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December 09

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Day 216. Wed, December 02 2009

Fuzzy headed, candy bottomed

Vintage Czech winter hat from Hradec Králové donated by Sosuke. Raincloud scarf donated by Katie McCullin. See her store at allinstitches.etsy.com. Printed gloves donated by Marie from malam.etsy.com. Tights from Sockdreams and vintage pumps from eBay.

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firsttttttttttt from italy. love your style.

holly tagged this unexpected!

love it; who else would wear blue tights with baby pink pumps?

Aliza tagged this Hot

You are my hero! Everything you wear is adorable and i look up to you so much. At a school wear everyone looks the same I like to stick out with independent "brave" pieces and you are such and inspiration. Especially in this economy your outfits remind me that i do not need to buy new clothes to look modern and chick.

abigail tagged this Brave

bravo for aliza's comment ~ one does not need to support the greedy corporate fashion pigs ~ one can look to one's own closet ~~~

Mara tagged this Sweet and Delicious

Cute! The hat, the scarf, the gloves especially, and the candy-colored tights and shoes. LOVE the pink and blue combo.

ieda tagged this Cute

I absolutely love the pink shoes and the cute little scarf!

Kiz tagged this Cute

Love the gloves!

Mariah tagged this Cute

Despite the "spring" colors with winter bulky textures, this works (!), maybe by being long gloves and opaque tights (vs. sheer). Fun! Adore those gloves . . .


Hmm, interesting. Not into the hat, the pattern on the gloves...not at all my taste, tights are cute, LOVE the shoes.

Dee tagged this Cute

Looks like you really rocked this look.


the scarf is the awesomeness! the gloves are unusual and that makes them so fun. matching gloves & shoes is so precious and yet it doesn't come off bad!

Payal tagged this Cute

And that's how you work it! Yayy for ebay!

moon tagged this Cute

you look like a candygirl <3


Spring on the bottom, winter on the top. LOVE the scarf! Can I get one at allinstitches?!

Linda from SA tagged this Cute

Like the gloves! Hope Marie also donates one of her cowlneck-thingies and a wrap strap! I can picture the unifom with many of her exquisite accessories!


Oh those gloves...

prutha tagged this super cute!!

this i would wear any day...

Claire tagged this Hot

Oh yeah! Rockin' it today!

bb tagged this uber cute

Definitely going down as one of my faves. The colors fall right into place and everything just looks so... pretty!

megintosh Italy tagged this Cute

love the gloves+the shoes Bravissima!!

ammakke tagged this Gorgeous

Pink & Blue, I love You!!Lovely altogether, & that scarf & the gloves are adorable.Totally agree with Aliza & Abigail & strongly recommend to every one "DONATE IN DECEMER"..

Marie tagged this Cute

The outfit is lovely :) i'm glad you found a use for the gloves:)

Georgia tagged this Brave

i saw you in cleo mag . i think it is really great what you are doing and i have asked my mum and dad to donate to you for Christmas.

Jennifer from Canada tagged this Beautiful!

You are a fabulous angel!

Plainjane tagged this Chic elf

Only you could somehow make those colors look holiday. I don't know how you do it, but you're a genius!

sarah tagged this Cute


maedbh:) tagged this lovely


sophie tagged this Cute

woah! the pink and blue, gorgeous. and the semi-matching gloves, aoh!

Joel Patrick tagged this Hot

ehehehe muy guapa

Heather tagged this Brave

You ROCK! The gloves kill it!

PW tagged this Hot


joachim from kassel, ger.

a wounderfull idea!! :)

andrienclark tagged this Cute

i think it is really great what you are doing and i have asked my mum and dad to donate to you for Christmas.