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June 09

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Day 57. Fri, June 26 2009

For Michael.

Vintage fedora from eBay and vintage suede glove from Old Hollywood. White summer socks donated by Sock Boutique. Sam Edelman shoes from Alter.


Dana Starbuck Dubay tagged this Sweet!


Juneau tagged this Bad (in an MJ sense)

RIP Michael. Love your tribute . . .

Inspired by The Project


RogueTess tagged this Cute

A wonderful tribute outfit!

Ericka tagged this Wonderful.

This is awesome. RIP King of Pop.

kesley Coimbra tagged this Hot

Girl, close your eyes Let that rhythm get into you.... A great homage to a great artist

A tagged this Awesome

Great tribute!

natalie tagged this Nostalgic

"Hey, pretty baby with the... jazz shoes on. You give me fever like I've never ever known. You're just a product of loveliness. I like the groove of your walk, your talk, YOUR DRESS."

Anonymous tagged this Cute

In memoriam


I'm not usually a fan, but I'm okay with this.

easterbunnyslim tagged this Brave

perfect :)

Sammy tagged this So Michael

Very sweet.

RDL tagged this Hot

Love the homage.

Sacha tagged this Thrilling

Well played, my dear.

Beth tagged this Hot

Awesome! R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Camila Orleans tagged this Brave

Nice tribute =)

Sandra D

that's so sad :( but cute too

Kat tagged this Hot

Love it

Mz.Spider tagged this Thrilling

*sniff* Such a devastating week. My favorite thus far. Simple, but so sweet.

francispault@yahoo.com tagged this Cute

simple but eye catching

mandvi sharma tagged this Cute

hey there sheena, Mandvi here from Times of India, Delhi. Had contacted Sandra to get in touch with you. I am doing a story on Uniform Project... would love to speak to you soon. my contact details are with Sandra. thanks

cn tagged this P.Y.T.!


Amanda tagged this Awesomness

Nice! RIP MJ

eldub tagged this sweet


Faith tagged this Brave

Oh, so good!




This is understated and classic. A real tribute to the man.

val tagged this fantastic

thanks for this...

.. tagged this Cute


Christine tagged this Bad

And by bad, I mean awesome.

Anonymous tagged this Brave

Love it!

radadams tagged this Amazing

LOVE it. He is definitely going to be missed, what an amazing musician.

Carmen tagged this Brave

amazing... thanks for the tribute [*]

shuchi tagged this Brave

You're amazing. Thanks :)


i wanna rock with you

Tania UK tagged this Hot

very fitting RIP Michael

Rena tagged this Respectful


FabulousRaye tagged this Cute

This is just lovely!


awesome. can't stop 'til you get enough.

biker girl tagged this Very Fitting

Well done!

dearilou tagged this Brave

beautifully fitting.

Britwatch tagged this poignant

Ever so apt. Well done, uniformproject.


What a Thriller!

Sue-Lee tagged this Brave

sensitive and respectful. nice work



Pope Richard Corey tagged this Thriller

Beat it!

Syl tagged this Hot

That's cool to dedicate this outfit to The Legend...he will be greatly missed!


Love it! nice tribute. RIP MJ



Libai tagged this In the zone

That's sensible of you. Great creative girl.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Very fitting.

jm tagged this Thriller!


hhh tagged this great

this tribute made me happy :)

Gene tagged this Hot


beevee tagged this Off the Wall... PYT!

Love the MJ tribute!


Nice tribute outfit !

Joanna tagged this AWESOME

It's perfect. Keep up the work. RIP Michael.

Edith tagged this Brave

It's so unfortunate that Michael Jackson is dead. He was a great singer and dancer. His music was amzing. It's so sweet of you to make a tribute for him. ~Edith

ZZ tagged this Cool

So cool, I can tell it's MJ inspired. RIP Michael Jackson.

Sarah tagged this Hot

Understated and classy!


Excellent work !

Karyn tagged this Hot

Love it! Great tribute outfit :-)

Lucy tagged this Hot

what a fitting tribute <3 RIP Michael Jackson Alter seems like a great store :) I found its site recently! http://ragstoreverie.blogspot.com


how about using the other items as well over and over again. it's easy to wear 1 dress when you spend 500$ each day for new accessories.

DWilliams tagged this creative

Nice tribute

Anonymous tagged this Awesome!

Very nice!

jarsika tagged this MJ would be proud

YAY! This is EXCEPTIONAL. Love it.

Anonymous tagged this Brave


Steven Rodriguez tagged this Hot

The song "Smooth Criminal" just entered my mind.

X tagged this Wonderful

Extremely deserving and touching in every way..

Juliana tagged this Awesome

just love it

Sara tagged this Beautiful.

That's a nice one. This is a great homage to him. It's so Michael Jackson, but still somehow really feminine.

Carly from NZ tagged this Brave

Definitely a PYT moment. Nice homage.

Chelsea tagged this Hot

Love it, Michael would, too!

sna tagged this Cute

Very Michael Jackson

LrnM Design tagged this Hot

OMG I love this! Excellent tribute!

Ellie tagged this Brave

Bring on the celeb tributes. Although hopefully not all for dead folks.

m. heart tagged this Cute

this is awesome. one of my favorites.

Addie tagged this Try Harder

A little plain.... The gloves are cute.

Anonymous tagged this Brave

Nice tribute!


to easy!

Samantha tagged this Cute

This reminds me of Bob Fosse!!!

Nikki tagged this Brave


Reese tagged this Hot

I, absolutely, love it! R.I.P King of Pop Michael Jackson.

Anonymous tagged this Brave

Awesome really nice

KC tagged this So Billie Jean

He'd love it. This is such a neat project. Well done!

vinamarata tagged this michael jackson ;)


freya tagged this Cute


Freddy tagged this Remember the time

You earned my respect. The bent head appropriately reflects how humbled I felt upon learning of the news.


you are amazing!!!


how sweet of you - RIP MJ