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August 09

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Day 69. Wed, July 08 2009

Gold Chains and Sue Cie

Vintage suede hat and platforms from eBay, assortment of thrifted gold chains and the oldest pair of tattered gold tights I've owned. Source forgotten.


bling tagged this gold is the new gold!


Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love it to peices

Mariam tagged this Hot

love the gold chains all together!

barbara tagged this Mixed signals

LOVE LOVE LOVE the look with the long chains. Very classic and chic. Not really understanding the ripped socks though (sorry).

hhh tagged this Hot

so cute - love the necklace awww

Juneau tagged this Hot

Adore this!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

this is one of my favorite outfits to date.

Ellie tagged this Hot

RAR! awesome

Mia tagged this Cute

Loves it.

Rachel tagged this Hot

love the simplicity of it ...

Frances tagged this Hot

Adorable. I like how you take something old and ratty and make me want to go buy a pair right now. Perfect.

marycray tagged this Fun

This is a fun look. Love the gold tights.

Edith tagged this Amazing

I love love love love love this outfit!!!

Ky tagged this Beautiful

I LOVE the shoes!

I come from SF tagged this Hot

You rock the parti!


love this

Cort tagged this Hot

Work it!



Fourth Daughter tagged this Hot

Who would have thought that tatty old tights could look so hot! And they go perfectly with the chains. Very inspiring.

m.sue tagged this Hot

LOVE! except i might perhaps ditch the hat, or replace it with a slouchy crocheted one.

Slam tagged this Hot

i think i love you. i want your style.


classy 2009

awer tagged this Hot

OMG!!!!! SOOO HOT. love it! the stockings...jewelry...everything!


Those thighs are awesome!


OK, I meant tights, not thighs!! :-D

Smith tagged this Brave

This is soo cute and I love this whole cause, very creative!!


Sexy! Love the ripped socks!!

ichigo-chii tagged this Bloody perfect ^-^

I am sure you already know, still I have to tell you: You're outfits are incredible ?

Anonymous tagged this Fun

This outfit rocks. You look like some sort of city gypsy.

Katie tagged this Hot

<3 the stockings/ hat/ gold chain combo

Anonymous tagged this Hot

love the tights!

ritu tagged this Hot

those socks are hot!

Addie tagged this Hot

Love the whole thing. the socks are ingenius, the shoes are so cute and the jewelry is to die for!

Nikki tagged this Hot

I love this!! Not so sure about the hat, but the rest is perfect!

Jannie tagged this Classic with a twist

I'm thinking Audrey Hepburn. Love it!

Anonymous tagged this beloved bling

LOVE tattered tights.

lindsay tagged this Perfection

This is my favorite outfit(:

Ashe tagged this Hot

Love the socks

Talese Amer tagged this Hot

www.thetimes.co.uk Ya dig. Nice work

butterfly tagged this Hot

I have the same socks ...

No limits tagged this Elegance

maybe try to pick more old things from yout wardrome because its worth as I can see

Caribgyal tagged this Cute

Really love this one !!classic but decalle...the hat is perfect !!