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February 10

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Day 321. Wed, March 17 2010

Green, White and Bold

Representing my birthland in a thrifted knit blouse, repurposed fabric as a scarf, green tights from Sockdreams, handknit leg warmers from Öni's momma, brogues borrowed from Scary and a bottle of B donated by Bruno.
Lá 'le Phadraig!



Sláinte darlin!!! Prepare to have a bitch of a hangover...

Judith tagged this Tasteful

Just the right amount of green: Sláinte!

wasabipear tagged this bottoms U.P

i can be punny today because i'm irish.

Jesse tagged this OIRISH!

Mary has gotten to you, because I see a bottle of BUCKFAST.

ammakke tagged this "green revolution"

Happy Patron's day, Sheena!!Lovely green ....Cheers!!! Hope to see many of our Irish supporters' comments today..

Kat Marsay tagged this Hot

Ireland would be proud of you :) and loving the bottle, i think that is everyone's accessory today.

scary. tagged this CRAICTASTIC.

sláinte a stór! best daily yet - obviously.. pure perfection, more irish than the irish themselves and all that.. cork city'd be proud a ya girl! ;) @jesse that had naaathin to do with me, but god bless ya sight! hope to see ya soon for la craic!


we had our "green" day on Saturday. Lots of people in green, a colour you don't see en masse often. I couldn't help bucking the trend; I wore pink/red. Last night, the sydney opera house was bathed in green, happy st pats!

em tagged this Hot

You're one foxy leprechaun! That scarf is like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

becsta tagged this hmmmm

nice touch for st patricks day! love the tights. not a big fan of the top though, and always hated leg warmers, but you still manage to pull it off. just not an ensemble i'd wear.

Sarah O'Toole tagged this Bangin'!

You totally know how to rock the Irish look properly!

gruvee tagged this Cute



How can you wear green tights and not look like Kermit? Must be an Irish thing :-)

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Crystal Swing tagged this Happy St.Patricks Day!

She drinks tequila?

Bronwyn tagged this Cute

Hey Sheena! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been on vaca. This outfit is really cute. Don't think the piece of fabric for a scarf goes well. Again, wishing I had a SOCKDREAMS near me!!!

JessicaR tagged this Portrait of the Artist

And I said yes I like this outfit yes I like the tights best yes I said yes.

christine tagged this lucky girl

those tights have got me green with envy...now let's hope you keep on pulling in the green on the homestretch

Irene tagged this gold at ends of rainbows

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I wish I could see a little more green but nice all the same. I love the shoes. You have the most amazing shoes.

Anonymous tagged this ace

Sláinte! A bottle of buckfast too! My goodness it takes me back!

moon tagged this Batty

darlin' you make me want to go down to the south!

xVa tagged this Cute

love the leg warmer!! with the shoes looks great!

noa tagged this lovely

how pretty!

Rach tagged this Buckfast



i love the green with the neutrals and gold!


Lookin daecent.. ;) a true buckfast bowzie... get it in taya cynthia

prutha Raithatha tagged this Hot

love the look... well done!!

Mortensen tagged this Brave

The scarf makes all the difference. This is a superb outfit, as with zend discount which makes a difference in PHP.

QQQ tagged this crats bovines

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