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August 09

This day belongs to nessielala.
"I love the striped tights and and the contrast of the red hat - gorgeous casualness."
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Day 95. Mon, August 03 2009

Geppetto's doll

Vintage suede cap from a brooklyn antique warehouse, wooden belt turned choker from eBay, striped tights from Sockdreams and Sam Edelman shoes from Alter.


Jennifer Rose tagged this Cute

Sweet and to the point. If it's as humid in NYC as it is in Boston, you're looking for breezy choices. Love the refashioned belt - you've inspired me to look at pieces I would have tossed and give them a new purpose.

Beth tagged this Okay

Like the hat.

annie tagged this Cute

I really love how you wear tights above the knee...do you roll them up or do they come in that length? I could totally wear todays's outfit...black and grey with a touch of color.

Bowerbird tagged this 1960s cute

I like this, simple, cute, understated. When will this dress be available? Obviously with profits going to your cause, come on, please?

prutha tagged this Brave

i want the belt necklace...!! very creative..


Perfect GoToGethers with that touch of red.

Alice tagged this Cute

The red in the hat is a nice shot of color for this outfit.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

love it! especially the hat!

Nina from Slovakia tagged this Cute

I like that! :)

@marycray tagged this Cute

Apt name! I adore the hat and choker.

shuchi tagged this Cute


Camilla tagged this Cute

LOVE the hat. What a great shape and color. It's great with that dress.

Irene tagged this Cute

I really like the hat.

Ruth tagged this Cute

The shoes look kind of like almost tap dancer's shoes. But I like how you put the leggings so that they hit just above the knee.

Josh Chesterman tagged this Cute

Just saw your piece in G2! Brilliant idea and innovative

qammakke tagged this Cute

wow! wonderful combination of creativity & colour!! good write up about the project in the guardian today...congrats to u both!

Mariah tagged this Cute

Like the re-purposed belt/necklace. Cute hat!

Miss Sixty tagged this Cute

Great look!

Samara tagged this Cute

Girl, i really liked what you are doing!! Have so many people who needed to learn with you. Congratilations

Jolly M tagged this pretty

As pretty as ever..nice color comb. You are in the U.K Guardian G2 (page 2)--some of your pretty photographs by Philippa McDonnell &good write up by Paula Cocozza.Well done

I live in Surrey tagged this Cute

Great outfit, great article in Guardian G2 (UK newspaper). Love the concept, love the website. Just donated as excellent cause too. Such fun at the same time!

Jolly M

One more thing: In G2 it said "she has had 300,000 hits on her site"--about 10,000 a day ? It also wrote "So far they've raised just over $7000-suggesting that some of her followers are more interested in what sheis weari8ng than in donating". I totally agree with G2- The donation is less than $100 per day!!Fans like us should make it flow a bit better....


pretty cool.

Nora tagged this Fun!

Ok it's really about time to make the Uniform available to us all...sell it as another fundraiser for Akanksha!


Really liking the closeups

Joy tagged this Cute

OMG, how adorable! :)

Tess tagged this Try Harder

A little hevy. Lose the hat and necalace and replace with a cute hairband.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

VEry perky

Alix tagged this Batty

Sorry, but the hat looks too much like a tea cosie or something..not good.

Em tagged this Cute

Love the tights! And the way you used a belt as a choker :) I featured the Uniform project on my blog - hope that's okay! Take a look: http://littlemissfashionangel.blogspot.com/

Kathleen tagged this Great!

So Cute! Good Luck on the project!

Eleanor tagged this Cute

Sheena, I look forward to your daily post (that is putting it mildly!) and part of the fun has become enjoying your title for each ensemble! I read it and then try to guess what the outfit might look like.

darb34 tagged this charmante

Très Amélie!

bree tagged this Cute

are you real? i love everything amazing hat http://theartcupboard.blogspot.com/

justin S. tagged this Charlene Chaplin

It's like a beautiful female accomplice to the notorious Charley Chaplin. The red almost sends a flair of danger, but trapped between it and the handsome make-shift choker is a reassuring expression that there is nothing to worry when it comes to this ensemble. Excellent, outfit, excellent photography and excellent modeling.

Amy tagged this classic

love, love, love! This is the best so far that i've seen.

starling tagged this Style!

I've just had a look through all your posts, and this is my favourite! It's classy and fun.

Chris J

Love it! Love it!

Luciana Falcão tagged this Batty

The best

Isabela Abreu

My favorite :D

Kate tagged this apiece plants

So hot!


Love the tights, necklace and shoes. Not a major fan of the hat.

Penelope tagged this Inspired

This outfit rocks my world for some reason. I think that it's the combination of the belt choker and the red cap with the striped tights. WOW!