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November 09

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Day 210. Thu, November 26 2009

Haircut for the holidays

Brand new haircut donated by the lovely Gabriella Starbuck. Give her a visit if you are looking for a new do: hairticulture.com >

Preowned turtleneck blouse, metallic pants donated by Scary, gold pumps from eBay and vintage scarf brass necklace donated by Ken and Dana. See more of Ken & Dana designs at shop.kenanddanadesign.com >

Enjoy your food comas :-)


holly tagged this Hot, hot, hot!

Sharp look; all the elements here work beautifully; the metallics and the shades of silver and black. Necklace is a great highlight. Have a lovely day.

moon tagged this Batty

reminds me of a modern colonial woman! nice combination of conservative/funky :)

stella tagged this Hot


ilaria tagged this Hot


ammakke tagged this stylish

Amazing fresh look on You Sheena. The brand new hair cut or a goodnight's sleep??I like your longer as I always say.... .sorry..but You look great with a "metallic touch".

Anneka tagged this Brave

Hey Sheena, Just wonderng how much your amazing brother raised in his marathon race? x

Payal tagged this To-kill-for

And I WOULD kill for that necklace. SO hot! Cute haircut, you look fresh! Have a great weekend!


This month I have seen many variations on the same idea: wearing tights of different colors and textures. Why would not gain a new perspective and for a change start "playing" with the shape and proportions. For example, combinations of the dress and trousers, the dress and jacket, the dress and jersey, vest, workwear, pullover, the dress and corset, scarves, brooches, belt, flowers, the dress and shirts, etc. There are so many ideas lay aside. Do not fall into pattern to echo the same style all the time.

Britgirl tagged this Hot

LOVVVVVVVVE the new hair. Nice outfit too

che tagged this beam me up

super cool! I love it. Can I borrow it? In my top 5, no top 3.

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Hot

Love this! Have you considered a ruana? They are so elegant belted on the front part.

Mariah tagged this Elegant & Edgy

Great look! Like the blending of metallica (brass, gold, etc.).

Angkana tagged this Cute

Look a like I love this but my leg so big. I think I can't do

abigail tagged this Brave

fabulous....futuristic.....i love it!!!

psycho fan. tagged this varietytastic.

@Anastateaya, you should really check the site more.. check the dress and trousers look three days ago.. a pullover two days ago, the dress and jacket on the 31st of august.. the 28th of sept. has a scarf and a half.. brooches you'll see on oct. 29th and sept 12th & 13th. belts on oct. 22nd, 13th & 7th & 7th of sept and also three days ago,.. you want flowers? seriously the girl's all over it already > june 30th & july 22nd.. the dress and shirts, check september 30th. in fact just click on 'view by month' and you'll find all of your above mentioned looks and a host of shit you never even thought of.

Mara tagged this Futuristic

Very different. I like it. Especially the brass necklace. Cute haircut!

Cynthia tagged this Cute

hey...a hot new look...however lets be frank you are every hairdresser's dream because of your gorgeous face & more specifically the doe eyes - any hair cut will look fab, even when the bangs are too short. keep up the good work cutie - you prove one woman with one idea can make a difference!

... tagged this uhhh

no no to the hair...i just dont like it....but i love everything else so far!!!

Payal tagged this Psych!

Haha gotta love you psycho fan!


I am not loving the haircut, I'm sorry to say.

cheryl tagged this matrix-esque

i do love the haircut; very sleek and modernizes the look...keep it up! I could never swing the metallic pants but on you, it looks great!


Happy Thanksgiving! Love the necklace!!

elisabeth tagged this go Scary!

metallic pants appropriately donated by SCARY!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love the metallic pants and the brass necklace! Not so much the haircut. :/ It looks like a bowl or a helmet, or the top of a mushroom.

mee tagged this Hot

good idea


very good

ldn mark tagged this Cute

love the new do!

Anastasiya tagged this back to September 2009

@psycho fan - Thank you for your post, but I still cannot find a combination of the dress and corsets, for example - bother to provide a date?

Joel Patrick tagged this Batty

let me put ya in da game!!!

dora tagged this Brave

nice haircut!!

mm tagged this umlauts

@dora, you don't happen to be an explorer by chance? You should also take a stab at stand up (wink). Personally, I think the do looks more like Jeanne D'Arc. or Dorothy Hamill, perhaps. Anybody? Hey is this thing on??

Tina tagged this Beatle-y hair

loving the outfit!

SarahJ tagged this medieval

totally Joan of Arc,

psycho fan. tagged this wanna be startin..?

@Anastasiya, 'corset' is a bit of a lose term as through the ages they have been used for many reasons and come in various forms. But I think you'll find a perfect example of a 'waist cincher', a shorter kind of corset, on June 25th.. - that is also the date on which Michael Jackson left our world.. RIP MJ and to quote: 'if ya wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change'. Think about it.

Anastasiya tagged this ravenous h

@psycho fan - I made my point and do not want dig into further unnecessary discussion. I leave up to Sheena to make some adjustments or not. However, the constructive criticism is essential for the further progress of the project. If the mission here is fundraising only then we do not need a "post a comment" form at all. Think about it.

psycho fan. tagged this fashion wars..

@Anastasiya, I'm all for constructive criticism, just do your research if you want to make some is all.. you've listed a range of -if I may be constructively critical- run of the mill, standard and obvious looks/accessories that Sheena has in fact shown us already and with an edge at that. So your point, I'm sorry but it's invalid. - and yes do leave it up to Sheena to make the adjustments from now on cos as far as I can see she's doing a pretty good job. Though I'm still waiting to see a ghetto bling look....

Bron tagged this robotic

You look very tall and slender in this picture. I like the leggings you have on! Cute haircut!

Me tagged this It's okay

I like your leggings. I do not like your bowl haircut at all. It reminds me of one of the 3 stooges guys.

EH tagged this Try Harder

the haircut looks silly, imo.

Lightning Heart tagged this Hot

absolutely love the leggings and necklace

Plainjane tagged this Rock the Bowlcut

That haircut is awesome, original, and well executed. I appreciate that you do something that's less standard. Pretty is so boring, I'd rather be interesting any day. This haircut says sophisticated, intelligent, and with a sense of humor!

Scheherazade tagged this Mushroom

Love the outfit. The haircut, however, looks like a mushroom. Kind of silly, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Mary Kate Penis is my love tagged this Try Harder

I don't understund...I think that dresses all the same 2 because on one buttons is, and on other was not present!

hhh tagged this Hot

oh my god i want that necklace

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Hot

November favorite.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

remind me lady gaga's style love that