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September 09

This day belongs to shay.
"Impossible to pick a day as being my favorite -- I've loved them all for their variety, humor, style. But if I must, I'll claim this one because it fuses inventive design with the wonderfully straightforward LBD. Thank you for so much pleasure -- Shay"
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Day 143. Sun, September 20 2009

Flapper sunshine

LFW Day 3. Headdress made from reclaimed zipper and trim donated by Tara St.James. See photos from her show at NY Fashion Week at 4equalsides.com Congratulations Tara! Dress skirt donated by Jennifer Shepherd. Printed knee highs donated by Sockdreams and vintage pumps from eBay.


sarah tagged this Cute

i <3 this!!!!!

Brimel tagged this Cute

Love the combination of blues.

^^ tagged this Cute


Deb tagged this Brave

Once again, kind of a daring outfit with the headdress, but you put it off so well! Love those shades of blue with the black, and pairing it all up with the brown shoes. Picture 3 is my favorite.

Mariah tagged this Unflappably Brilliant

Great outfit (layering the legwear helps the layered skirt-over-Uniform work visually). Great photography (the yellow background). Fresh fun!

Christy tagged this Hot

Just gorgeous! Perfect combinations.

md tagged this ...hmn......

I love the blues and greys, and particularly love the kneehighs (btw - thanks for letting us all know about sockdreams!) but really, the skirt? how about UNDER the dress rather than over??

RogueTess tagged this Cute

Those are the most amazing socks - love them!

Kai tagged this super cute!

what are you going to do with all the clothes when you are done?

Sophie B

I love your color sense.

ammakke tagged this Cute

Picture 2 is my favourite..prefer the skirt under the black dress.(sorry) yet another great color combo.

Julia tagged this mas o menos

The color combination is fantastic and I love the socks. The skirt as a shirt looks a little too forced...

Cynthia tagged this Cute

shades of blue - luv the gypsy hat

mm tagged this Clara Bow down2no1

skirt under the dress = pedestrian Sheena, you're anything but. thanks for being daring and original. it keeps us coming back for more.

Irene tagged this Cute

I love the yellow background with your blue outfit. It's really cute, but I'm wondering how it would look like on the street, I'm getting a feeling it wouldn't look as good just on the street.

Anonymous tagged this Batty

uhm. no. sorry dude.

Ale Freitag tagged this Cute

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kds tagged this Cute

Where can we buy the dress?

Darby tagged this Brave

Kinda crazy, but I love it!

holly tagged this sweet

keep on keepin' on!


love the head dress and the make-up

Anonymous tagged this Brave

good idea! its adorable

cookie tagged this 134.35 ecstatic

love the stocking,not sure about the skirt over the dress.

abigail tagged this great

getting better & better ~ love this ~~~

Nidia tagged this Cute

OMG! i just know about your project and i think it's awesome and very inspirational. I'm so happy for know you (in your web, but i still impress). 143 days, 143 faboulous ideas! you're awesome. Sorry about my english, im learn just a little.

becky tagged this sorry, horrible.

woa. sorry. horrid.

The Art Cupboard tagged this fantastic

fantastic deary i love your sock/tights combo :) coco xx

the art cupboard


Anonymous tagged this Cute


pixiepie tagged this interesting

i like the colours but i thought there was a lamp shade on your head. sorry but the rest amazing!

yobe tagged this Try Harder

Inventive but a bit of a hotchpotch! Don't like the skirt thing, or the socks, or the shoes...hats good though.

Scout tagged this Try Harder

don't like the hat.

elisabeth tagged this not

I like the colours here - alot. BUT, you know - this is the least liked look for me - the skirt tugged up under the armpits look. But you seem to like it - so if its comfortable - go for it.

Robin tagged this Try Harder

Hmmm, also. Not really loving the skirt over the dress at that position. Just doesn't quite come together .....

Beth tagged this Cute

Love the socks (as always)!

gruvee tagged this neh

I'm not keen on the headdress. IMO it spoils the look

Helen tagged this Cute

love the hat!

school uniforms tagged this Cute

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