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April 10

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Day 324. Sat, March 20 2010

For Paps

Vintage hat and suede pumps from eBay, wool scarf and japanese velvet collar donated by Sosuke, staple checkered green tights source forgotten, metallic silver socks from Sockdreams and purple vintage skirt from Old Hollywood.

Happy Birthday, Dad! I hope mom made you your favorite meal :-)


Mara tagged this Cute

I'm not such a fan of the socks, but overall, it's cute.

me tagged this cute cute cute

That's my girl..Thanks sheena..You look gorgeous as always..Feel so proud to be your dad..all the best in the weeks ahead!!


I like the colours, they make a refreshing palette. And the layers, as we all know you are the Queen of Layers!

me again

.........wish you were here to have a taste of what Mom made today!! yummmmmmmmy.

ammakke tagged this favourite

So sweet of You for making it a "daily for dad"..Missed You...You look absolutely adorable though looking lil tired but I hope the weekend naps will envigorate You for the heavy load of work ahead..all the best U.P!

riley tagged this Cute

Happy birthday to your Dad!

Sandrine tagged this Cute

I love that!!!

christine tagged this daddy's little girl

aw, your dad should be so proud. you are doing such amazing work. happy birthday to him! you look happily layered and relaxed today.


what a great blend of patterns! love love love :).


great co-ordinated items all of which sit happily together. Hope you get to catch up with your folks; you probably don't have much free time as you speed towards the final weeks.

gruvee tagged this Cute

ooh I like. and Happy Birthday Mr. Paps!

Jessica tagged this Brave

LOVE the faint...Golden Girls (?) aspect the pant brings in (or maybe the white socks?)...great Spring layering

Dani tagged this too cool for school :)

Such a modern and fun look, i love how you have mixed stripes and checks, not many people can pull that look off.

Irene tagged this Fabulous

Amazing from head to toe, and a beautiful smile to top it off.

NKuprina tagged this Brave

It`s nice)

Pro-Portional Designs tagged this Try Harder

I like the cigarette pants and the collar but I'm not sure about together.

Laura tagged this Ugly

uggghh ! Sorry but your clothes are soooo ugly oj my god! you have a strange face!

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Anonymous tagged this Cute

can it get any cuter!

anonymous... ish tagged this purplicious!

wow! purple is my favourite colour and this outfit is definitely somthing i would wear. ++++ ps HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Torimidori tagged this Cute

This is so cute!

wasabipear tagged this Check it out

If people were brave enough to mix patterns, the world would be much more visually stimulating.

maffiaek tagged this Brave

I like this :) i think this would make my day brighter

Payal tagged this Purple dreams

Happy birthday Sheen's dad! Must've been a proud, proud year! Here's to another one! Love the purplr skirt peeping out! And love the COTD...too cool!

Helen tagged this Cute

Love the combination!

moon tagged this Cute

omg the layers and patterns are so complimentary that it's really amazing!


I disagree with Angela to the point I must reply- most importantly, you do NOT have a strange face- you are gorgeous.Second, I hope she is only commenting about today when she says "your clothes are ugly." I doubt anyone is going to like every outfit, but you have put some fab ones together!


interesting choice of "comment of the day".....puts a bright spotlight on our contemporary culture of rudeness.


Who's bad?

viv jones tagged this Brave

that day was my b.day!! great colour match!!

Emily tagged this Cute

favourite so far!

Sarah tagged this Try Harder

How is this a uniform? Looks more like a shit load of accessories . . .