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June 09

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Day 42. Thu, June 11 2009

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Vintage summer bonnet and Laredo boots from eBay.


Elizabeth tagged this Cute

You got a lot of press today! Love the idea, and you look adorable no matter what you wear. You def need to sell the dress now that everyone sees how versatile it is! Your Cause is admirable, and I hope everyone reading this blog donates.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

the bonnet's a bit weird, but cute boots.

Okok tagged this Cute

Perhaps would wear the hat in a different way, but cute!

Karen tagged this Batty

The hat looks like a tea cosy.

Modelmental tagged this Cute

Elizabeth's comment - absolutely! Offer the dress for sale on the site! Sorry for all the !!!, I'm just so inspired by your idea.

Joevakro tagged this Flower pot

Danny Devito meets Napoleon

Half in Scribbly tagged this Cute

Ditto'ing Elizabeth & Modelmental: please sell the dress! Great fund-raiser no matter what, but the dress would haul in some extra $$ for sure. Love this project

Nancy tagged this Cute

Any chance you'll publish a pattern for the dress? I LOVE it and would wear it every week, if not every day.


Hi everyone, definitely considering all your requests. I will be posting uniform project plans for the future in the blog section of the site which will launch in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned lassies!


keepin' it keebler


Am I missing something? I think this is great idea and that the outfits are super cute BUT there are 2 different style dresses. I thought it was a 1 dress project?

charla tagged this Cute

Yay boots, boo rain ....




Jennifer, its the same dress! Just worn backwards some days :)

Anonymous tagged this Cute



Darling, your ideas are simply adorable, but honestly i don't see how you can spare some cash with all those beautiful shoes, hats and accessories? However, interesting and inspiring, waiting for the next combination :)

Shalini George tagged this Hot

this is so unpredictable!!! awesome!

Elizabeth Jones tagged this Brave

That yellow shirt is great x

Elizabeth Jones

And I want a dress too - sell them for the charity - you could supply shops and everything...

Anonymous tagged this Cute

Just went through the entire site and every day....am obsessed with the UP! Hurrah! Although, I have to add that I don't understand how this is sustainable when there are a million accessories.

Eve tagged this Cute

To my understanding, sustainability includes recycling, so all the accessories are old, donated, or vintage- it's not creating any waste by re-purposing old stuff. good luck with this project!

pretty face

Wow! I love this project! OK, I am totally too lazy to blog today, I am just going to link this blog.. xx


Ummm - 7 dresses does not equal one dress. Wear THE SAME dress every day to be faithful to your commitment.

PeaceBang tagged this Cute


Sacha tagged this Cute

Sweet. :-)

Anonymous tagged this Batty

Strange hat.

Jenny tagged this Cute

I love the hat and the bright yellow peering out too. Still not a fan of the hiking boots though.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

this would definately become a regular in my weeklong wadrobe


Jennifer - no there are not 2 dresses, it's one dress which can be reversed back/front.

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Again, I covet those shoes.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

the yellow is so fresh!

Beth tagged this Cute

I like the collar of the yellow shirt.

Anonymous tagged this Cute

The hat, NO, other than that;cute

maj tagged this Cute

i like this outfit. the yellow top (?) underneath the dress looks very preppy, yet wonderful. i also like how the boots put the whole outfit together.

Anonymous tagged this Try Harder

doesn't go together at all. It's like a part of three different outfits on your head, body, and legs/feet.

Addie tagged this EW

EEEEEEWWWWWWW! I think this is the first outfit I'm completely disappointed with. The collar doesn't go with the color scheme, the hat is bad, and just a bit uninnovative.

Freya tagged this Hot

Love the outfit! I don't know if it's just my computer, but I can't see the 9th of June pic?

Carolyn Elliott tagged this Cute

Quiet and simple.

Anonymous tagged this Brave

I am glad that people are stepping up and doing something about it. bates boots