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February 10

This day belongs to ecofabcait.
"I love this look - casual chic with an unexpected pop, the yellow pumps make the outfit! Everyone at ecofabulous is a HUGE U.P. fan! http://www.ecofabulous.com/ecofashion/l-b-d-as-easy-as-1-2-365/"
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Day 285. Tue, February 09 2010

For the artisan women of Bombay

CORRECTION: I got the facts mixed up on the vest, my apologies! See revised info below.

A handcrafted vest donated by Rajya Karipineni of Handwork of India – a fair trade initiative that supports and employs the local artisan women of India. See more of their products at marketplaceindia.org >

Shall we de-freeze that funds box? Maybe we all make a concerted effort today to tell 10 new people about the U.P? Tweet it, Facebook it or drop a good old fashioned email to 10 people who don't know about us already? Let's ring it in for the kids.

P.S Fashion Week will soon be upon us. Big fun at the U.P coming up!


holly tagged this golden slippers

I always like it when you promote other organisations.

moon tagged this Cute

one day maybe the kids will be able to use that education and help in burma! and they'll know what to wear :)

KG tagged this Cute

Love the vest but cannot find it on the Weave-Women.org site ... they do have really nice products though.

Daisy tagged this Cute

Awesome!!! I like the way the shoes bring out the yellow in the vest.

Mara tagged this Hot

I really want those shoes.

Noa tagged this Splendid Socks (again)

Your socks amaze me... If there was a prize for Socks of The Century, you would win, hands down. P.S. That is awesome that you support the fair trading. Weave is really an awesome thing.

k tagged this purposeful

have facebooked it :)

Pear Picker tagged this darling, Darling

I am constantly attempting to slip this site/project into conversation because I belive what you are doing here is absolutely sensational. Sometimes I relate it rather abstractly (but I do so all the same!)such as: acquaintance: By golly is it sunny today! Myself: Indubitably; you know what else it sunny? The shoes Sheena wore yesterday. acquaintance: Who's Sheena? Myself: weeeeelllll (goes on into lenghty discription of your project and my deep admiration for it).

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new yorker. tagged this the only way is U.P

U.P the ANTE, U.P the ACTION, REACT and get your DONATI-ON!

anonymous tagged this Hot

some people's comments are trying too hard.


Navy blue (glittery?) tights + yellow pumps = my favorite part. Also, I love the way your hair is growing out :)... I will make sure to tweet about U.P. I found out about this website through Livejournal, so I suppose I should keep spreading the word.

Irene tagged this the sophisicated artist

such adorable combination of patterns in the vest and lovely colour palate. But the hat blends into your hair in your picture making me thing you had an Afro today.

Miss Britt

Love your beanie. And the shoes! They are unbelievably cool. And the way the yellow seems to accentuate the vest! All fits together quite nicely.

Adriana tagged this Cute

How long does it take to post this website as your facebook status? On your twitter? Imagine how many people will see this site after you make a few clicks. I myself cannot donate (I'm too young) but I love this cause and find the idea inspirational. We NEED to raise awareness and expose others to this website so they can help this cause as well.

kimi tagged this beanie-babe

the paisley detailed vest / i do crave / matching navy socks & yellow shoes / wow / burma w(e)ave

Mariam tagged this Hot

Love the multiple different ways the vest can be worn!

canadiangirl tagged this perfection

Fantastico!! You make it look so easy, Sheena. And while we can't all dress with such flair, it should, in an ideal world, be so easy for all of us to help others the way you're doing - it should simply be our nature. :)

Amélia Lôbo BR tagged this Hot

Really love the hat, and the shoes... Love it all

Laramie tagged this Don't try so hard

Sheena - how could you?

beinzstalk (NZ) tagged this Vested Interest

Amazing coordination of colours - every subtle but amazing. Facebooked you. Great project. And well done for sticking with it for so long. Comittment like that is very unusual these days.

uk online casino tagged this Hot

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Payal tagged this sliping in my note...

It's been a mad day, but I'm writing in now (12.45 am Oz time) - Yes to de-freezing the funds! I'm on it! Another great idea ladies - this year I've told all my friends to skip the birthday gifts (just before May) - instead, help me chip in for U.P! AND...I'm getting all my girls to participate in the auction! Sheena, you're in advertising, I'm in advertising - let's start the hype for the auction & recruit more UP-ites/ UPpers!

Beth tagged this Fabulous

Fabulous. Sigh--I could never wear it. Maybe for next year's project you could dress up your friends, say, for two weeks at a time. Start with a shortish, plumpish, forty-somethingish person, please. I love the way you let it all ripple outwards. Directly, you're supporting Akanksha, but then you're letting us all know about these wonderful artisans, as well as fair trade groups.

Linda tagged this said savager

Love the Burmese vest, but the hat - not so much. You're right, we need to amp up the donations! :p

Anushka tagged this think thaw

@ Beth -your comment made me smile! Perfect day to de-freeze...as the weather goes into deep freeze! Something's gotta give! Cheers to thawing!

mia tagged this Cute

oh like-a-lot

bobbie tagged this Cute

I have those shoes in pink!! :)

ammakke tagged this Cute

Love the unique style of today's outfit..but could not open the weave-women's site!?looking forward to the "fashion week"'s outfits.Yes, Sheena we do need to defreeze that corner box.

christine tagged this Cute

fair trade, reused, well-loved, ebay-ed, donated, sustainable fashion...and all for an amazing cause. what's not to love?


Cute! Love the pop of yellow the shoes give the outfit!

A British fan tagged this Leggy

Sheena, where's your smile gone? If I had legs like yours, you would not be able to wipe the grin from my face :)


Blasted FB, my neighbours - old peoples home next door, my boss, cashier girls at Supermarket - I am becoming quickly a notorious hate figure in the neighbourhood but no one can touch me, it's for a good cause people!!! l am thinking of a grand guerilla style fundraising finale starting now and growing crechendo till the end of the project... any ideas? something that could be applied locally - from Paris to Sidney..besides the obvious which is donating and using your parents' credit card to donate when they're alseep...and no it doesn't have to involve guns!!! we'll just ask nicely...suggestions anyone???

Luke tagged this Hot

I LOVE THIS ONE! Everything matches, and it looks great.

pernilla furey tagged this Cute

your fantastic, i love this outfit.

roe tagged this Hot

this is so hot, I can't even stand to look straight at you.