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November 09

This day belongs to Karmashina.
"Hip and creative!"
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Day 207. Mon, November 23 2009

Harlem harem lady zoot

Harem pants donated by Scary, printed tights donated by Catherine Cogorno, vintage pocket-watch belt and yellow cut-out pumps from eBay.


PRUTHA tagged this Hot


mm tagged this itzababazeeba

timepiece on a dimepiece

Linda tagged this Brave

Hammer Time! :-D

che tagged this cool

that is super cool


love the belt

Mi tagged this Cute

That belt is awesome!

Grace Dalton

Nice one : )

Mara tagged this Interesting

Not such a fan of the pants (they remind me of those guys who wear pants that fall down and show off their boxers), but I love the belt and the socks. :)

holly tagged this Hot

I love how the pants radically change the silhouette and proportions. Very '80s, but in a good way

ammakke tagged this smart

Hmm, that is so smart, Sheena....Love those printed tights &yellow pumps & the pocket-watch belt is super!

Mariah tagged this Brave

Surprisingly good job of matching the blacks! Love the belt and multiple splashes of yellow.

JOSY biana tagged this Batty


emma tagged this rock it

this is awesome!


I really like it when you do a pose that lets us see the type of heel that's on the shoe. I LOVE shoes and look for that feature in them.

sarah tagged this Brave

i like the tights and the shoes but the pants seem too baggy for my taste

Tara tagged this Hot

Love, love, love, love, love! LOVE!

Annabelle tagged this Hot

One of my favorite! I love the pants with the tights and the shoes! Awesome!

deux fm tagged this Batty

That clock on the belt looks like the deux fm sticker we did for spring 09. cool... (batty in a good way)

Hannah tagged this wicked.

soooo comfy.

jherber tagged this Cute

Love this one!

Payal tagged this ahh...love!

I'm lusting over the belt and shoes...ahh wish I had the guts to wear that! I love the harem pants...but not necessarily with the uniform. Amazingly put together!

Irene tagged this Hot

amazing change to the silhouette than the usual uniform. I absolutely love the belt. Not so sure about the tights though.

Shannon tagged this Ugly and Crushing

Sheena, what were you thinking? This outfit is do ugly and it brings down my day! Please make me happier tomorrow!

Dee tagged this Cute

Too funky for me...but I could see an artist wearing this. So...well done!

Joel Patrick tagged this Cute

sorry i was away for a while. Let me put ya in da game!!!

planejane tagged this Artsy outrageous!

you so crazy girl! no reference can do this one justice.

moon tagged this Brave

without the pants, the belt/uniform/shoes look AMAZING! love how you highlighted the little clock on the belt with the shoes :)maybe tights would look better with this outfit.

wasabipear tagged this ROCK IT OUT

nuff said sistah.

scary. tagged this au courant.

'there is something about fashion that can make people very nervous...' ;)

cheese tagged this Hot

Yeah! the pants! happy to see you experiementing with pants, harem mpants, long pants, opening the dress. mixing it up

Laurie tagged this Hot



i think it would look amazing without the pants

Linda from SA tagged this Hot

Harem pants are so hot at the moment! I love the modern look, with the twist of the unexpected by using an antique watch as part of the belt...and the crazy colour shock in the choice of shoes! Never a boring day with you!

Steph tagged this Brave

I don't like harem pants, but these look great and I love that you make the dress look so different. Very cool.

Claire tagged this Wicked!

I love it! Not so keen on the style of the shoe but the colour is fabby!




It's good to see you in pants. You almost never wear pants. Are you saving them for the winter?

umi khasanah saragih tagged this Cute

i like this a true sister is a friend who listens wit her heart

gaga tagged this Beyond Expression!!!

Woooooooweeeee!!!! rock it baby!!! Love it!!!!

=] tagged this amazing =]

omg i love the belt!!!!!!!!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Great look!!!! love the way you're wearing your hair, shorter fringe shows off your face and the curls suits the cheeky playful spirit! Your face is even more beautiful..are you wearing after glow by the way?


i L-O-V-E the belt !!!!!! the rest looks too large to my mind but why not !

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

Everything is REALLY CUTE! just not together...

Sabrina tagged this haha ^-^

oh lol in the third picture she looks like a penguin, with the shorts and the way they're hanging down, lmbo it looks cute -^_^-


This is just fab fun!

krystyna tagged this Hot

I would love to look this interesting!

Karen tagged this Hot

This gives a very different look - well done

François tagged this Hot

Bold lines that give you extra presence!

ray tagged this ugly ass hell

dis shit look ugly