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September 09

This day belongs to Espino.
"Love the outfit! Simple and elegant, like Fall."
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Day 134. Fri, September 11 2009

Footloose Friday

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The Title Of The Day Challenge:
And the winner is… Penny Liechti.
Penny says, "Footlose Friday. Wednesday was Soho, yesterday was Bloomsbury, today is a bit Shoreditch."
Thanks everyone for the enthusiastic participation and for all the donations to the cause.
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Woven collar made from recycled leather donated by Janna Ambags. See more of Janna's work at www.artable.nl Thrifted vest altered by Jessica Engle, bamboo tights donated by Sockdreams and vintage boots donated from Julie's Etsy shop, ScottieinaCanoe.etsy.com


elizabeth tagged this Brave

spunky eclectic look of gathered bits.

BasmaDubaiDubai tagged this Cute

You are so innovative. Love ya

BasmaDubaiDubai tagged this Cute

You are sooo cute. love ya


Love the vest. V cute outfit overall, v wearbable.

Jill tagged this totally sweet

this is a really great outfit. and you know it. :)

rosalafae tagged this Cute

Those boots are just about the best things ever.

prutha Raithatha tagged this Cute

love the collar


'flock of seagulls'..returns

Scotsman tagged this Cute

Hi Sheena Eliza best luck for your London fundraising! My title suggestion is "No more ground zero, lots of pounds n Euros"

Auf Wiederzahn Der Red Balloon

Tribute to the eighties in true Deutchland flair.

Britwatch tagged this Cool suburbia

Title suggestion: "eight years on, the ache moves on"

seb tagged this Cast your net wide

An all round title; for the eclectic accessories, the nautical feel and for the worldwide donations to the project :)

Beth tagged this Cute

Like the tights!

Claire tagged this A Vested Interest

what a wonderful balance of neutral & color, light & dark! love it!

a UP follower tagged this Batty

White shoes after Labor Day! oh my...

meg tagged this Brave

love this site. view everyday. inspires my wardrobe and my philanthropy. thanks.

Scout tagged this greek

blue lagoon


Hello! Love your site and cause. Just a thought, but have you and your friend thought about selling the dress pattern for charity? I'm sure there are avid sewers out there, keen to get a copy of that dress!

Mstar* tagged this Hot

Ooooh, I'm so sorry - I didn't read the FAQ section... please ignore above comment. Still love the site though!

lo tagged this Cute

i donated $10 just to donate- i don't have a name cute enough for this outfit. it is definitely one of my favorites. for some reason you look like you're about to go ice-skating!


ual !! this is very beautiful ;D


Oh! you're so cute ;@

Gina tagged this Brave

Not a fan of this one. I love the tightss, but the vest does nothing for me.

Pen tagged this Footloose Friday

Wednesday was Soho, yesterday was Bloomsbury, today is a bit Shoreditch. Nice one.

Mrs. O tagged this Rock n' Rule

Another hit! The "don't wear white after Labor Day" rule is defunct. I love the red on top, shades of black in between, and white to end it nicely.

samar tagged this wow

love the outfit one of my favorites

Mariah tagged this The 80s Move Onward

Would normally be up to the naming challenge, but not sure I could beat "Footloose Friday" !! Love how you've updated the 80s look . . . particularly the shoes/socks with those terrif bamboo tights.

mm tagged this Bamyah!

I'd call it "In Vest In The Future" in honor of Akanksha and the fund raising of course, your site's real raison d'etre. $10 coming your way

hhh tagged this Cute

I love everything about this outfit, it's stellar. I love all of the greys and whites and blacks you used. There's a pop of color around the neck and then the buttons of the vest are light pink... it's all about the details! overall, a very hot look <3

hhh tagged this Brave

also - fashionistas get away with breaking the "fashion rules". she's wearing white after labor day... so what?? she's working it. come on now guys. some rules are meant to be broken.

iLsEoRt tagged this Cute

What a great project! My mom should have had access to this for when i was a teenager complaining about the lack of clothing (having the closet full of stuff). Congratulations!

abigail tagged this brilliant

no name to suggest.....sorry....but u r precious!!!


"Waist not, want not"

scary. tagged this class. pure class.

lady, ya should go off site more often with the shoots... not that ya don't have enough on your plate, but the shots when ya ain't in front of a screen do your looks a lot more justice ..

AntigonelivesOn tagged this Urban Ice Skater

I love all your outfits so much! This is one of my Favorites!

Irene tagged this Snazzy

Each item you have on is cute and interesting just by itself. Needless to say, when put together it looks amazing. Your boots remind me of ice-skates...

shaniam tagged this Groovy!

She looks like she's ready to do the pony! Adorable.

ApollineR tagged this Cute

I hope that your dress will soon be in market (and that it will be available in Canada). This project is a very good idea. Best Regards ApollineR http://eclectic.over-blog.org

mia tagged this Cute


Athene tagged this Cute

I simply love those shoes!


Re: white shoes after Labor Day.......... When a UP follower wrote, "White shoes after Labor Day! oh my...", I interpreted that as sarcasm because we all know that idea went out of vogue many, many, many years ago. Or am I wrong?

Michelle tagged this Cute

I don't understand the "no-white-shoes-after-Labor-Day rule" mainly because if you think about it, every day is after labor day technically. ANYWAY this is an adorable outfit - I especially love the tights and I'm becoming more and more envious of your legs (and legging collection) the longer this project goes on.

Deb tagged this fabulous

that is one awesome collar.

Payal tagged this Lovin it!

White shoes...awesomeness!

yobe tagged this simple

Simple and effective. I like the tights, and the boots are pretty cool too.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

the woven collar is great!!!

Julia tagged this Hot

i really like thes vest :)

Rose tagged this awesome

this is amazing i love every bit of it :) good work