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June 09

This day belongs to lazbh.
"The fantasy and romance is fabulous - and what a innovative way to raise money for the children!"
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Day 15. Fri, May 15 2009

Friday frills.

Lace boa found at a Pennsylvania auction, vintage denim maxi skirt.


shuchi tagged this Hobo chic

Love the classy hippie look


nice innovation


amazing! you are creativity in person!

magdalene tagged this Cute

Oh hey, I kind of love you. Seriously, though, this is the best thing I've seen. Your website is my new favorite. (: Keep it going!!

Anonymous tagged this Hot


Jenny tagged this Cute

I love the skirt.

Brandy tagged this Hot

gasp! LOVE!

eldub tagged this Cute

very california!

ninh tagged this beautiful

love it

Skeeter tagged this Wow

Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

Tiara tagged this Hot

that is AWESOME!!

RogueTess tagged this Hot

Ooh, purty!

Lynn tagged this Lovely

This one is absolutely lovely!


I love love love the skirt!!

Beth tagged this Cute

Love it!

ttt tagged this Cute

i can dig it. Skirt is rad.

Ellie tagged this Brave

Oh YES honey! My favourite so far? The skirt totally works (one to bring back for the winter?) and the arm bangle is very very edgy. Feel free to recycle this a few times!!

Lilly tagged this romantic!

love the skirt!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Nice one.

Sheryl tagged this Versatile

I love this! I could so get by with wearing this to work.

josey tagged this Batty

totally inspired

Anonymous tagged this amazing

you just totally transformed this dress.

Addie tagged this Batty

the gypsy oddball.

Daisy tagged this wonderful

love the skirt wish there was one in my sise

Anonymous tagged this a nite at the opera

I like the tailored dress over a flouncy long skirt. Opposites attract, and the busy neckline, different lengths of scarf and chains creates drama. A winner.

Katie tagged this true

totally dig this one too!


wow you don't even need the boa, the rest is very neet

me tagged this lovely!

this is so amazing!!

Danae tagged this Hot

OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

the skirt and scarf add a dressy look. i like it!!

Aricia tagged this Brave

beautiful!!!! makes me feel like going out in a shining day ;)

Aidil tagged this lovely

Wow. i like this too!

Tabitha tagged this Hot

I'd wear this if the skirt were slightly shorter!

Ashe tagged this Hot

Great combination.

Anonymous tagged this innovative

Lace boa is such an awesome idea... so much more environmentally friendly than those feather things that make you sneeze. Nice bangle too and necklace.

Elena(Russia) tagged this super

Soft and sentimental style. I like this.

Ulumuri tagged this Cute

So inspiring.

alyson tagged this Awesome

I would totally wear this

Gruntalope tagged this Hot

Very pretty dress.

Alice tagged this Rich in nostaglia

I love this dress's multi-generational appeal. My 42-year-old daughter could wear it, my eight-year-old granddaughter could wear and I could wear it. They are…younger than I am ;-)

Fashonista_84 tagged this Cute

Great! Love it!

Maya tagged this Hot


sinacall0624 tagged this ohsosweet

So so sweet...defr a girl after my own heart!!! I have all of these items in my closet (obviously not the EXACT replicas) and I never thought of wearing them like this!!! I think I have a new outfit!! CANT WAIT TIL 2MORROW!! Thanx 4 making me look 4ward to 2morrows!!!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

love it

katie tagged this victorian