea.... well done for doing something worthwhile and being creative at the same time. Very inspirational.

Rae tagged this Cute

just found out about this...well done you!! inspiring

sondra tagged this great

I think that this is a fantastic idea. Someone should manufacture the dress for sale as I think it would be a great work or travel outfit.

urban sherp tagged this Bold

You have made me take a second look at my closet and shown the power of accessories! Thanks. Looking forward to what you'll show us next!

else tagged this Cute

i like

shelley tagged this Sassy!!!

you go girl!

elena tagged this Cute

very good job.congratulations

Holly tagged this Cute

It works for me!

warhola tagged this Cute

love the 80s vibe

meaghan tagged this simply wonderful

This idea and this style today is so wonderful. It's so simple that it just works. I am interested to see what she does next...

Arlene J Girimonte tagged this Cute

sooo cute!

Sarah tagged this Perfection in many ways!

What a great idea and for such a great cause. People should think twice about buying that designer dress or designer accessories.

Emilia tagged this Cute

Love the socks!

Sindhu Venkatanarayanan tagged this Cute

Great idea, great cause (generally and specifically that its Akanksha), great style. Hats off to you from DeviDoll.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

cute. i love belts

Wine Harlots tagged this Cute

Love the concept!

Anita tagged this Cute

like the belt and socks

Angela tagged this Cute

What a great idea this is. Definitely a new and unique way to do fundraising. I love it!!!

Gita Bhatia tagged this Cute

Love this!

Lan tagged this quirky

Very cute a lil brave. I fancy the socks and shoes.

miss.cc tagged this Cute

this outfit hints a playful side. love this! :)

Creatipa tagged this Cute

everything works, good job.

zorabelle tagged this Cute

Adorable! Love it


great socks- totally transform the outfit. What a great idea!

Avi tagged this Hot

i love it!

alaska girl tagged this Made me smile!

I would stare at my socks all day if I wore those ~ out of sheer love! Love it.

barbara tagged this Cute

Adorable. Nicely done!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

wouldn't work on a lot of people but...

Ellie tagged this Cute

Yum! The plait hairband sets it off, the haters just can't see it.

Frances tagged this Hot

This is utterly adorable. Simple on top, in your face bottom. It works though. I'm not overwhelmed or bored. Good job here.

Britgirl tagged this Chic

just love those socks. Great look!

joanne tagged this mod/rocker

preppy with a bad girl feel. In a good way. perfect proportions, black and blue rock. This is rockin'

Pertinacia tagged this Hot

Love it!

awer tagged this Try Harder

pretty good, but that dress and the belt donĀ“t really flatter each other

Addie tagged this Hot

I like this look. The belt isn't that flattering but I can totally see the vision. The socks are fun and I can sense the mood of this outfit

gruvee tagged this Cute

luuurve this one


ugggg leeee

Kaitlyn tagged this Eye-Catching

Wow! I love, love, love the socks and the pumps!

west coast kim tagged this Try Harder

May be some earings or a side head band, the top is a little unbalanced from the bottom.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

i like the buttons on the dress, and the belt matching the boots

Nikki tagged this Cute

Awesome! You match this time! (I'm going in reverse order from July 25th)

Nameless tagged this Wonderful

Simple and cute. I like the shoes/socks combination

mackenzie ,KY tagged this Cute

love the socks !!!!!!!!!!!! too bad we cant wear colored socks at my school

Justi tagged this fresh

it is nice! fresh and original (like most of the projects) Love your creativity:*

Aricia tagged this Cute

really want all those socks!!! beautiful....

ej tagged this Hot

Love the simplicity of this chic outfit!

Diane tagged this Cute

Awesome! Well colour-coded

Tuuli tagged this Cute

soooo cute!

yanna florientine tagged this Cute

nice one ! like it ..

Gina tagged this Cute

Love the socks. Simple and flashy. Great!

Kim tagged this Cute

love the pop of blue