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August 09

This day belongs to sougwen.
"Love, Fleurette."
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Day 98. Thu, August 06 2009

Harajuku moxie

Thrifted tube-waist skirt worn over uniform, vintage lace converted to suspenders and vintage patent leather belt from Etsy. Socks from Sockdreams, pumps from eBay.


genevieve tagged this A Winner

I love the converted suspenders. It's very fun, I like!

shuchi tagged this Cute

Look like a VS model with the lace effect ;)

Cyn tagged this So pretty !

Love this a lot, one of my favs !

rosalafae tagged this Cute

The extra skirt makes such a nice change.

ammakke tagged this pleasant

brrrrrilliant idea!! awesome indeed!

Mary Ruback from Brazil tagged this Cute

Have you ever tried with yellow acessories?

Kim tagged this Innovative

Wow, a complete transformation of the uniform ... Bravo!

Camilla tagged this Cute

Love the skirt!

Mim tagged this Excellent

Fairly minimal but still one of the best. The suspenders completely transform it.

Li tagged this Hot

Love it!

AA tagged this Well done

Very creative!!

Georgia tagged this Cute

I can hardly stand it! You are so cute!!

Beth tagged this Cute

I like the lace and shoes.

steph tagged this Cute

Love it!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

this is very different and unexpected, i like it a lot.

Natacha C. tagged this Cute

Cute, Cute, Cute!

Lani tagged this Cute

i LOVE it :) the mainly black in the different textures and bits of purple make this beauttiful, i'm impressed.

Amy tagged this Purple

love the purple its my fav color!The skirt is a nice touch of texture and shape 2 wat ur wearing. Me likey!

dea tagged this Cute

Cute! Although I find myself wishing each day that you would smile more in these shots.

sarah tagged this Cute

i barely recognize the dress! by far my favorite outfit, very creative!

Anonymous tagged this creative

that's very creative and have lot of fantasia. I admire you

Kelly tagged this Cute

Love the suspenders!

Irene tagged this Cute

wow, it looks like you've completely transformed the uniform.

Julia tagged this Hot

One of my favorites! Nice job.

LaLa tagged this Cute

Very cute and the purple-lavender accents bring a bit of Summer lightness into to dark.

Aradia tagged this Hot

Love it, specially the skirt! I think this is one the winners so far!

X tagged this Cute

Love the purple and black combination!

savanna tagged this sick

i think that what you are doing is way totally awsome

savanna tagged this sick

i think that what you are doing is way totally awsome

Thalita tagged this Perfeito

Adorei a combinação de cores. Amei o sapato; e a sua facilidade de criar modelitos lindos! Parabéns pela iniciativa!

Char tagged this Hot

Love this one, def one of my favs.

annie tagged this Cute

Lovely...I was hoping you'd try a skirt over the uniform sometime soon! It gives you kind of a ballerina vibe :).

fashion lover tagged this Hot



Wow that's uncanny - I was wearing a gold and cream lace necklace that was almost identical today.

Mariah tagged this Cute

Amazing how much the shape of the Uniform is changed! Love the touches of purple.

NYCMama tagged this Cute

Good for your purple days!

Semper tagged this Cute

This is adorable!

Skylar tagged this Cute

Soooooooo Cute!!!!! It's totally adorable! I LOVE the purple!! :)

Avery tagged this awsome

This outfit is totally awsome!!!! Love the purple and the cool shoes!!

Karine tagged this Cute

how adorable! love love love the socks!!!!!


very chic what a wonderful way to change the look. wow wow wow

AC tagged this Gorgeously chic

One of my favourites of any so far

Anonymous tagged this Cute

very cute ensemble!! inspiring project :-) keep up the great work!!

Katie tagged this Cute

I love this!


LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I wouldn't change a thing!

Angela tagged this Cute

This is darling! I love the skirt over the dress. :]

Maureen tagged this Hot

Nice contrast between the socks and the pink lace.

Emily tagged this Cute

Great site. I am not particularly fashionable so I find your site fun and inspirational. Thanks!

Molly tagged this Cute

Simple and lovely. Great shooes, great colors

kendall tagged this Cute

extra skirt looks gorgeous. belt + socks + shoes are equally cute.

m tagged this ballerina!

one of the best yet! love it allll especially the skirt and all the purple!


love the lace suspenders--real crafty!

Svanhvit tagged this Harajuku ballerina

This works so well. Love the socks and the purple.

Claudia tagged this Cute

Lovely Outfit!


So sexy!!!!

sanne tagged this Ballerine

Juste adorable... Aérien

m.sue tagged this Cute

adorable! i think you need more purple!

gruvee tagged this I adore it!

wow! this is fantastic!


sockdreams <3 i just loooove the sock and pump combo and the double layers.

Ellen Moore tagged this Ab Fab!

What a fabulous idea! I used to say I had two dresses and 93 scarves (only a slight exaggeration). Now I wear primarily black sleeveless tops over black slacks with big unusual(mostly handmade or garage sale) jewelry, blazers, and scarves. Makes life so much simpler, and I feel better dressed than ever before. I'll be following your blog for more ideas. Thanks!

sonja tagged this chick

absolutely fantastic

Ashe tagged this Hot

I want your socks!



Anonymous tagged this Cute

best yet!

Laura Daly tagged this Harajuku - ??

My pick for last week is Harajuku moxie. You Go, girl!

Joy tagged this Soo HOT!

Absolutely love this outfit! Wonderful!!

Carolina tagged this The best

I just love it so much *-*

geekgirl tagged this Artsy fun

Very fun, and actually what I would call fun weekend fashion. Is it really necessary to have new shoes every day? What a waste.

pins tagged this TRE PIN!

this is so ....dopesauce!! love the spenders!

Barbera tagged this Cute

Love it!

Karen tagged this Hot

Very creative - great thinking and imagination shown here!! I like it a lot.

Charl Pearce (@simchababe) tagged this Hot

I love what you are doing here (great cause and creative) and <3 this outfit. Keep going girl!! =)

ines tagged this Hot

great idea with the lace and extra skirt!

Daniella tagged this Cute

True to its title! Cute and fun!


good for ballet

Gigi tagged this FabYouLust!

This is my Rocks Frocks and Cocktails FabYouLust Look of the month for August you look FAB, boys lust after YOU and girls LUST after what you are wearing. Clever use of this flirty swishy skirt as a belt and who doesnt love a bit of Etsy especially when there lilac, lace and suspenders are involved, all of which turns this look from Blah to Ooh La La! Yummy Wishes Cocktail Kisses Gigi http://gigirocksfrocksandcocktails.blogspot.com/

Catey tagged this AMAZING!

My favourite so far!


I live across the street from Sockdreams in Portland, Oregon. The people that work in the sock mines are some of the best retail people you will ever meet. Great style!

Pear Picker tagged this gnarly

thats a dam (I LIKE BEAVERS) fin combo there little lady.

andrienclark tagged this Cute

the mainly black in the different textures and bits of purple make this beauttiful, i'm impressed.


love the tube-skirt over the uniform! it's so adorable!