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August 09

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"Chic for Friday!"
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Day 99. Fri, August 07 2009

Friday I'm in love

Vintage Whiting & Davis purse from eBay repurposed as necklace, Topo assymetric bangles donated by Tia. Visit her Etsy store at silvercocoon.etsy.com. Flower barettes donated by Alissa Riessinger. Visit her Etsy store at CupcakesAndMustaches.etsy.com.


Mary Ruback from Brazil tagged this Cute

So cute! I am in love too!!!

Camilla tagged this Brave

Surprisingly, that cute little purse makes a cool necklace, especially with the chain crisscrossed like that! Very classy today. :)

Eleanor tagged this Creative Genius!

I LOVE LOVE the vintage purse repurposed as a necklace! What a GREAT idea! There are times at work that I need to have my cell phone with me. I don't always have pockets in my outfit, and I refuse to wear the cell phone clipped to my waist. I'm going to an antique market this weekend and will be looking for a similar size purse.

Sophie tagged this Mignon

Ce que vous avez dans les cheveux, trop mignon. Et le collier en petit porte-monnaie, j'adore

Diana tagged this Delicate

One of my favorites, especially the barrettes.

Thalita tagged this Cute

amei a simplisidade do modelito; o sapato e as flores no cabelo deram um toque perfeito *---*

Molly tagged this Elegant

Very nice. I wouldn't mix gold and silver, though. Still, very elegant

Louise tagged this Hot

Hey you got lots of fans in Toronto. I haven't commented before - but I appreciate simplicity and this is sassy and sweet. I love the the glimmer from the necklace/shoes highlighting the rest of your dark/romantic combo.

Irene tagged this elegant

This is beautiful. I really like those flower barrettes.

Sue tagged this Elegant

How does that necklace feel on your neck? The outfit looks great, fabulous, but I'm into comfort.

Anonymous tagged this tres chic

aboslutely love it! great accessories!

ammakke tagged this creative

love that novel idea , the tranformation of the little purse!

m tagged this Brave

love the purse as a necklace and the flower barettes! very innovative!

Andrea tagged this Cute

I like the barettes.....I'd be interested in getting the dress if you decide to sell them.

Lorelei tagged this lovely!

This is so pretty and elegant! I love the barettes and the shoes and the little purse necklace is so cute!

Beth tagged this Cute

Like this outfit!

NYCMama tagged this Cute

Nice Purse

Mariah tagged this Classy

Another simple-but-elegant look. Nice!

Skye tagged this Cute

Excellent. Love the tiny bag necklace.

Cassie tagged this Try Harder

No really- Why do you claim to wear the same dress but you obviously change dresses-- August 5th has buttons? If you're going to claim to do a "uniform project" you should at least be honest.


re: Cassie The dress has a front and a back! One with buttons, one with a pleat.

Alissa tagged this Hot

yay! my barrettes! i'm so glad you liked them!

lindsay tagged this Brilliance!

Cassie, obviously you didnt read over the site...anywho, this outfit is simply incredible and another one of my faves!! Keep it up girl :)

Alexa tagged this Lovely

My favorite so far.

AmyH tagged this Tres Chic!

@Cassie- please read the about page before making ignorant comments. Love today's accessories!

floweret aunty & goretti aunty tagged this Cute

hearty congratulations!you are so talented and wonderful!you are specially blessed by god for this gracful striving.our sincere and lovable prayers are always with sheena.

mry aunty & paulose uncle tagged this Cute

we are proud of you and your wonderful attempt!wish you all the success that yo could achieve.may god bless you.we are expecting more from you in your life.

Zabette tagged this Cute

Love the shoes with bag!

Nataliexxx tagged this Cute

Super great blog honey <3 Love the concept and feel thee cause :-) Much love, Nataliexxx

KT tagged this Dressy & Classy

CASSIE took the time to scold you for something which she did not understand. Too bad she didn't take the time to submit an apology. :-(

Georgia4 tagged this Hot

How can I get someone to make this 'uniform' for me. I would like it just above my knee and about one inch longer in the sleeve. I love this product so much.


One of my favorite looks so far!

Cecily tagged this Cute

I love the barettes! They look very good with the dress.

Hannah tagged this Cute

It is the same dress. It can be worn with the buttons in the back or the front. I love what you aew doing with this project

Anonymous tagged this simple

i love how simple this

scarlett tagged this sweet like kool-aid

I just love the flowers :) The outfit is pretty cute as well

Anonymous tagged this sauve

love the necklace, love the simplicity

geekgirl tagged this night out

dressy, understated, and classic. Love it.

Alex tagged this Chic

Love this! Really simple and chic

Davide tagged this Hot

THIS IS AMAZING!!! So chic :-)

Emma tagged this Cute

The dress looks FAB!!! PErfect for going out with friends or going to a job interwiew. Love the necklace.....Emma

Karen tagged this Beautiful !

Beautiful... Simple and beautiful...

Luciana Falc√£o tagged this Brave

The best!!!!

yan tagged this beautiful

This is definitely one of my favourite outfits :)


Very cool Necklace!


I like it. subtle deicate feminine nice

Justi tagged this Cute

elegance and charm

Marthe tagged this Beautiful

This outfit is so simple and so amazing, just like your project, i saw an article about you in a Belgian newspaper (called 'de standaard'). I allready knew you were doing this but this is the first time i watch your site, and it's really fantastic what you're doing! Keep up the good work!