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July 09

This day belongs to Ruth.
"This is such a perfect summer look. I love the whimsy of it."
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Day 90. Wed, July 29 2009

Flirty fishing

Tube dress designed from reclaimed fabric donated by Tara St. James. See Tara's new blog at 4equalsides.com. (She's having a sale this evening). Fishing tackle necklace designed and donated by Sári Gordon. Visit her store at flirtyfishing.com. Vintage rings from Etsy.


nosila tagged this verry cute!

it looks great on you!

bree tagged this adorable

i love this you look like a pretty little fairy http://theartcupboard.blogspot.com/

B tagged this Fab

Best yet, I think! Looove the dress and shoes, kudos!

shuchi tagged this Cute

love the dress!!!

galyu tagged this beautiful


Judith tagged this Clever

Outstanding outfit. Love the shoes too!

Natacha C. tagged this Gorgeous!

Another one of my favorites!


love the dress...

lauren tagged this Cute

Love that dress, nice pairing!



Jean tagged this Hot

LOVE this!

BethBG tagged this Cute

flirty & fabulous! XX's

E.J.Starbuck tagged this Oh so pretty!

You look like a butterfly hooked on a fishing fly!

Wendy West

I love your style! What fabric is the dress made out of?1212

Mariah tagged this Cute

Great summer look -- flowy and cool, even with the black. Creative!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Adorable! Looovve the necklace.

annie tagged this wow

incredible outfit today...that necklace is so creative and beautiful!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

love this! overall very cute and vintage-esque, would even look good without the UP black dress.

Lauren tagged this Cute

I need this outfit, this is so cute!


could be look great without the black dress.

Laura tagged this Cute

This is my favorite so far!

Eleanor tagged this Wonderful!

Loving the dress as a jacket; you have inspired me to think of a button up dress in my closet that might be used as a long jacket. LOVE the dress; I'd love to see it sans jacket to see more of it's structure and fabric content

Stefanie tagged this Wonderful lady!

So amazing. The end!

Margeaux tagged this Cute

So sweet! I love your shoes.

Sarah tagged this Hot

The phrase "flirty fishing" has some very unsavory associations for me. (Don't want to go into it, you can Wiki it.) But the outfit is v. v. cute! Love the necklace!

Anonymous tagged this Cute

so dainty and chic!

Elizabeth Jones tagged this sophisticated and angelic

I love it! You are my soul personifed!

Shefali tagged this Cute

Wow this dress is beautiful...What a great concept. I like yourself grew up in India wearing uniforms. Good luck!

Katie tagged this Cute

Love love love love it!

Georgia tagged this Adorable

If only your outfits would look that good on the rest of us! You're adorable!!!

molly tagged this Cute

I like this outfit, esp the shoes

Alice tagged this Pretty

Love the contrast in textures in this one. And the shoes are perfect.


What a great ensemble!

Irene tagged this gorgeous

This is beautiful. You look really nice here.


The dress and the necklace are a really lovely combination.

Constance tagged this sophisticated

This is lovely! quite different from your previous outfits.

Jennifer Rose tagged this loverly

o dear, the flirty fishing moniker is indeed a bit unsavory. but perhaps you were playing with that... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flirty_fishing Otherwise, a lovely light look for a hot summer day. (If NYC is as humid as Boston, I'm sure you're cursing the darned uniform jacket, but it adds some really nice vertical/diagonal angles.)

tara tagged this Hot

so cute, it looks great on you!

Sydney tagged this Cute

I really like the dress and the shoes.


Great close up of the necklace.unnerve ing

lightspeedchick tagged this Cute

Dressmaking photos/instructions please! :)

Sári tagged this Hot

I chose "Flirty Fishing" because I have a really dark sense of humor. Forgive me ;)

Meredith tagged this Beautiful

I lovelovelovelovelove this!!! Especially the adorable dress underneath.

Hayley tagged this Cute

Love every item! Where are the shoes from? They're fantastic.

Linda tagged this Cool

Love that necklace.

Liz tagged this Cute

Very cute!

desi tagged this Cute

looovvvee the tube dress! sooo cute!

Holly tagged this Cute

One of my favourites yet!

AmyH tagged this Hot

Absolutely stunning. you've really hit the mark with this one!

AmyH tagged this Hot

Also, when can we get the opportunity to buy the uniform dress or buy the pattern so we can sew one up for ourselves?

Svanhvit tagged this what they're all saying

I echo it. Thought yesterdays was the best of the month but now not so sure! The colours are gorgeous and delicate and summery and the dress as jacket is working really well.

Cloclo tagged this Très chic

J'adore ce look!

NN tagged this Hot

love it!

lily tagged this beautiful

gorgeous - a complete change from previous looks. well done!

rosalafae tagged this Lovely

Lovelovelove this outfit, especially the necklace.

Kate tagged this Perfect

Other than "Friday I'm in Love", I think this may be my fave outfit yet! Kudos

Bree tagged this Mwaah ....

would like the outfit very much without the black dress.

Alix tagged this Cute

I love. End of.

Kathlene tagged this Gorgeous

This outfit is so pretty. I love the color combination and the long multi-stranded necklace.

Delaney Gates tagged this So chic!

This is my favorite ensemble yet!

Dae tagged this Hot

Love it!

Heterocefala tagged this Cute

Super cute! :) I wrote about you in my blog from Brazil yesterday: www.acefalando.blogspot.com :) Keep on with the great work!

kamil tagged this tres chic

Wow, very summery, love the colors and the shooooes!

Kate B tagged this Gorgeous!

Gorgeousness. I love the textures.

Urban Sherp tagged this Cute

Fun flirty floaty - perfect for summer evening....

abigail tagged this sweet

fresh, creative......lovely.

kelsey tagged this Great

I love the tube dress!!

Rosie tagged this Hot

my favourite outfit so far!

christina tagged this clever

Just saw the video on dailycandy. You are amazing and an inspiration and I'm passing this site along to everyone I know. Plus - great style girl!

Kim tagged this delicious and delovely!

Absolutely head-turning! Where are those precious shoes from?

m.sue tagged this Hot

OOH now that's scandalous! in the best way possible of course!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

My Fav so far

ashan tagged this Cute

super cute!

Juno tagged this Hot

This has to be one of my favorite outfits yet.

Le Journal de Chrys

Bel ensemble!!!

Kirsten tagged this Pretty!

One of my favorites so far!

Cyn tagged this My fav so far !

So refreshing ! Looooove it !

Claire tagged this Cute

mu favorite one to date! Its just so pretty.

Katharine Tapley tagged this Hot

This is utterly charming.

Kayleigh tagged this Stunning

Best look I've seen in a while. The dress is fantastic! The necklace, the uniform, and the shoes complimate it so well! Good job girl! I have respect for all the looks you can create with that uniform, must be hard some days! Keep doing things for good causes! http://www.the-balance-beam.blogspot.com/

Zoe tagged this Majorly awesome

Absolutely fabulous!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

i LOVE the dress.. and the shoes are hot too

Anonymous tagged this exellent job

wow, perharps my favorite so far! nice and simple, yet classy and girly.

Cynthia tagged this avante garde wedding

this one is beautiful due mostly to the dress underneath - lovely enough for a casual wedding bride, except necklace doesn't match just distracts - great shoes.

julee tagged this Cute

This is one my favorites! I love the colors and the coordination between dress and shoes!

Lauren tagged this Cute

SO CUTE! I love it when you wear the uniform as a "jacket"...very innovative and adorable.

Maureen tagged this Fierce



i don't really like, cover the breast.

Shauna tagged this Hot

The way this outfit looks is AMAZING! I would most diefinitely wera out on a date!

Hannah tagged this Classical

Beautiful dress and necklace! I love this project and just wish I had a wardrobe as full of so many pretty things too!

LA tagged this Hot

rlly cute! but seriously dude. change the hair. it's not working for u.

Amy tagged this Hot

lllllllllooooooooovvveeeeeeeeeee!! There's not 1 thing wrong with this outfit! great job!

Kat tagged this Hot

Love this!!! Need this dress

awer tagged this chic

GREAT luv it very chic

Katrina tagged this sweet

The light dress is SO beautiful, i just love it! And the black one works with it very well : )

Kitty tagged this Hot

That's beautiful!! Very romantic looking.

Kitty tagged this Hot

That's beautiful! Romantic chic!

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Love the dress


LOVING the necklace.

Ellie tagged this Fantastic

This is my absolute favorite outfit so far!

Isabella tagged this Fabulous!!

I love this outfit! And, for that matter, all the outfits before it...each one seems better than the last! I wanted to post not only to say how fun this site is, but also to ask you for your advice/ideas for thrift stores and flea markets in NYC. My husband and I visited this past month, and I am coming again later this fall, and really want to find some fun little (reasonably priced if possible!) boutiques/flea markets/antique stores. So...obviously you're busy planning these fabulous outfits :-), but if you have a second to email me your suggestions that would be fabulous!! My addresss is isabella.hodge@verizon.net thanks so much! and I LOVE your creativity...I feel inspired!

Timmy B. tagged this Cute

So cute! Love it! You are so creative and talented!!!!!

Carla White tagged this Hot


Alice tagged this Cute



Stunning outfit in general! Love everything!

jo tagged this Hot

Great outfit-love this! Do you get exhausted thinking up all these combinations? Amazing.

Leni tagged this Hot

I applaud this outfit!