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December 09

This day belongs to scary..
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Day 222. Tue, December 08 2009

Funk Buttons

Thrifted vintage hat, multi buttoned sweater donated by Cat, knee highs from Sockdreams and vintage oxfords from eBay.

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cute & basic!

dayglozoo tagged this Cute as a button!

Very school-kiddish!

J tagged this button down

now this is what I read the blog for. I want that sweater!!

E.J.Starbuck tagged this Rock the Granny

Getting ready for Granny Chic Bingo this Sunday? Very CUTE!

wasabipear tagged this Oxfordian

Those shoes are made for putting up on a mahogany desk while you peruse Dickens novels.

Charlotte tagged this Cute

Simple and cute! I love the cardigan :)

mm tagged this whatdayglozootagged

40 Gs by the end of the day?? could it be???

Kaelqu tagged this Cute

Nice and cute ^_^

tabyaby tagged this knopfig

aaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!! :) great

Elina tagged this spectacular

The buttons!

Mariah tagged this Comfort Clothes

Yep, basic -- but we need that some days. Fun buttons on the sweater! AND almost to $40K!

ammakke tagged this smart

I am falling in love with that sweater! Cute'n colourful buttons but very sober too..Will it be on the auction sale??

Mara tagged this Cozy

Love the buttons and socks! Very cute.


check the numbers; day 222, 109 kids in school. hope all your followers are donating and taking advantage of eBay's offer.

moon tagged this Cute

so preppy chic <3

RogueTess tagged this Cute

I adore those buttons! Bravo!

new yorker. tagged this perfection.

Sweet Love for Planet Earth...

abigail tagged this nice & easy

comfortable, natural, perfect.....

Dee tagged this AWESOME

Today's outfit is great. Love everything about it!

sophie B

So clever...so cute

Anonymous tagged this Cute

ivy league cool

Olive tagged this Cute

I love this one. It is so simple yet the buttons make a statement! Now Im going to go make some fabric covered buttons.

Meg and Maddie

Love the sweater. One of our favorite outfits so far.

heynosila tagged this Cute

adorable! =]

Irene tagged this Preppy cute and unique

Amazing buttons! I don't feel that the shoes fit all that well though.

psycho fan. tagged this WTF BUTTONS.

LOVE IT!! ;)

Sabrina tagged this alot'a ebay

Hey, so, i just had one question. Every day i see things that're bought from ebay. Since this is, almost every day, aren't you spending quit a bit of money on THOSE? -i am just asking, i know i hardly have a right to ask this, i'm just really being curious. :l

joomyee tagged this Hot

Wow! look so good

Rosie tagged this Cute

CUUUUTE cardie!

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

While I support project, this is horrid. Not put together at all. Work? No. Out on town? Nope. Couldn't wear this anywhere I go!


@Sabrina – A lot of the eBay items are things I have collected over the years. Additionally, the eBay Green Team has been kind enough to donate a large number of vintage items from eBay towards the U.P. I've hardly had to buy anything since the beginning of the project, thanks to the kindness of strangers and all the donors of the U.P! We will be holding an accessory auction towards the end of the project, so stay tuned.

Phoebe H tagged this Cute

Are you planning on publishing a book with all the outfits in it? I would definitely buy it and you could raisee funds from that also as people would be willing to pay quite abit for it.. At least I know I would! Love everything.

anon tagged this lovely!

wear more cardigans!


Those buttons are super cute! :)


i LOVE that cardigan :)