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June 09

This day belongs to suzycue.
"Gorgeous leggings + classic hat show off the perfect LBD. "
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Day 54. Tue, June 23 2009

Grip like a vice

Vintage fedora and Bakelite belt from eBay. Metallic tights from Sockman. Vintage pumps donated by Helena.


Juneau tagged this Cute

Modern day zoot suit!

Anonymous tagged this ice cold

this look is great; more gangster than gun moll.

lizziebee tagged this Mod!

totally mod!

Lucy Woodward tagged this Hot

fierce, fierce 'tude.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love it!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

not diggin the accessories



franky tagged this Hot

we should be dating!



Anonymous tagged this Hot

those legging are soooo sexy!

Wendy Toth tagged this Hot

Ooh that hip-slung belt!

Beth tagged this Hot

Love the outfit

Alaska Girl tagged this Cute

Do you wear these outfits "out", or just for the photo shoot? I'd like to see some photos outside of the studio! I love your style.

Faith tagged this Cute

Those tights are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Britwatch tagged this ABitOfWarrenBeatty

Alaska girl, Miss Uniformproject assures us she wears these all day long. They're a strange lot down in NY.

Mofo tagged this Hot

@Franky Stay away, she's mine!

Valerie tagged this Hot

I'm loving the fedora. :D Very nice look.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love the hat!

zem tagged this Hot

Love it, just wish the dress was organic cotton!

Sam tagged this Cute

Like this alot

Keira tagged this Hot

This is my favorite outfit yet!

Sandra Dillon



Love the tights!


wonderful idea!!! Thank you for you project

hhh tagged this Hot

the leggings... sigh...

Fashion Speaks tagged this Cute

This is a cute look...just wished there was more color...maybe contrast w/ fedora band or Bakelite belt...which is begging to be a bright fun "Lego" color...but love, love the metallic tights!

RogueTess tagged this Hot

I adore this. Nice shoes, too.


awesome! makes me think of frank sinatra...classy and a little bad all at the same time

Abby P. tagged this Brave

So adorable- love the cocked hat and metallic tights!

Cris V. tagged this Cute

I just love the hat. Reminds me of The Godfather.

kerry tagged this Hot

once you're a jet, you're a jet for life :)

eldub tagged this Hot

Awesome! That hat really suits you.

Pearl tagged this Hot

Oooh! a la Crime Jazz... I like!

Nicole tagged this Hot

I love it!

Shanghainese Dumpling

You're totally inspiring !!!

Jen tagged this Hot

Just finishing a year long project of my own, so of course,I love this project! But where can one buy the dress?

lisa tagged this Hot

you have the most fantastic tights ever. not sure about the hat


Very glam!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Perfect balance of masculine and feminine.

bibi tagged this Cute

could do without the hat but cute.

Adorra tagged this Cute

I love the fedora. mmm!

Elizabeth Jones tagged this Hot

You dirty rat!

meemu tagged this not quite

Great hat and pumps. Belt's not sitting right that low on the dress though. x

Anonymous tagged this Groovy!!!

Love the belt the hat the swagger and the pout! Wow!!!

Gina tagged this Hot

What a novel & fun way of raising money for such a good cause!

Melanie Cartwright tagged this Hot

This really makes you think about how many clothes and other things we really need

Sarah tagged this cat sound!

god, I love the Sock Man!

RiotReport.com tagged this Hot

posted this yesterday on RiotReport! www.riotreport.com

You're over it, aren't you? tagged this Try Harder

Why don't you post your pics promptly anymore? YAWN.

BE NICE PEOPLE tagged this patience is a virtue

give sheena a chance! she's rockin the uniform every day and you'll get your pics when they're good and ready

Inspirded By The Project tagged this Cute

Too cool for school!


I think this one is my favorite. I love the hat and the leggings! Good job! ~Edith

Lisa tagged this Hot

So hot!

Jovana tagged this Hot

Perfect! Passionate.

Brigitte tagged this Hot

Very confident look!

Taylor tagged this Brave

So fun and confident!

Katharine tagged this Cute

I do like this, but I'd like it even more with another color injected into it.

N tagged this Hot

hot hot hot

maggie thunder tagged this Batty

so jazzzzzzzzzy

Laura Daly

Love this! Just the right swagger. This is my pick of last week.


Oh, love. Edgy and sexy. Love the shoes.

Cheeky tagged this Totally Bitchin!

Totally awesome! My absolute favorite!

maj tagged this classy!

love, love, love the fedora hat, belt, and shoes!

Supermophed tagged this Hot

Freaking love this outfit ... hot!

Sara tagged this Hot

Ooh la la!

Chelsea tagged this Hot

hat + belt combo = very, very yes!

kate tagged this Hot


Addie tagged this Hot

This is great! Very innovative and full of cute things! I love the belt and the leggings!

Anonymous tagged this workin it

You look sophistocated with your bangs swept to the side. And the fedora! Loving the proportions of this outfit - fantastic look!

Nikki tagged this Brave

I wouldn't wear it, but overall it looks good!

Karen tagged this Stylish and amazing.

What a beautiful look this is...

i tagged this Hot

love it !

vania cardoso


Me tagged this Sassy

Fantastic combination. Everything works together beautifully, and it's chic and minimalistic.


One of my favorite looks! Really love your project! So inspiring!


brilliant. I like it very much. it's very stylish, subtle and mysterious. brawo

Gigi tagged this FabYouLust!

This is my Rocks Frocks and Cocktails FabYouLust Look of the month for June You look FAB, boys lust after YOU and girls LUST afetr what you are wearing Look at Sheena saying come get me with those sultry eyes under fedora fabulosity and her cheeky half pout above silver legs and killer heels! Yummy Wishes Cocktail Kisses Gigi http://gigirocksfrocksandcocktails.blogspot.com/


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