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September 09

This day belongs to Cricket.
"A fantastic look and a fantastic project. So happy to support it!"
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Day 142. Sat, September 19 2009

Genie in a grotto

LFW Day 2. Vintage hat with blue stockings fashioned as rosettes. Vintage Koos maxi dress donated by Scully and pumps from eBay.


mm tagged this wow

wow. everyone can go home now. fashion week is over.

ehmulsion tagged this Cute

Very interesting. Lovely background. This outfit gives you a brilliant silhouette; love those pants/dress!

Jenny tagged this intriguing

I agree with ehmulsion, amazing silhouette here. Love the hat!

ettagirl tagged this showstopper

love the pop of blue top and bottom. so sleek and elegant despite the volume. ADORE!

Deb tagged this Brave

today is a bold move! really interesting silhouette, love all the different folds going on here. not everyone could carry this off, but you are making it work.

Nay-Z tagged this Perfect

I LOVE this!

ammakke tagged this stylish& classy

OMG this is awesome & cute as well.The third picture is really stunning!Bet U r enjoying the show.R U not feeling the nip in the air without ur arm warmers?

AmyH tagged this Amazing!

It looks like you should be IN fashion week not AT fashion week!


Did you take all of your shoes, hats, socks/stockings, belts, dresses, etc. along with you? Curious minds want to know. LOL! That would be a whole heck of a lot of luggage!

KT tagged this P.S.

I absolutely LOVE the contrast of the electric blue top and bottom with this outfit!


Love the blue accessories, and outfit idea, but the outfit looks... weird. Unflattering, lumpy, and not nearly as stunning as your other ensambles.

Sock Knutt tagged this Fantabulous!

The very definition of FANTABULOUS!!!!


absolutely fabulous. Really (although I know everyone says this at some point) the best so far!

Mariah tagged this Yes (Mostly) and No

Well . . . Adore the pops of blue (stunning) and the skirt fabric, and like the general idea (re the "genie" look -- but I'm not feeling the lines where the Uniform and skirt meet. But, creative as always!

Ana tagged this Gorgeous!

What "mm" said, everyone can go home now! Gorgeous shape/silhouette and love the electric blue snap.

Irene tagged this fashionist

I love the pop of the blue, the hat, and the volume/sihouette, but it looks a little awkward where the bottom of the uniform meets the dress. It's amazing how you can pull this off.

abigail tagged this brilliant

pure quirky class; brilliant silhouette; love the long vintage skirt and black/blue color combo looks fab on u; and the hat....wow!!

m tagged this <3

love love love

swis tagged this Well done!

This is fantastic!

weeble wooble tagged this Try Harder

that is a very odd pose... it looks as though you have one foot and very large thighs.

cindi @ www.tallysplace.blogspot.com tagged this genie-esque

absolutely brilliant! and to weeblewobble--have you not seen aladin or read 1001 Arabian Nights? A genie has NO feet and large "thighs" near the bottom of the body. Geez! lol



gruvee tagged this Brave

wow! brave, hot, fantastic!!!

elisabeth tagged this Brave

this first photo is fab. i agree with everyone's comments before me! very clever. though I wonder if the pants came in closer to the ankles if the whole balloon thing would work better

Kaity tagged this Brave

Loving the blue pumps! Fabulous!

holly tagged this super


Jo tagged this WOW

Everthing works!! It even looks comfortable.

Emily tagged this Cute

Loving that blue

Fourth Daughter

make that 'GORGEOUS genie in a grotto' .. love the use of colour and the silhouette is fabulous!

natalie tagged this IT'S ELECTRIC.

One of my absolute favorites so far! The dimensions and burst of blue are simply PERFECT. I am so (continually) impressed.

Sammy tagged this Brilliant!

Hits the nail on the head!

Carole tagged this genie-ous

<3 <3 <3

Callie tagged this Brave

I just have to ask...do you actually wear this stuff all day long? I mean some of it is really cute, but then some of it is totally out there, and looks soo uncomfortable.

it is i

wow! wow! wow! one of your best! yet! :) you really are a genie

Katharine Tapley tagged this Brave

I am in love with that hat!

Esther tagged this awesome

this one is incredible :) I wish I could wear hats like yours more often..


@Callie, yup I strutted around lfw all day long in this. It's actually super comfortable.

Ruby tagged this Brave


julia tagged this Batty

This is by far one of my favorite outfits! I love the transformation, the style, the use of blue! Congratulations....it's a 10.

Chicago tagged this Hot

You have to be showing up everyone at Fashion Week.

Sandra D

G O R G I O U S . P E R I O D .

Simon Fodden tagged this excellent

Ok. This may be the best thing you've done yet. WOW is right!


amazing outfit. beautiful.

Jolly M tagged this Super

Absolutely beautiful, cleverly worn...amazing look of "Genie".... Enjoy the rest of London Fashion week

ainuruth tagged this gotta love this!

ok. this is my favourite look. ever.

tara tagged this Hot

I LOVE this look. That skirt is great!!!

Karri tagged this Brave

Very high-fashion looking...

yobe tagged this Amazing

One word - stunning!

czarinakathryn tagged this Hot

love it! the blue is brilliant.

Pen tagged this Outstanding


Laura Daly tagged this I Dream of Genie

My pick from last week is "Genie in a grotto" for 9/19. The color combo,proportions,textures and setting for the shot are just perfect. This goes on my "what to look at when I need a lift" wall in my office.

Beth tagged this Hot

Love it!

prutha tagged this Brave

this is my fav outfit soo far... totally high fashion!!!...love it

Millie tagged this Brave

I love the pop of blue and the background.

TÅ¡upukka tagged this wow, very nice!

wow, very nice!

Ida tagged this Cute

I love the pop of color, but odd pose. I think someone else mentioned it too...you look like you have one foot. Would have liked to see both feet!


So unusual! Love the electric blue!! such great lines!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

love it!! How did you make the rosettes very interesting

Megan tagged this Brave

You are FAB! :)

Domino tagged this lovelovelove

Best. Outfit. Ever.

Queen of Mayhem tagged this Chic

LOVE this look. It's SO dramatic.


Loved it!

Kathleen tagged this Fabulous

My favorite look so far!

Austin tagged this EXCELLENT

WOW tour like a model! you should really go out for americas next top model!!!

Sean tagged this Fierce!

I'm not sure whether i'm living or dying for this outfit but i love it.

Beca tagged this chic

Tres chic! Magnifique!

Beca tagged this chic


Alex tagged this Cute

??????????.??? ???????)))))))(Good girl.Right so)

Samantha Lange

I LOVE LOVE the hat!

Justi tagged this Brave

interesting and brave:)

savanna tagged this freaky

whats up with that freaky weird thing?

- tagged this Batty

Love it!

Tito Jong tagged this Simple Couture

G A S P I need to catch up on each look. http://prahjeks.com

Andrea tagged this Cute

Love the dresssss!! where did you buy it?

Tinku tagged this Wah jee, wah!

Love the little blue touches.

Kate tagged this Hot

This is my favourite outfit yet: stunning! You look like something from a 1930's issue of Vogue!

Mimi tagged this Cute

Love this one!

Anonymous tagged this Batty


Gigi tagged this FabYouLust!

This is my Rocks Frocks and Cocktails FabYouLust look of the month for September. You look FAB boys lust after YOU and girls LUST after what you are wearing So sorry to have missed you in person at LFW, alas while you were in London I was in New York! London weather is all about layering and this is the most fabulous I' ve seen in a long time! Yummy Wishes Cocktail Kisses Gigi http://gigirocksfrocksandcocktails.blogspot.com/

SINACALL0624;-) tagged this CRAFTY COUTURE

LUV THIS LOOK!!! ONLY 4 THE BRAVE!! U DEF COULD HAVE UR OWN RUNWAY SHOW!! unless u haven'thought of it already...have a big fashion show and show some of ur more "inspired" outfits all 4 charity $$$. I 4 1 would show and bring mad friends!!

Khalia tagged this Brave

Love the volume of the skirt. I don't think is very flattering but it's really interesting

Pear Picker tagged this HOLY TOLEDO

this ensemble makes me want to weep tears of joy.

akeelah tagged this inspiring

what a beautiful silhouette! i would weat it with a blue brooch or blue necklace <333

akeelah tagged this cute elegant

to be honest, somehow you remind me of Audrey Hepburn