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June 09

This day belongs to brightlights.
"You made one stunning selkie!"
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Day 51. Sat, June 20 2009

Greetings, humans.

The uniform takes on intergalactic goth for the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. Costume conceived and handmade by yours truly.


The Poindextress tagged this Interstellar

Truly spectacular!

Barbara tagged this Brave

Mix of femme fatal and Buddha... love it!!!

ettagirl tagged this wicked!

absolutely love it.

Joanna tagged this OMG


wade tagged this Galactic


shuchi tagged this Psyched Out!

You've taken this to another galaxy. Love it!

RogueTess tagged this Batty


catti tagged this Hot

Nosferatu beamed up to Venus-- AND with my most favorite cupie doll lip style!

natalie tagged this Slickery


E.J.Starbuck tagged this AMAZING!

The sea hath no fury like Sheena, the space vampire from planet Buffitron. I hope she doesn't vaporize all the merpeople at the parade!

Britwatch tagged this OracularSpectacular

Bloody hell! Truly spectacular! I think we need more sick days now n again :-)


woohoo! love it all.

Turna Zimmerman tagged this killer!

best intergalactic goth ever!

Valerie tagged this Wicked Awesome!


khitch tagged this fantastic!

every day is a treat! i love it!

diso tagged this Hot

outstanding ... YOU LOOK WONDERFUL

Squill tagged this George-Lucas-worthy

You... are so genius! =O

Anonymous tagged this Genial!!!!

Now that's what I call going off the comfort zone, impressive!!!

some dude tagged this Batty

damn, i gotta cut back on the acid

heather knight tagged this Brave


lady tagged this Brave

you are the freaking coolest ever!

eldub tagged this Brave

holy shit! my mouth dropped open when the page loaded. nice work, lady!


Is that a carrot in your pants?

fleur tagged this The Final Frontier

I would like you better if you wore your hair like this every day.

Nidhi tagged this Hot

fantastic!!! that hat...oh my! the makeup, shoes..everything!

Claire tagged this Brave

wow! you have skills!

the knotty hooker tagged this otherworldly

truly original!

Anonymous tagged this Brave


prutha Raithatha

thats awesome...

Nabila tagged this Bloody Awesome!!

OMG. This is beyond glorious!!

Constance tagged this Brave

I was NOT expecting this at all. WOW!

Anonymous tagged this Odd

It's odd, but not too bad. Needs a tiny bit of work. Maybe like one piece of color.

E tagged this fierce

ferocia coutura!

Anonymous tagged this Creative

This is very cool. I would love if you posted a pattern for the dress! It's so versatile

Adriana Campos tagged this Cute


Helena tagged this Brave

Fierce and very disturbia!

mads tagged this killer queen!!

you know the song killer queen?? thats u!!!!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!!!!!

so smitten tagged this Hot

unconventionally stunning



Katharine tagged this Batty

Batty in a good way!

Mailee tagged this Brave

Fantastic! I hope you weren't still sick while you were wearing this... :D You certainly made up your sick day!

hhh tagged this Brave

I am successfully creeped out

ev tagged this Kick ass!


Anonymous tagged this Brave


Caterina tagged this delicious


Stephanie tagged this Innovative

This is spectacular; really creative.

Anonymous tagged this Batty


Anissa tagged this Cute

How about actualy selling the uniforms to raise money for Akansha???

Noni tagged this Brave

make up id nicely done but the costume kinda trails behind

adri tagged this Batty

wow- amazing!

Juneau tagged this Out of This World

Kind of an amazing transformation of the uniform . . .

Sacha tagged this Brave

So creative!

Thalia in Jamaica tagged this Batty


pretty face tagged this spectacular

omgzzzz amazing! i LOVE the fingers prettyfaceshelpinraces.blogspot.com


Il ne lui manque qu'un colier signé "Perles rares"... :)

olivia :) tagged this Batty

weird in an edward scissorhands types of way. but i like it

Anonymous tagged this Brave



you leave me speechless...in the best way!!!!!!!!!

nathalie tagged this Batty

I have to say this is awesome and soo completely frightening at the same time. I've been following since the beginning of June and this morning I was completely surprised!

Anon tagged this Brave

ridiculously creative. too bad it rained!

Meredith tagged this Sensational

Saw you in the parade, thought you looked great!

Paisley tagged this Brave

This so cool. I love the idea of reinventing an outfit idea of

Paisley tagged this Brave

This is so cool. I love the idea of reinventing a dress everyday. I often want to wear my favorite piece evryday

sarah tagged this amazing

awesome :)

Maggiie tagged this Brave


Tina Hines tagged this Batty

Absolutely batty but in a good way. I see you're feeling much better! x

Anonymous tagged this Batty

why does it take so long for you to put them up? but i do love what you are doing you're very creative

/kf tagged this manifique!

interplant janet, she's a galaxy girl... absolutely spectacular.

Anonymous tagged this Brave

what happened to the June 21st entry?

Jen tagged this Hot

Love the Mermaid Parade digs.

You're Slacking

It's June 21 at 10:14 and your last post is from June 20. Why no update today?

ActivDefiance84 tagged this Hot

This is amazing. I love the project and I love the intergalactic mermaid!

Sandra Dillon

A W E S O M E ! ! ! ! nuf said

Nicole tagged this Try Harder

So not wearable


Wow! Fantastic!




u go girl!!!



Anonymous tagged this Brave


Jenni tagged this Hot

This is amazing! I love what you're doing, it's so fresh and different

Anonymous tagged this Brave

so cool


i love this! great fun. i hope throughout the year you do more costumes in addition to the beautiful outfits! just loving this blog.

Zee Variawa tagged this Brave and Batty

Interesting to say the least

Anonymous tagged this Hot

I love love love the nails and footwear!

Anonymous tagged this Batty

woah man

Sammy tagged this Hot

Edward scissorhands' baby sister!

Anonymous tagged this Awesome

This is fabulous.

Mishka tagged this Brave

I don't think some people understand this is a costume ha... but it is BEAUTIFUL. So eye catching, especially the fingers and your make up.

Patricia Ann tagged this Brave

Wow, to think that there's a simple black dress in there somewhere. This is absolutely fantastic! At least it goes to show that you definitely would have something to wear for a festive event like Halloween this year. :)

erina tagged this wicked!


Hethierr!! tagged this Batty

O Girl! That Outfit Is Totally Awesome! Really ! (of course...not to go on the street xD)a Billion Stars for you, and your job, Luck And...Continue With this magnific project!. PD : To Be honest some outfit are....are...are really ugly and...uglyx2 but thats are the minority. HETHIERR!! XOXO!!.

Anonymous tagged this Brave

Wow! Amazing!

kf tagged this Hot


Lisa Webb tagged this Batty

and you delivered! pow bam wham!

Jovana tagged this Batty

Just WOW!

kelly tagged this amazing


Pope Richard Corey tagged this Batty

But in a good way. This is... awesome. Awesome is the best way to put it. You're mad, and I like it.

Shalini George tagged this Brave


Jinal Shah tagged this Brave

You are amazing!! Love this look. So bold and creative.

Jennifer Gehrisch

How vogue!

maggie thunder tagged this Brave


Anon tagged this Hot

I love the pants and hair! So sci-fi Chinese xD

Anonymous tagged this KICKASS

This is wonderful!

Mel B. tagged this outtasite!

love those long fingers! all hail our galatic overlord!

Steven Rodriguez tagged this Brave

It must be hard to walk down the street.

maj tagged this Brave

peace, earthlings!

Sara tagged this Brave

Woah! That's all kinds of epic!

smiles tagged this Brave


samantha tagged this Batty


sophie (age 5) tagged this Cute

You're funny!

Anonymous tagged this Brave


Flutterbyblue tagged this Brave



awesome! really well done

Naomi tagged this Batty


shanda tagged this Batty

Very creative!

Addie tagged this IDK

I have no idea what to say about this one.... Really like, it puzzles me... it's a good costume?

Elizabeth tagged this Brave

Wow! You have a great imagination! What are the finger-extenders?

Molly tagged this Out of this world

Really creative. Just awesome.

Anonymous tagged this odd yet chic

Odd yet cute and chic i luv this site

Katie tagged this I don't even know.

Omg, did you actually wear this outside? It's so out-there, you have to love it.

Samantha Villamgna tagged this creative

OMG!!! This is truly a spectacular and Amazing!!!

Chabeli tagged this Brave

Crazy Wicked! love it though

Nikki tagged this Brave

Should be on the runway!! Awesome look!

holly tagged this Batty


Anonymous tagged this scary

i don't even understand how this helps show how to wear a cute uniform

Rosie tagged this Batty

Totally freaky, I'm not going to sugar-coat it UGLY.


I love it! omg it's like calling my name oh my gosh

Anonymous tagged this Batty

am waiting for the next parade

Anonymous tagged this scary

this one is just horrible


i caught you at the mermaid parade... http://www.ewah.com/i/gallery/img/+090620_mermaid/090620_mermaid.090620v_07


WTF?? in don't get it

anonymouse tagged this out of this world

wow i love this dress hands are fabulus and the spray paint im just thinking how on earth could u make an ordinary black dress a space suit from beyond

Tena tagged this Brave

This is ugly but really brave if you went out dressed like that. I really like your project. Kiss from Croatia, bye :D

Lois tagged this gothtastic

AMAZING!!! Just read this today, had to look at the whole blog. Fantastic idea and cause, will be sending donations from China, what would you like??

Diane tagged this incredible

Interesting concept. I've tried the space goth before but didn't do nearly as well as you. Awesome makeup!!!! I really like it from the back too.

ginny tagged this Brave

amazing stuff love! Adore the fingers and headpiece!

am tagged this bravo!!!!

fab that you did the parade....perhaps people outside NY need some cliff notes to get some of your ideas.....you know dumb it down.

Sarah tagged this Brave

Can't wait to see what you come up with for Halloween!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

totally awsome

Becca tagged this Brave

This is the most amazing thing I think I've ever seen!


ah!you surprised me! i didn't know that you are so artistic and modern! I love you much more:) it's terryfying and cosmic


I have already given a post, but it's so uncommon, that I must write it once again - ARTISTIC, MODERN, UNCONTROLLABLE, FUTURISTIC. you must have very fresh mind you must be an artist

Anonymous tagged this solidly peo-

didn't kno mermaids had hooves,,,,luv it regardless

Aurora tagged this DOUBLE TAKE

that's amazing and awesome. i was not expecting a costume XD

May tagged this Brave

omg i absolutely love it! especially the hat!

May tagged this Brave

awesome! i love the hat!

Khalia tagged this Cool goth

Reminds me of David Bowie on the 70s!!

Manon tagged this ! I'm speechless

Oh, right, great fashion !! Haha this is great !!

Latawiec tagged this Hot

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Tathyanna tagged this Amazing!

Wooow!!!! How can you be so creative????