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December 09

This day belongs to miki amano.
"My goal would be one day to see that all the people, love, and money in the world run together. Wishing happiness and peace for all kids on my birthday."
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Day 226. Sat, December 12 2009

G'day Australia

Just interviewed with Weekend Today, Australian morning show. To all our mates down under, do tune in. Thanks for all the continued love, support and donations from oz land. Now you can share the holiday cheer with U.P eCards!
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Vintage belt and ankle boots from eBay, handmade metallic leggings by Gugga and neckpiece made from reclaimed zipper strips donated by Tara St.James. More of Tara's creations at dailyjumpsuit.etsy.com


abigail tagged this exquisite

love this very much.....esp. gorgeous leggings, awesome zipper necklace, and these very rich neutral colors to die for.....congrats on australian interview!!!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love it! ♥

moon tagged this Hot

warrior princess. hothothot.

jolly M tagged this super

Super..Super look in a fabulous outfit sheena !!eBay belt & Tara'snecklace are matching so well & the colour is awsome...& well put. Congrats on Australian interview...which surely willush up the right upper corner digits.. Good luck....

jolly M

Sorry 4 the error. I meant "which surely will push up"....

Mara tagged this Cute

Love the necklace!

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Hot


holly tagged this hot and spicy!

bummer, missed the interview - any chance of a link to it? Who would be watching TV when it's such a beautiful day outside (Sydney)? Great leggings, just make sure Posh doesn't see them or she'll want them! Fantastic accessories!

hollyy tagged this Stunning!

PS you look like a goddess in that last photo.

chickpea tagged this HOT


Jean tagged this Hot

Favorite favorite favorite!

Aussie Sam tagged this Hot

I think I missed your interview! Your an inspiration none the less and your outfits are AWESOME!

Anneka tagged this stimson morda

oh no!! were you live? I missed it if you were or is it going to be on next week?? Loving today too! x

Payal tagged this G'day!

Congrats! I missed the interview, but will check it out online! Maybe this means an Aussie tour? C'mon mate! Great look, great numbers!

Penny tagged this Boomerangalicious!

As an Australian whose been following your progress since the start, it's great to see the UP finally all over the tabloids here!! Lots of love, Penny

swiss tagged this Brave

even though you don't like pants you are quite beautiful

Irene tagged this Hot

I love those leggings! and the belt. That necklace idea is so creative.

bb tagged this Hot

I have leggings just like those and I love them. You look so sleek (and hot) in all black. I love your choice of accessories. I would have never guessed that was a reclaimed necklace, it's too fabulous. Congrats on being featured in the Aussie media!

Jeff tagged this Hot

Like it very much. Very fit. Supersavefitness.com

ammakke tagged this "black beauty"

Black & beautiful!The brass metallic look of that unique necklace is so perfect with those hot leggings & the trendy belt. BTW Cograts on being interviewed on Aussie media!! any link to watch it??

gruvee tagged this Hot

mmmm.... smart!

Kim tagged this Hot

Me likey! Also, so much fun to see your total going up and up.

Mariah tagged this Cute

FunkyFuture + Elegant

wasabipear tagged this Living Rooms of Oz

Killer close-up S. Très Punk.

scary. tagged this another class act.

my friend you look absolutely stunning.. now light a candle on this weekend of action for those nations on the brink of extinction.. :( 350.org ..- this is global people so find out what's on in your town and get involved!


love the necklace - very unusual. Nice combo of the metallic pieces

psycho Fan tagged this Hot

Very chic!

Laura from Sydney tagged this Good Aussie Shelia

Hi from down under. We do love you in Ausyralia. I love checking the dailies!


Well, I don't hate it... Is that consolation?

Dee tagged this Hot

As weird as it is for me to rate another woman as 'hot' I think I have to on this one.

Peg tagged this revolver smith

REALLY impressive. One of my favorites.

Kellen tagged this Batty

Very good!

Nina tagged this Ugly Creation

Sheena, I really don't think that all of these pieces go together very well. Sorry for the dissapointment. It just isn't enough to cut it. Hope to see a better outfit soon!!!!!

crushing on gavin tagged this Hot

wow this is super chic. love the leggings :D good job!

Mariam tagged this Cute

<3 love love the belt!

Sarah O'Toole tagged this Hot

The belt pulls it all together. I love this hat. (I've been working backwards through this blog and most of the outfits I like include this outfit)