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October 09

This day belongs to lucycat.
"Since I am originally from Texas, I loved the western look on my birthday."
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Day 176. Fri, October 23 2009

Friday tatters

Frayed leather necklace donated by Mary Jane from her Etsy store. Old pair of tattered wool tights, vintage boots from eBay seller ArtByNature and Bakelite ring from Etsy.

Happy Friday!


nikki tagged this Cute

love how it is rugged yet ultra feminine at the same time!


Great combo... love the boots.

Céleste Durante tagged this Hot

I love love love the fringes and the tights !! but I'm not sure about the assiociation of thethree accessorises !

holly tagged this Hot

love the combination; textures, colours. Very graphic. And another milestone in your money total, bravo!

Anonymous tagged this cool

so great

Beth tagged this Cute

Nice. Looks like futuristic western wear. :)

Deb tagged this Cute

the leather necklace is really fantastic.

Irene tagged this Hot

I loveeee the tights. It's so feminine even though the accessories themselves give off a ruff feeling. But I'm not so sure the fringes fit in with the other accessories that well?

YMCA tagged this super!

sorta retro village people thing goin' on. VERY cute!


cowboy meets indian! awesome :)

ammakke tagged this Cute

U look tired girl but the leather necklace is nice..happy Weekend, get some sleep...


Just back from Morocco today & got caught up in all I've missed over the past week.... LOVE the video (where did the link go today?). This outfit: not my fav!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Love the idea - great inspiration!

isa tagged this forget it

hideous today! tired?

MBT tagged this Almost There

The doubled-up tights w/ the boots are fantastic but something is missing - maybe a pair of wrist warmers or stacked bracelets to offset the necklace?

Mariah tagged this Urban Cowgirl

Very fun. Keeping it simple avoids it being costume-y. Nice work -- how do you do it every day?!

theinstitute tagged this tan that hide

twiggy friday!

Meashkaria tagged this Inspirational

Much as I enjoy the more outlandish and experimental days, I find I really like the days when the dress itself takes a more prominent role. When it’s simple beauty and classic silhouette shines through, merely enhanced and individualised by the accessories, I find it truly inspirational.

katherine tagged this Cute

LOVE the tights!

Tami tagged this Batty

Beautiful face, not so beautiful outfit.

abigail tagged this love it

natural, thrown together look, that's what i like best ~~~

Cynthia tagged this mixed signals

cool outfit, however the color of the tights & boots clash with the boho fringe neck wear.

TeeCee tagged this *fantastic!*

Just went through all the outfits (what's up with the July 9 link?). All the outfits are smart, creative, fun, funky, and *fantastic*! I imagine you are one of the few people who gets up in the morning and loves getting dressed

Mara tagged this Cute

Love the fringe. :)

mary jane tagged this Hot

love the look! esp. that necklace~ ;)

Mrs. O

Love the colors on this one, especially of the neck thing and boots. The outfit would have been perfect if the stockings weren't tattered and matched the necklace color.

Dee tagged this Cute

luv it!

kc tagged this mixed

Love the boots!


are you not COLD?! I'm waiting for things that can be worn on cold days (long-sleeved...) :) still - it's great. - my husband found the necklace too freaky :).

Katie tagged this Hot

Love it! very Western-meets-city-chic!

yobe tagged this interesting

I used to get sent home from school with tights like that - from climbing trees! Not sure about the boots but I like the necklace

KatieQ tagged this Hot

Tights are awesome!

SINACALL0624 tagged this Hot

I would call this PUCK ROCK POCOHANTAS (2lazy 2 look up spelling..hope thats right!!!)..LUV THE TIGHTS!! I luv the seemingly "randomness"..is that a word??again with the dictionary...IMO it is the contrasts that make this work...BTW have I expresses just how much I LOVE ur style...so uncontrived..refreshing..GUESS I BETTER SAVE THE ADJECTIVES for other outfits lest I get repetitive!!

Eloise tagged this butterface

idk.... she always looks so damn tired or not made up... like a little orphan child. the outfits are interesting but the model... hmm.

Mandy Moo tagged this FAB U LOUS

Fabulous necklace and yet another fabulous outfit!