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October 09

This day belongs to lulu.
"delayed gratification pays off."
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Day 173. Tue, October 20 2009

Great Granny Poncho

Black fedora donated by Selim, vintage boots from eBay and great granny poncho donated from Siri's vintage store, Treehouse Brooklyn >

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Sarah Ruth tagged this Hot

I dig it!! Great tights

Mara tagged this Cute cute!

Love the tights!!! And the poncho is adorable.

Katie tagged this So-so

I love the boots, the hat, and the poncho, but the tights are a little weird. It's a little too many things going on at once!

Selim tagged this dingidydongidy!

excellent combo! espcially the hat! :)

ammakke tagged this nostalgia

Oh.>>that takes me back to the days when I used to be wearing one Fedora like the one U r wearing Sheena..Looks nice..Love those leggings ..

Beth tagged this Okay

I like the hat.

plainjane tagged this Snow Bunny

Jack frost comes early this year! Very cute! My only question is WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR TO THE U.P. PARTY?!?

ammakke tagged this graceful

..I meant the poncho, Sheena..graceful.

Tami tagged this cause rossini

this is the first time I haven't loved your look. You are adorable, just not loving the poncho or tights!

Mariah tagged this Yes and No

Great hat (!), and the poncho works okay with the Uniform -- but not feeling the poncho/tights combo. Congrats on $26K!

scary. tagged this granny, granny cool...

lovin the granny chic! and yeah to second plainjane's question.. what are you going to don for this party party??? ;) thisisthenextthing!!

becks tagged this Cute

love it. love the movie. love you.

Jolly M tagged this Brave

Whats this sheena ? I mean having "great granny poncho" & the fabulous mode tights together... Am I right U love to break the "traditional looks" and create "freedom wear look" in a cool way? well bone U succede...

Jolly M

Forgot something.... I bet your mom must have worn this type poncho probably when she was carryying U...ask her?


I've been following since the start but never commented...you are absolutely fabulous. Keep it up. :)

marcia barrow taylor tagged this Cute

I just saw your vimeo short and am totally inspired. I'm an artist who recently discovered fiber and have created a line of handbags - hand knit and felted. Please check out my website: www.mbtfinearts.com. I would like you to be the gift recipient for my fall/winter 2009-10 collection, behind Alice Waters, Madam First Lady Obama, and Maria Shriver. Please contact me and I will send you an image of the bag, which is "sustainably fabulous!" Marcia Barrow Taylor

Kay tagged this Intriguing

I feel like you should have a pimp cane. And I mean that in the best way possible! :)

holly tagged this Brave

yummy poncho! Cute film!

Darby tagged this Love the roses, too!

Totally feeling the boots!

m. tagged this Brave

i love this outfit because its so unexpected...the mix of the silver mod tights and creme old fashioned poncho is amazing! only you could pull it off!

Anneka tagged this hmmmmm

hmmmm....not so sure about the tichts but liking the hat!

seb tagged this Granny Chic :)

Love the look, and loving ankle boots right now.

Jess!ca tagged this Batty

that's cute ....i love your shoes

KatieQ tagged this Cute

Love the tights ^_^ You should use them again in a more jazzy outfit <3

Irene tagged this hmmm...

I love the tights, but I think that if you're going to have to poncho, wear some other tights. Choose tights or poncho. Love the shoes. <3



Bachelor Girl tagged this Hot

Those leggings are FIERCE!

elisabeh tagged this not

not the shiny tights with the natural linen/cotton uniform and wool poncho. if the tights weren't shiny - were made of wool and linen and silk then i think better

Amanda tagged this Grannyish?

Sorry. Lose the sack.

theinstitute tagged this poncho moncho

will be in brooklyn april 2010- can't wait to check out Treehouse!

Payal tagged this Hmm

Well, you really CAN make anything work!

Casey tagged this Brave

You've inspired me to be unique in my own way. thank you ! Love the outfits. Keep up the good workk.

Garth tagged this Snappy

Excellent! We've used 'The Uniform Project' as an example of a fun social change project on our website - www.gmr.net.nz. We hope this let's more people know about this great idea and raises more funds. Thanks for being inspirational. And styley!!


Are you going to sell all the donated accessories for the cause after the project?

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

Not ur best don't like it!

yobe tagged this Try Harder

Umm....not sure about that poncho! Bit mumsy in the third shot. Odd since the tights, boots and hat are super

Sam tagged this Hot

Nice tights!

Annabelle tagged this Try Harder

love the tights, boots, hat and of course the dress. but not digging the poncho. little too weird for me.


High Emma, I loved the poncho. Como ganar dinero

Angela tagged this Fabulous!

My Favorite! The tights and poncho are fab! So many people are safe and boring; they'd only like it if you wore all black and nothing at all different.

Durga tagged this bad 70's kollywood

Ayyooo! This is horrible yaar! :(

sarahJ tagged this caped crusader

i like it very cool ( but im sure its a cape)


I love the hat. But either the wool poncho or the silver leggings would have to go, they just don't work together for me.

girl tagged this Try Harder

Can't grasp why everyone likes this one. Those tights wouldnt look good on anyone. Maybe some cute vintage jeans instead. Love everything else about you.

Iris tagged this Cute

I want that poncho! Love what you do xxx

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Classy and not over done. I'm a fan.

Joel Patrick tagged this Cute

papa paparazzi

polly tagged this Cute

oh my word those boots are unbelievably gorgeous.

Jenn tagged this Cute

So cute & cozy!

SINACALL0624 tagged this Hot

Now this is soooo sweet....am a huge fan of leggings..I even sleep in them..haha but these are intense!!! But I don't c a shout out to whom donated or where bought...perhaps in an earlier outfit??? I just started 2day..(what can my head is a bit in the clouds and JUST discovered this from UO blog)..so maybe as I go back thru the months I will c again..U do repeat??? CHEERS!!

Rayanne tagged this Maravilhosa

Perfect! Perfeito! You are with a very interesting project, and I´m interest of write about your project in my blog. My blog isn´t famous but I´m in love about this. Sorry about my english. (My country is [Brazil])