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May 09

This day belongs to happycat.
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Day 08. Fri, May 08 2009

Friday I'm in love.

Lilac summer dress, blue mesh tights and vintage Whiting & Davis purse repurposed as a necklace.


Miss Yvonne tagged this Super Bon Bon!

So Lovely! I'm in love with this LOOK!

shuchi tagged this Chic

very innovative


Mad about mauve!

Anush tagged this Hot

I love layered dresses.

Hello Christy tagged this Hot

I love this outfit! It is my favorite out of all of them :)

kafka tagged this Cute

I like this :D

Amy tagged this Cute

Chic and feminine...adore it :)

Anonymous tagged this sooooo cute

very cute! So where can I get this dress?

mags tagged this AMAZING

omg, loooooove this!! <3

Jeanne B. tagged this beautifully unique

Love the color combos

dearilou tagged this chic

So lovely.

Jenny tagged this Cute

I love this. Very sexy and comfy looking. The under dress gives it a nice romantic touch.

Brandy tagged this Cute

ooohh! This is eye catching! I don't know if I like the shoes... but I love the layers and the necklace.

eldub tagged this gorgeous

oh, I love this one!! I would wear this, for sure.

Skeeter tagged this Beautiful

This is one of my favorites!

RogueTess tagged this Hot

Kinda me - love it!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Love it!

Meg tagged this Cute

Love it!

megan tagged this Cute

so far my favorite.

xA tagged this Gorgeous

This is absolutely gorgeous

claire tagged this Hot


archi tagged this super creative!!

love it!!! esp the necklace idea...Genius!!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Love it!



ttt tagged this Fetching

yesterday was one of my favs, but, I like this one better!

Ellie tagged this Cute


Anonymous tagged this Hot

love, love, love -_-

Anonymous tagged this Cute


Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love it!

jenifer tagged this Hot

I love this! It's so fresh :)

Anonymous tagged this Cute

the colours are so pretty! well done!

Megan tagged this adorable!

i LOVE this! :D

Mailee tagged this Cute

Adorable. I love the color story.

Veronika tagged this Brave

This is my favourite May combination. The purple dress goes so well with the uniform!

erina tagged this Cute

great outfit!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Love the purse/necklace!



Hannah tagged this Lovely

I love, love, LOVE the ruffles and the tights/shoe color combination.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

i love this one.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Again with the artsy. Artsy suits you and you frame, but the practicality for everyone else?


I am a dressmaker/slipcover designer. I find this an awesome set. Colors are magnif together!!

Mel B. tagged this beautiful

I truly adore the purse as the necklace. oh, and the luhvley shades of purple

Josey tagged this Batty

Pretty and feminine. I am not sure what batty is supposed to mean but...

Carly tagged this Cute

Ok today is just SO pretty :D Lovely eye makeup too!!


so pretty! it has such a romantic feel to it!

Ivy Viado tagged this Romantic


Anonymous tagged this romantic

so feminine and chic. <3 just adorable.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

awwww so cute:D my fav one so far!

Addie tagged this AMAZING

I ADORE this look. So chic.

Artivist tagged this Stunning.

I love the whole ensemble.

ell tagged this Cute

my favorite of the whole bunch

ashley tagged this romantic and lovely!

love this project!

joanne tagged this ethereal

Shakesperian...magic in the forest. Lovely blending of muted colors, soft and yet chic. Bravo.

Anonymous tagged this Tres Chic


Anonymous tagged this perfect!!!!!

This is definitely the best so far

Katie tagged this comfy hip

very much like this!


This is so classy. I love the necklace. Genius.

caroline! tagged this Cute

where did you get those tights?! lovelovelove


very sexy elegant

rebel tagged this a day off

Sorry, but the dress below the "uniform" could be worn alone -- tossing the uniform over the top makes it another "off" day to me ....

Andrea Roy tagged this Hot

Love this...

marion to france

i love your action , and your look are so beautiful

marion to france tagged this i love it

so beautiful

Teresa tagged this my favourite so far!!!!!

My favourite so far!!!!!

gruvee tagged this perfect

thus far this is my favourite.

Katie tagged this Hot

AHHHHH This is lovely!

anne C. tagged this Cute

muuuito boa idéia ;) prática e CRIATIVA... good ideia! :*

erin tagged this Cute

Love it.

Anonymous tagged this pretty cute

simply that

laney tagged this Hot

loves. it.

Alex tagged this Amazingly Beautiful

My favorite outfit so far!!!! Genius. I'm in love. :)

Aricia tagged this Brave

beautifull!!! really cute... saw it at a newspaper here in Brazil...u're in Rio baby!!! ;)

Anonymous tagged this Classy

lovely combination

Cris Conti tagged this Absolutely stunning

This is a great ageless look that would be very becoming for any woman on any occasion. You are certainly a genius.

Zeleah tagged this Super cute

This would make Coco smile! very Chanel-esque!

Ashe tagged this Cute

Not my colours but I like the style

Mariah tagged this Hot

Going back through the archives, as I missed early May. LOVE this!

Jannie tagged this Amazingly cute

OMG this is one of my favorites! Please send it to me in my size!! The layering is awesome!

Laura tagged this Cute

My favorite by far! Flirty and sweet at the same time. I could see you in a fashion magazine or just walking down the street in this.

Kate tagged this Cute

I think this is my favourite one! Looks great! :)

Joe tagged this Hot


Anonymous tagged this Cute

Personification of Boho chic. Love the repurposed purse Idea and how you've woven the chain.

Sam tagged this Hot

I like the blend of colours. Quirky yet not to stray from trend.

Karen tagged this Cute

Oh so pretty!


I wish I had the figure to wear an outfit like this. You look lovely.


Icky shoes! And I'm not feeling those tights, either. The purse as a necklace seems okay...

Katie tagged this Perfect

:) It's so cute.

nelly_turmoil tagged this LOVE IT!

LOVE THIS SO MUCH! i loved it so much that i went and got stuff similar to this and wore it to a dinner party. too many compliments to count! THANK YOU FO RTHE IDEA!

Anonymous tagged this Devine

Stunning. Just stunning. Love the purse idea!

Naeem tagged this fatafati!!!

grishher dine ektu thanda batash

alyson tagged this Cute

Love the dusty purple and blue together.

sherry tagged this 20 beoivulf

lurve it

Sarah tagged this Stunning.

This is beautiful.

elisabeth tagged this Hot

love this one.

Ang tagged this Gorgeous

Just looked at all May through September, and this is my favorite of them all.

Daniella tagged this Stunning

Awesome. Love the colour of the dress paired with the tights

Justi tagged this Cute

WONDERFUL. So feminin!

SINACALL0624 tagged this OH MAMA

SO SO INSPIRING!!! love love love and judging from all of the comments MANY MANY peeps feel the same!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!! from what i can c only 2 neg comment...but there always is a hater in the crowd!!! i agree with the majority GENIUS!!! cant wait 2 style my little chain main vintage purse!!! CHEERS!!!

Gigi tagged this FabYouLust!

Friday and I'm in Love too! Love Your Look This is my Rocks Frocks and Cocktails "FabYoulust" Look of the month for May. You look FAB, boys lust after YOU and girls LUST after you look! Yummy Wishes Cocktail Kisses Gigi http://gigirocksfrocksandcocktails.blogspot.com/ Perfect for a date, afternoon tea or a little flirtatious fun.

Gloria tagged this Cute

I love this one

Claire Tracy Schmidt tagged this Cute

Love this outfit. It would have to be one of my favorites

Khalia tagged this Hot

Great idea!!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love your necklace-what a great idea! Favourite look very stylish.



Carole tagged this Hot

I adore this look, and covet that necklace/purse!!

shila tagged this Cute

love this!

Bunny tagged this Cute

this is very cute

rachel tagged this magnificent

i'm pretty sure this one is my favorite. i can't tell you how much joy this project has brought me this last year. i've been doing my best this week to share you success with anyone i know. it's truly admirable and i couldn't be more impressed. my birthday is thursday, your second-to-last day in the dress. can't wait to see what you've got in store. much love & encouragement this last week!