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July 09

This day belongs to crunchee.
"you make it look pretty simple and simply pretty.proud of you girl!"
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Day 89. Tue, July 28 2009


Vintage flapper era hat from eBay, tea-stained crochet daisies on antique brass chain designed and donated by Lisa Bruemmer. Visit her Etsy store at treeandkimball.etsy.com. Vintage pumps donated by Helena.


Mariah tagged this Modern Elegance

Stunning! The brown/black/creme combo works so well here. And . . . one of my favorite hats yet!

Shrewti tagged this stylish!

I like this look for the sheer balance of elements. Love the hat!

BethBG tagged this Cute

I love this necklace! XX's

sss tagged this Try Harder

too simple... please come up with something more colorful tomorrow! :)

@marycray tagged this Hot

LOVE THIS. The texture details are echoing each other from hat to the necklace. Lovely. Hot shoes.


Truly, less is more. This is just lovely!

barbara tagged this Perfection

Perfection! Love the look, but can't really see the details of the hat. Maybe try a day or two of fill-flash to see how it works? PS, I wish I had your legs...

Beth tagged this Okay

Okay. Like the daises, though.

Anonymous tagged this tres chic

love, love, love this outfit!

Irene tagged this Hot

Simple and elegant. Simply gorgeous. I love this!

shuchi tagged this Classy

I love vintage!!! oooh the hat!!!

nana tagged this Cute

i must congratulate you, for you have here found poses that flatter your face =) the outfit is nice and simple too

che tagged this refined

loving the simplicity

AM tagged this Always great....

Everything you create is fab! If you do plan to sell this all at the end, Barbara is right about the flash. We need to see more detail on the pieces, like the hat. I'll bet it is great but we can't see it in any detail. And I know you want to sell this for the cause!

ashlee tagged this modern+elegent+cute

modern and elegant.also kinda cute.i like the shoes!

ashlee tagged this Try Harder

tooooooo simple!!!!!!!

Amairani tagged this sexy

i wish i had ur boobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


amairani ur really weird and a perv a lezbian!

annie tagged this sweet

very sweet and simple...and the color combo is perfect. Thanks for the close-up...the hat is fantastic!

RogueTess tagged this Cute

I love the simplest ensembles the best. Nice!

Natacha C. tagged this Chic!

One of my favorite outfits!



anonymous tagged this Cute

Loooveee the daisies!!

Emily tagged this Classy

Beautiful! Love the hat!

Edith tagged this Brave

One of the best yet. Its so simple yet its very pretty. Could you try some new poses/environments? I'm getting a little tired of the white background and same poses.

Julia tagged this Cute

Love the necklace!

Midwest Cookie from yesterday tagged this fantastic

Love it!!

Alice tagged this Elegant

Love the hat, love the daisies. Such a striking look today.

Rachael tagged this Brilliant

Absolutely beautiful :)

Lacey tagged this True to the Project

I really enjoy the necklace! Well done. I could do without the hat though. And the photography advice from Babz.

Nora tagged this Perfect!

The simplicity is wonderful!

Rachel tagged this Poetic

Much better!! You look soft and polished, a good look with all the different pieces.

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Great outfit!

Molly tagged this chic

Very stylish.I liked it.

Lauren tagged this Try Harder

It's simple, yet chic, which I love, but I have to be honest, its a little to 'old timey' for me, please next time, something more modern, or colorful, i love the pumps and the dress, the daisies are okay, but the hat just isn't my style.

timmi tagged this Hot

you are so clever! goodluck with the project :)

Jo tagged this elegant

The hat is wonderful as is the necklace.

Chickpea tagged this breath-taking

GASP.... this is gorgeous!

barbara (second time today) tagged this You need some RED!

Bright colors please!

barbara - STOP COMMENTING tagged this barbara adds no value

barbara - STOP COMMENTING - you add no value uniform project girl - digging dress, necklace and shoes. the hat's have gotta go.

Kristy tagged this Cute

I think this is my favorite so far. I love the necklace & the hat is to die for. Beautiful.


very classy and yes less is more

Alix tagged this Cute

I really like what the cute necklace does to this outfit, it almost looks like it's part of the outfit - like an embroidered neckline or something. The hat is also adorable! Great work today.

Svanhvit tagged this elegant, sexy, balanced..

My favourite of the last month or so! Subtle, sophisticated vintage, lovely colour combo. And you look very beautiful.

bADDIE tagged this classy

really nice. i love the way you can take fashion and use it to help others, all the while having a blast.

the outfit of the day tagged this Cute

This is the cutest outfit of the month!!!!

jac tagged this Cute

I just discovered your cause and project and love the idea! You really should consider selling this black dress from the site as another way to raise funds; so many people are seeing how hard it works , so why not offer it?

lesley kucharczyk tagged this Hot

stylish and sweet ..love it

Josey tagged this Cute

Simple and chic!

Vitor tagged this Brave

Great Idea. Luck to your project.

bonnie tagged this Cute



Tea strains are great! I spilled a glass on my rug and made a wonderful brown spot. Your hat is elegant.

Kimberly tagged this ELEGANT!

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lindsay tagged this Cute

Simple. Elegant. Chic. Good work. :)

Valentina tagged this cute but could be cuter

Its amazing how you put this together, but if it wasnt for the necklaced it would kinda bore me.

Rosie tagged this Hot

Love it! That is a fabulous necklace, and I agree that it is my favourite hat yet!

Jean tagged this Hot

Low-key, and yet very stylish! Another winner!

Bree tagged this Great!!!

Love it ... love it ... love it. Did I mention the fact that I love this outfit?

Katharine Tapley tagged this Adorable!

I am infatuated with your hats!

Cynthia tagged this Classy

Classy lady.

veena mathew tagged this Brave

sheena chechy...this is simple & elegant :)

Justi tagged this so feminine

great great great!!!! feminine, stylish, wonderful. for me it's the best

Anonymous tagged this Brave

love the crochet and the hat

Anonymous tagged this Hot

Great project, love the idea!!!

Amy tagged this chic and cute

L O V E that necklace!

awer tagged this your best yet!!

I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MsSerendipitist tagged this Cute

I love the necklace

Anonymous tagged this elegant

best so far

Tiny T. tagged this Cute

love your project, lovely dress


I love it. so subtle and feminine

Justi tagged this Cute

Grace and elegance. all due respect

Gabrielle tagged this Cute

i LOVE that necklace. I want to make one.

Leni tagged this girly-sexy-elegant

I love the simplicity of this outfit: the necklace is genius and the hair is perfect.