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February 10

This day belongs to behlissima.
"Yeah! Everyone needs a Superhero!! I especially love the boot/sock combo!! I want to make my own cape for this look."
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Day 325. Sun, March 21 2010

Happy Birthday Twitter!

The Uniform Project started in May 2009 as our little basement art project. Thanks to the all the thousands of followers that found us on twitter we have become a global movement and raised over 50K for the kids of Akanksha. Thank You and Happy Birthday Twitter.

Please retweet today:
"@uniformproject #thankstwitter4 making 140 characters enough to activate a global message"

@uniformproject #thankstwitter4 making 140 characters enough to activate a global message


Payal tagged this Aqua woman!

So super-woman like! You should feel like that...over a 150 kids are going to school thanks to your efforts! Happy birthday Twitter! Countdown to the auction has begun!

Gabrielle tagged this Happy Birthday!

Brave, but stylish. I love your boots. Good job!

moon tagged this Hot

wow that's amazing!!! you are a real superhero sheena!

Mara tagged this Batty

Love the cape! And, of course, the socks. :)


You are the caped crusader!


sheena: the spring sensation!

ammakke tagged this Smashing!

Three cheers to Twitter & the U.P.!! Awesome Mission indeed!And You look all excited about the auction packed week ahead...Lovely combo. of Blue, Black & green ..

abigail tagged this supersuperwoman

the most awesome superwoman i have ever laid my eyes upon!!!!

Irene tagged this Super Sheena

What an amazing cape! Perfect for the amazing superwoman who raised enough money to send 155 kids to school so far!


Your Tweet should probably say "140 characters" rather than words, but that cape more than makes up for any and all typos.


the cape is awesome! i want one, LOL!


@rosalafae, good catch! Duly noted and fixed.

Beth tagged this She's a bird. . .

Oooh. Where is the cape from? I wanna be a superhero, too!

domimama tagged this Cute

Yes! That cape is much better than pinning a towel around your neck!

Janice tagged this Hot

The cape! Love everything about this look!

Britgirl tagged this Up, Up and Away!

You look just like the twitter bird, ready to tweet to the world about your glorious deeds

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Sylvia Klawi tagged this Try Harder




Gaidig tagged this Cute

I love the lining of that cape!

Kristers tagged this Cute

I like it...but Edna Mode would not approve. ["No Capes!"]

elisabeth tagged this Hot

super fab cloak super UP

anony miss tagged this Try MUCH MUCH MUCH Harder

wow. i remember this cape from "grasshopper renegade." my friend tagged it "Obscure", and I'm getting thst same feeling now. I mean seriously, just stick with all black! leave good enough alone! those blue feet wreck the whole outfit. DISSAPPOINTING, VERY DISSAPPOINTING. ps. maybe try wearing the cape inside-out, with black tights, black shoes, and of course that little black dress.


Maybe I missed it earlier, but what is the lining of the cape?... I like the color combos!

gruvee tagged this Cute

I love this cape love it love it <3

Chtite Cousette tagged this his monthly

Oh! A little green riding hood!

Chtite Cousette tagged this Cute

I tagged it "cute", "his monthly" were the words to type below, hm hm. Sorry…

Marian Henderson tagged this Hot

I think that after a few weeks the picture of the daily outfit stops? In that case I want to thank you for this very nice project. I enjoyed it very much and you did very good work. All the best, Marian.


14 ears old


I've been waiting for those boots - good work!

Deepa tagged this Hot

Your poncho/cape thing is so much cooler than Betty's. And I love Betty. You make my day with your outfits!:) I'm on your site instead of doing my math homework.

EmilyKennedy tagged this Batty

Wow! I love it! I think it's due to the pattern on the inside. Very fab.

deepa tagged this not

Your poncho/cape thing is so not cooler than Betty's. And I hate Betty. You didn't make my day with your outfits, eww! I'm not on your site instead of doing my math homework.

Cattie tagged this Brave

We so need the details on that cape!

Sarah tagged this Super-Duper!

This outfit makes you look like a superhero. Of course, your power to make that simple dress a work of art is the best one ever. :)

Gene tagged this Cute

But what is that amazing cape you're wearing???